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MG TC Midget Paper Car - by Canon

Model assembled and Photos by Harrow Modelling Society.Co.UK

The Real Thing
The MG TC Midget is probably one of the best known MGs to come out of Abingdon since the Second World War. As soon as the war was over the factory resumed car production after six years of producing tanks, armoured cars and aeroplane engines for the war effort. The basis of the new car was the pre-war MG TB, it was to have a similar engine and gearbox and axles, the only significant changes would be to the body which was widened by nearly 4" across the seats without changing the basic chassis, wings and running-boards or facia layout. The TC was improved in detail too, the sidescreens now had flaps to facilitate hand signalling, the electrical equipment was also updated with the twin 6 volt batteries removed from the underfloor position of the TB to a bulkhead box containing a large 12 volt battery. There were also changes to the suspension, hydraulic lever arm dampers were fitted and the road springs were mounted in shackles rather than the traditional sliding trunnions. This change allowed the use of war-proven rubber suspension bushes which gave smoother quieter feel to the car as did the fitment of rubber engine mountings. Otherwise it was exactly the same as the 1936 design of the MG TA which started the T series line. Within 5 weeks of the official end of the war in October 1945, The MG Car Company announced the TC Midget and by the end of that year had proudly produced 81 examples which was no mean feat as so many materials were in short supply, especially sheet steel. -



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Santiago de Bernabeu Stadium - by Kaukapedia - Estádio De Futebol Espanhol


The Real Thing
The Estadio Santiago Bernabéu is an all-seater football stadium in Madrid, Spain. It was inaugurated on 14 December 1947 and is owned by Real Madrid Club de Fútbol. It has a current capacity of 85,454 spectators. El Bernabéu, re-named in honour of their former chairman Santiago Bernabéu Yeste, is one of the world's most famous and prestigious football venues. It has hosted the European Cup final on three occasions: in 1957, 1969 and 1980, and the UEFA Champions League Final in 2010. The finals for the 1964 European Nations' Cup and the 1982 World Cup have also been held at the Bernabéu. - Wikipedia

O Estádio Santiago Bernabéu é um estádio de futebol localizado em Madrid (Espanha), de propriedade do Real Madrid. Localizado no lugar do antigo estádio do Real Madrid, o Estádio Charmatín, o Santiago Bernabéu foi projetado por Luis Alemany Soler e Manuel Muñoz Monasterio, o estádio teve sua pedra fundamental instalada em 27 de Outubro de 1944. Foi inaugurado em 14 de dezembro de 1947 numa partida o Real Madrid e Belenenses de Portugal, com o nome de Estádio Chamartín. À época possuía uma capacidade para 75.145 espectadores, dos quais 27.645 tinham assentos (7.125 cobertos) e 47.500 de pé (2 mil cobertos). Em 4 de janeiro de 1955, depois de uma grande remodelação, reuniu-se a Assembleia Geral de Sócios Compromissários, quando resolveu-se adoptar o nome actual, em homenagem ao ex-presidente do clube e principal artífice da construção do estádio, o dirigente Santiago Bernabéu. Em 2003, o Santiago Bernabéu foi denominado pela UEFA como Estádio 5 Estrelas. - Wikipedia



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Projekt Bastelbogen - Five Years Of Great Paper Models For All Ages


PhotobucketProjekt Bastelbogen, by German designer Boris, has just completed five years of existence always bringing beautiful models for all ages and always for free. Train sets, buildings, vehicles, decoration projects and much more. A very instructive site for all who enjoy paper models.

Projekt Bastelbogen acaba de completar cinco anos de existência, sempre nos trazendo os mais belos modelos em papel, e sempre de graça. Trens, acessórios, casa e prédios, veículos, projetos de decoração e muito mais. um site muito instrutivo para todos que gostam de paper models em geral.


Link: Projekt.Bastelbogen.Five.Years.Of.Great.Paper.Models.For.All.Ages

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Polarfuchs / Artic Fox Boat Paper Model - by Oliver Bizer - Barco Raposa Do Ártico


More one great model by German designer Oliver Bizer., from Olli`s models.

