Saturday, June 14, 2014

Egyptian Needle And Stone Blocks Paper Models For Dioramas, RPG And Wargames - by Papermau - Download Now!

 photo egyptianneedlesbanner001_zps7df74dc1.jpg

Here are some easy-to-build Egyptian themed paper models to be used in School Works, Dioramas, RPG and Wargames. Download easily, directly from Google Docs.

 photo egyptianneedlesbanner002_zps37d27351.jpg

Aqui estão alguns modelos de papel com temática egípcia para se usar em Trabalhos Escolares, Dioramas, RPGs e Wargames. Baixe facilmente, direto do Google Docs.

 photo egyptianneedlesbanner003_zpsf7904cc3.jpg


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Egyptian Sarcophagus Paper Model - by Papermau - Download Now!

Egyptian Needle And Stone Blocks Paper Models For Dioramas, RPG And Wargames - by Papermau - Download Now!

 photo egyptianneedlesbanner001_zps7df74dc1.jpg

Here are some easy-to-build Egyptian themed paper models to be used in School Works, Dioramas, RPG and Wargames. Download easily, directly from Google Docs.

 photo egyptianneedlesbanner002_zps37d27351.jpg

Aqui estão alguns modelos de papel com temática egípcia para se usar em Trabalhos Escolares, Dioramas, RPGs e Wargames. Baixe facilmente, direto do Google Docs.

 photo egyptianneedlesbanner003_zpsf7904cc3.jpg


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Egyptian Sarcophagus Paper Model - by Papermau - Download Now!

Friday, June 13, 2014

Traditional Japanese House Paper Model - by Toast - via Sketchup Warehouse

 photo jphauspapermodel001_zps3caca14c.jpg

This beautiful Japanese House with great textures was created by designer Toast and originally posted at Sketchup Warehouse website. I just pass the model to papercraft, so all the credits for this model goes to Toast, of course.

 photo jphauspapermodel002_zps8be11678.jpg

Esta bela Casa Japonesa com ótimas texturas foi criada pelo designer Toast e originalmente postada no site Sketchup Warehouse. Eu apenas passei o modelo para uma forma que pudesse ser montada em papel, então todos os créditos deste modelo vão merecidamente para Toast.

Link to download the paper version:

Link to download the 3D version:

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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Ghostbusters - Ecto 1 Boxzet Paper Toy - by Byman Studio

 photo ghostbboxzet0022_zpsbc939cee.jpg

From Indonesian website Byman Studio, here is Ecto 1, the iconic vehicle from Ghostbusters movies in a cool paper toy version.

 photo ghostbboxzet001_zps9116bb8a.jpg

Do site indonésio Byman Studio , aqui está o Ecto 1, o icônico veículo do filme Caça-Fantasmas, em uma divertida versão paper toy.


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Calvin And Hobbes: Transmogrifier Diorama Paper Model - by Dave`s Geek Ideas

 photo calhobdave001_zps59064d6e.jpg

A simple and cute paper model diorama for all fans of Calvin and Hobbes. This Transmogrifier diorama was created by designer Dave Delisle, from Dave`s Geek Ideas website.

Um modelo de papel simples e bonito para todos os fãs de Calvin e Haroldo. Este diorama do Transmogrifier foi criado pelo designer Dave Delisle, do site Dave`s Geek Ideas.


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Fuleco The Armadillo - Brazillain 2014`s World Cup`s Mascot Paper Toy by Paper Replika

 photo fulecoptoy003_zpsd7d6900b.jpg

This cool paper toy version of Fuleco, the Brazilian Mascot of the 2014`s Fifa World Cup, was created by Indonesian designer Julius Perdana, from Paper Replika website.

Este paper toy bem bacana do Fuleco, o Mascote Brasileiro da Copa do Mundo de Futebol de 2014, foi criado pelo designer indonésio Julius Perdana, do site Paper Replika.

Link: Fuleco.The.Armadillo.Brazillain.World.Cup`

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UEFA Champions League Trophy Paper Model - by Mini Skyscrapers

 photo uefacup0909_zpsbfddd5b0.jpg

The UEFA Champions League is an annual association football cup competition organised by UEFA since 1955 for the top football clubs in Europe. It is the most prestigious club trophy in European football and has been viewed by over 200 million people worldwide. - Mini Skycrapers

A UEFA Champions League é uma copa anual organizada pela UEFA desde 1955 para os melhores clubes de futebol na Europa. É o campeonato mais prestigiado do futebol europeu e anualmente é assistido por mais de 200 milhões de pessoas em todo o mundo. - Mini Skycrapers


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Mexico Norte Paper Toy In Chibi Style - by Furesia

 photo mexico_norte_zps7947ec06.jpg

This is the Mexico Norte, a cute little paper toy created by Mexican designer Furesia and originally posted at DeviantArt website.

Este é o Mexico Norte, um pequeno paper toy criado pela designer mexicana Furesia e originalmente postado no site DeviantArt.


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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Catalina PBY-6A French Aircraft In 1/72 Scale - by Bobs Cards Models

 photo catalinaairbob001_zpsa09ed655.jpg

This beautiful paper model in 1/72 scale of the Catalina PBY-6A, a French airplane used by civil defense, was created by designer Bob, from Bobs Card Models.

 photo catalinaairbob002_zpscd818e8e.jpg

Este belo modelo de papel em escala 1/72 do avião francês Catalina PBY-6A, usado pela defesa civil, foi criado pelo designer Bob, do site Bobs Card Models.

Link: Catalina.PBY-6A.French.Aircraft.In.1/

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Soldier Paper Toy With Nodding Head - by Peter Markey - via Cabaret

 photo soldier-Markey2_zps5f8b9d62.jpg

A hand drawn soldier paper toy with nodding head, created by designer Peter Markey and originally posted at Cabaret Mechanical Theatre website. This model is a freebee, but you need to register to download it.

Um paper toy de um soldado com cabeça balançante, criado pelo designer Peter Markey e originalmnte postado no site Cabaret Mechanical Theatre. Este modelo é gratuíto, mas para baixá-lo você tem que se registrar no site.


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New European Style Buildings Paper Models In 1/220 Scale - by Project Bastelbogen

 photo eurohausboris0001_zps143b1e58.jpg

German designer Boris, from Projekt Bastelbogen website, shares some nice new architectural paper models in 1/220 scale (Z scale) that are perfect for Dioramas, Train Sets, RPG and Wargames.

 photo eurohausboris0002_zps46497775.jpg

O designer alemão Boris, do site Projekt Bastelbogen, compartilha alguns novos modelos de papel bem legais na escala 1/220 (escala Z), que são perfeitos para Dioramas, Maquetes Ferroviárias, RPGs e Wargames.

Link: New.European.Style.Buildings.Paper.Models.In.1/

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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

The Little Urban Diorama Paper Model - Assembled by Sven

 photo svenurbandiorama001_zps42f53c33.jpg

My friend, the German modeler Sven again honor me with one of his beautiful assemblies. This time Sven gave life to the Little Urban Diorama and even the little 2D characters, including Batman, have not been forgotten! I do not get tired of saying that I'm really honored and grateful every time a modeler friend has work to download and assemble one of my models! This makes it worthwhile to continue creating new models! - Thank you, Sven, for more one beautiful assembly and for the nice photos! Greetings from Brazil to Germany!

 photo svenurbandiorama004_zpsff452d73.jpg

Meu amigo, o modelista alemão Sven, novamente me honra com uma de suas belas montagens. Desta vez Sven deu vida ao Pequeno Diorama Urbano e até mesmo os pequenos personagens, incluindo o Batman, não foram esquecidos! Eu não canso de dizer que fico realmente honrado e agradecido toda vez que um amigo modelista tem o trabalho de baixar e montar um de meus modelos! Isso faz com que valha a pena continuar criando novos modelos! Muito obrigado, Sven, por mais uma bela montagem e pelas belas fotos! Saudações do Brasil até a Alemanha!

 photo svenurbandiorama003_zps4de285c0.jpg

 If you want to build your own Little Urban Diorama, the link to download the model is right below, at the end of this post. Download it easily, directly from Google Docs.