Mais um grande modelo do designer alemão Oliver Bizer, do site Olli`s Models.



In this page you will find instructions with photos to assemble this model: Olli`s.Polarfuchs.Instructions

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Japanese School Suitcase Papercraft - by Hattori - Bolsa Escolar Japonesa

As my daughters would say: "this is cute!"

Como minhas filhas diriam: "isto é cute!"



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Paris Metro's Railcars Paper Models - by Pierre Free France - Metrô De Paris


Paris Metro's Railcar: this is the old Sprague-Thomson train set that formed the basis of the metro's rolling stock build from 1926 to 1935 until their withdrawal in the early 1980s. A train was formed with two engined railcars and three cars (one red in the middle of train for first class). Model's scale HO: 1:87 -

Antigos Vagões do Metrô Parisiense: Este aí em cima é um antigo vagão de metrô Sprague-Thomson, que formava a base do Metrô de Paris, quando da sua construção, entre 1926 e 1935 e que rodaram até os anos 1980, quando foram definitivamente aposentados. Um comboio padrão era formado por dois vagões motorizados e três vagões de passageiros ( o vermelho, que ficava no meio do comboio, era reservado para os passageiros de primeira classe). Este modelo foi feito em escala HO/escala 1/87. -


Link: Paris.Metro'

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San Francisco Street Car Paper Model - by Archidigm - Bonde Californiano

Vintage Toblerone`s Truck - by Agence Eureka - Caminhão da Toblerone

Model Assembled and Photos by Agence Eureka

A really nice and old model by Toblerone Swiiss Chocolate Maker, via Agence Eureka.

Um modelo realmente legal e antigo da fabricante de chocolates suíça Toblerone, via Agence Eureka.


Link: Vintage.Toblerone`

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3D Town Paper Model Diorama For Kids - by Parents Choice.Org - Cidade De Papel

A really nice project for kids, by Parents Choice.Org.

Um projeto realmente muito bacana para crianças, do site Parents Choice.Org.



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Trinity Buoy Wharf Lighthouse - by Paper Shipwright - Farol Inglês


London’s only lighthouse was designed by James Douglass and built at Trinity House’s Bow Creek depot in 1866. Properly referred to as the Experimental Lighthouse, it was never intended to be used operationally – but rather was used to test new lighting technologies and to train new lighthouse keepers. The tower was built beside the Chain and Buoy Store, built in 1864, and replaced an earlier experimental lighthouse. The new tower was used by Michael Faraday for his work investigating electric lights as a possible light source. Trinity House closed the depot in 1988 and the site is now run by Urban Space Management under the name Trinity Buoy Wharf. It provides studio space for artists, flats and other spaces. - Paper Shipwright

O único farol de Londres, foi desenhado por James Douglass e construído em Bow Trinity House Creek em 1866. Adequadamente chamado de Farol Experimental, nunca chegou a ser usado operacionalmente , mas foi usado para testar novas tecnologias de iluminação e de formar novos guardas de farol. A nova torre foi usada por Michael Faraday que ali desenvolveu seus experimentos de como usar a energia elétrica como fonte de luz.O farol agora é administrado pela Administração do Espaço Urbano Inglês sob o nome de Trinity Buoy Wharf. Ele agora é usado como estúdio de artes e apartamentos. - Paper Shipwright

The Real Thing


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Mek Tek Mechs Paper Models - by Various Designers - via MechWarrior3.Org

Model Assembled and Photo by Shiftdell

More than twenty models of MechWarriors and related, by designer Walter Keppler (Shiftdel) and other great artists, via MechWarrior 3.Org. Thanks to Shiftdel, Dark133, Blaar, Cantaris, Monkeyrum, TechSteele, Trogdor, Vlmarshall, MadCatManiac, D00mG1v3r, Zeck, RGW_Rex_KN, YogSolthan, Sturm and all MechWarrior 3 Community.

Mais de vinte modelos de Mechas e afins, dos designers Walter Keppler (Shiftdel) e outros grandes artistas, via MechWarrior3.Org. Agradeço aqui à Shiftdel, Dark133, Blaar, Cantaris, Monkeyrum, TechSteele, Trogdor, Vlmarshall, MadCatManiac, D00mG1v3r, Zeck, RGW_Rex_KN, YogSolthan, Sturm e à toda a Comunidade MechWarrior 3.




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Paper Steam Engine - by Ed Bertschy - via International Stationary Steam Engine Society


This free card model is offered by Bertschy's Paper Models, USA. It is based on a CAD drawing of a Riches and Watts nominal 2½ horsepower vertical A-frame double acting simple slide-valve steam engine circa 1870-75. The CAD drawing was by Richard Adamek. The model is fully working, and can be run on a puff of air. -


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World Of Warcraft Characters - Human Paladin And Thrall - by nORMAL - via Wow Papercraft


Two perfect recriations of characters of World of Warcraft universe, by designer nORMAL, via Unofficial World of Warcraft.

Duas perfeitas recriações de personagens do universo de World of Warcraft, do designer nORMAL, via Unofficial World of Warcraft.

Link: nORMAL.via.Wow.Papercraft

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Half-Life 2 Dog Papercraft - by GOLLUM 999 Papercraft - Robô Cão de Half-Life 2

WW2 European Buildings - by Perry`s Heroes - Casa Européias Da Segunda Grande Guerra



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Time Machine Discos Diorama - by Papermau - Next Project


A new model in development. Nothing is definitive. The name of the shop, the textures, all can be changed. Or not. Cds and old Vinyl (long plays) covers are accepted and welcome, as well as any suggestions.

Um novo modelo em desenvolvimento. Nada é definitivo. O nome da loja, as texturas, tudo pode ser mudado. Ou não. Capas de Cds e de velhos Lps de vinil, assim como todas as sugestões são benvindas e apreciadas.



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Dinosaur Papercraft - Allosaurus - by Canon - Alossauro - Dinossauro De Papel


PhotobucketAllosaurus is a genus of large theropod dinosaur that lived 155 to 150 million years ago during the late Jurassic period (Kimmeridgian to early Tithonian). The name Allosaurus means "different lizard". The first remains that can definitely be ascribed to this genus were described in 1877 by paleontologist Othniel Charles Marsh. Allosaurus was a large bipedal predator. Its skull was large and equipped with dozens of large, sharp teeth. It averaged 8.5 meters (28 ft) in length, though fragmentary remains suggest it could have reached over 12 meters (39 ft). Relative to the large and powerful hindlimbs, its three-fingered forelimbs were small, and the body was balanced by a long, heavy tail. It is classified as an allosaurid, a type of carnosaurian theropod dinosaur. - Wikipedia

Artistic Interpretation Of An Allosaurus
O alossauro (Allosaurus, que significa "lagarto diferente") foi um tipo de dinossauro carnívoro e bípede, pertencente à família Allosauridae. Viveu no fim do período Jurássico em vários continentes (América do Sul, América do Norte, África, Oceânia e Europa, ou seja, viveu em todos os continentes exceto a Antártida e a Ásia). Media em torno de 9 metros de comprimento, podendo alcançar os 14 metros de acordo com alguns vestígios fósseis, pouco mais de 5,6 metros de altura e pesava entre 1,5 e 3,8 toneladas (algo equivalente a um elefante). O primeiro fóssil de alossauro foi descoberto em 1877 por Othniel Charles Marsh e desde então já foram encontrados mais de cem ossos referentes a espécies do gênero, sendo que os achados mais importantes ocorreram nos Estados Unidos e Portugal. Provavelmente o Alossauro foi um dos maiores dinossauros carnívoros do período Jurássico. Ele se destacava não só pelo tamanho e pela mandíbula cheia de dentes afiados, mas também pelas duas cristas sólidas da cabeça, cada uma acima e na frente de cada olho, que talvez fosse o traço distintivo do gênero. Dentre suas presas, estavam animais como o apatossauro, o estegossauro, etc. E segundo estudos acerca do animal, acredita-se que mesmo com o tamanho imenso o alossauro seria um animal ágil e perigoso, que costumaria caçar em bandos. Uma prova interessante acerca do instinto predatorial do alossauro talvez seja a da descoberta de mordidas de alossauros na cauda fóssil de um apatossauro, que deixa a impressão de que o alossauro mordeu sua cauda (que por coincidência é a principal defesa do apatossauro) com uma força intensa. - Wikipedia