 Se você quiser montar seu próprio Pequeno Diorama Urbano, o link para download está logo abaixo. Baixe facilmente, direto do Google Docs.

 photo svenurbandiorama002_zpsb56b2de7.jpg

Link to download the model:!

Link to Sven`s original post:

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Lunch-O-Matic Restaurant Paper Model - Assembled by Svanced

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WW2`s German Tank Tiger I Paper Model In 1/24 Scale - by Chokipeta

 photo tigertankps2001_zps03384dc5.jpg

The site where this paper model, the WW2`s German Tank Tiger I Paper Model In 1/24 Scale, was available for download is no more online, so, as I had this recorded on my HD for a long time I decided to share it via Google Docs. I want to make clear that all rights of this model belong to the creator of it, Chokipeta.

 photo tigertankps2002_zpsbddfec82.jpg

O site onde este modelo de papel do Tanque Alemão Tiger I, da Segunda Grande Guerra, na escala 1/24, estava disponível para download, não existe mais, então como eu o tinha gravado em meu HD há muito tempo, resolvi compartilhá-lo via Google Docs. Quero deixar claro que todos os direitos sobre este modelo pertencem ao criador do mesmo, Chokipeta.

Download: WW2`s.German.Tank.Tiger.I.Paper.Model.In.1/

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Scammell 6X6 Gun Tractor Paper Model In 1/72 Scale - by Dark Vador via Le Forum En Papier

WW2`s Heinkel He 280 Aircraft Paper Model In 1/33 Scale - by Rudolf Heger - via Papiermodell Austria

 photo he280f266rq1gu89899_zpsa7a428f7.jpg

 photo 6686672477_8998d2a966_zioiooo_zps5f2263d5.jpgThis beautiful paper model of the WW2`s German aircraft Heinkel He 280 in 1/33 scale was created by designer Rudolf Heger and like all his other models, this was also designed and colored in the old way, or, by hand.
The Heinkel He 280 was the first turbojet-powered fighter aircraft in the world. It was inspired by Ernst Heinkel's emphasis on research into high-speed flight and built on the company's experience with the He 178 jet prototype. A combination of technical and political factors led to it being passed over in favor of the Messerschmitt Me 262. Only nine were built and none reached operational status.

 photo he280real001_zps587863f2.jpg

 photo he280_V3_08_zps34f53744.jpgEste belo modelo de papel do avião alemão da 2 ª Grande Guerra Mundial, o Heinkel He 280 em 1/33 escala, foi criado pelo designer Rudolf Heger e, como todos os seus outros modelos, este também foi desenhado e colorido à maneira antiga, ou seja,à mão.
O Heinkel He 280 foi o primeiro avião de caça à jato do mundo. Foi criado por Ernst Heinkel baseado em suas investigações sobre vôos de alta velocidade e construído usando-se a experiência adquirida com o protótipo He 178. Uma combinação de fatores técnicos e políticos fez com que o He 280 fosse preterido em favor do Messerschmitt Me 262. Apenas nove foram construídos e nenhum deles entrou em combate.

Link: WW2`s.Heinkel.He.280.Aircraft.Paper.Model.In.1/

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WW2 P51 Mustang and Lublin R-XVI Airplanes - by Kartonmodelle

Antique Truck Paper Model - by Broderbund - via Mike And Lace

 photo getattachment2_zps6a2d0bed.jpg
Model Assembled and Photos by Jackdaw
This beautiful paper model of a Vintage Truck is from an old computer program called The Toy Shop. - "The Toy Shop was a wonderful computer program from the ’80s which allowed you to decorate and print twenty different paper models which actually move! It included all the dowels, wires, balloons, and so on which were required to create the models. I’ve enjoyed using this program on my Commodore 64 for many years, and now I am able to share these models with the paper modeling community so you can download and build your very own Toy Shop creations with any PC or Mac!" - Mike and Lace - There are many other models on the website, like the functional Catapult that you can see in the last image of this post.