Mounted Allosaurus Skeleton in San Diego Natural History Museum


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Mazda 787B 20th Version Paper Car - by Shinya

More one incredible model, a Mazda 787B 20th Version in paper, by Japanese designer Shinya.

Mais um incrível modelo em papel, um Mazda 787B 20th Version, do designer japonês Shinya.


The Real Thing
The Mazda 787 and its derivative 787B were Group C sports prototype racing cars built by Mazda for use in the World Sportscar Championship, All Japan Sports Prototype Championship, as well as the 24 Hours of Le Mans from 1990 to 1991. Designed to combine a mixture of the Fédération Internationale du Sport Automobile (FISA) Group C regulations with the International Motor Sports Association (IMSA) GTP regulations, the 787s were the last Wankel rotary-powered racing cars to compete in the World and Japanese championships, using Mazda's R26B engine. A total of two 787s were constructed in 1990, while three newer specification 787Bs were built in 1991. - Wikipedia

The Real Thing
O Mazda 787B, é em vários níveis um carro único na história da indústria automobilística e desportiva. O carro ficou mundialmente famoso por representar a única vitória de um construtor japonês nas míticas 24 horas de Le Mans até à data. Foi também a única vitória de um carro com motor a funcionar segundo o ciclo de Wankel, mais conhecido por motor rotativo. Mas o mais incrível é que a vitória nas 24 horas de Le Mans foi a única do historial do modelo nas 21 corridas em que participou! De resto ficou-se por alguns lugares no Top-10 e um solitário 3º lugar nos 1000km de Fuji do Campeonato Japonês de Sport Protótipos. -



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Little Bear Paper Toy - by UOL - Pequeno Urso De Papel

Kids will love this easy-to-build bear paper toy, by Brazilian site Uol.

As crianças irão adorar este paper toy de urso, bem fácil de montar, do portal brasileiro Uol.



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Unabomber`s Cabin Paper Model - by El Protograma - Cabana Do Unabomber

Well, if you don`t know about Unabomber, Google it! My interest is just in paper models, not stupid terroristic ideologies...

Bem, se você não sabe quem é o Unabomber, procure no Google! Meu interesse são apenas os paper models e não ideologias terroristas estúpidas...


The Cabin, In Its Original Place And At Some Secret FBI`s Warehouse

Link: Unabomber`

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War Of The Worlds` Martian Tripod - by Cut & Paste


A Martian fighting-machine battling
 with HMS 
Thunder Child
The War of the Worlds (1898), a science fiction novel by H. G. Wells, is the first-person narrative of an unnamed protagonist's adventures in London and the countryside southwest of London as Earth is invaded by Martians. Written in 1895-1897, it is one of the earliest stories that details a conflict between mankind and an alien race. The War of the Worlds has two parts, Book One: The Coming of the Martians and Book Two: The Earth under the Martians. The narrator, a philosophically inclined author, struggles to return to his wife while seeing the Martians lay waste to southern England. - Wikipedia

The War of the Worlds (A Guerra dos Mundos) é um romance de ficção científica de H. G. Wells lançado no ano de 1898. É uma história sobre a invasão da Terra por marcianos inteligentes, dotados de um poderoso raio carbonizador e máquinas assassinas, semelhantes a caixas d'água sobre tripés. Foi adaptado diversas vezes para o cinema, a última em 2005, por Steven Spielberg, com Tom Cruise no papel principal, Dakota Fanning e Justin Chatwin. - Wikipedia

Ilustration by Brazilian Artist  Henrique A. Correa -  1906 - Belgium Edition


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