 photo getattachment_zps5af5678c.jpg

Este belo modelo de papel de um Caminhão Antigo é de um velho programa de computador chamado The Toy Shop. - "The Toy Shop, ou A Loja de Brinquedos, é um maravilhoso programa de computador dos anos 80 que permitia que você decorasse e imprimisse vinte modelos de papel diferentes, com movimentos! No pacote vinham todos os acessórios, fios, balões e pecinhas que eram necessárias para criar os modelos. Eu brinquei com este programa no meu Commodore 64 durante muitos anos, e agora eu posso compartilhar esses modelos com a comunidade modelismo de papel, para que você possa baixar e construir suas próprias criações do Toy Shop em qualquer PC ou Mac!" - Mike and Lace - No site há muitos outros modelos disponíveis, com o a Catapulta funcional que você vê na imagem abaixo.

 photo img_0314-1_zpsba6aecb6.jpg
Model Assembled and Photo by Cgutzmer


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Monday, June 9, 2014

Kobico Paper Toys - Made In Indonesia Series - by Christopher Kho

 photo kobicoindotoys001_zpsf889a24d.jpg

These very original Indonesian Folklore themed paper toys were created by designer Christopher Kho, from Kobico website. In his website you will find many more paper toys.

 photo kobicoindotoys002_zps676b34ab.jpg

Estes paper toys bem originais com temática do Folclore Indonésio foram criados pelo designer Christopher Kho, do site Kobico. Em seu site você encontrará muitos outros paper toys.


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Mr. Destructoid Paper Toy - by Paper Foldables & Destructoid.Com

 photo 169010-printmakeopopopp_zpsfb4a9093.jpg

Bryan, from Paper Foldables website created this nice paper toy version of the Destructoid mascot. Download the template and build your own!

Bryan, do site Paper Foldables criou este paper toy bem legal do mascote Destructoid. Baixe o template o monte um só para você!


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Taiho Paper Doll In Anime Style - by Nobi - via Pepakura Gallery

 photo taihodollnobi090_zpse9f8c80e.jpg

A cute paper doll called Taiho, from an anime, created by Japanese designer Nobi and originally posted at Pepakura Gallery.

Uma pequena boneca de papel chamada Taiho, de um anime, criada pelo designer japonês Nobi e originalmente postada no site Pepakura Gallery.


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Sunday, June 8, 2014

Ribadeo Lighthouse Paper Model - by Edifícios De Papel

 photo MaquetadePapelFaroi7897897_zpsa09d0b90.jpg

This is the Lighthouse of Ribadeo, in Lugo, Spain. It was created by Spanish designers Mónica and Anibal, from Edifícios de Papel website. This really nice paper model is available in 6 different scales: 1/56 scale(28mm), 1/72 scale, HO scale (1/87), 1/100 scale (15mm), N scale (1/160) and Z scale (1/220). Perfect for Dioramas, RPG and Wargames.

Este é o Farol de Ribadeo, em Lugo, na Espanha. Esta versão em papel foi criada pelos designers espanhois Mónica e Anibal, do site Edifícios de Papel. O modelo está disponível em seis escalas diferentes: 1/56 (28 mm), escala 1/72, escala HO (1/87), escala 1/100 (15 mm), escala N (1/160) e escala Z (1/220). Perfeita para Dioramas, RPG e Wargames.


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Easy-To-Build Land Rover Freelander Paper Model - by PaperToys.Com

 photo picture189898898_zpsefc5cb81.jpg

A very well done and easy-to-build paper model of the British vehicle Land Rover Freelander, that is perfect for kids. From PaperToys.Com website.

 photo picture48989989_zpseded6ba8.jpg

Um modelo de papel muito bem feito e fácil de montar do veículo inglês Land Rover Freelander, que é perfeito para as crianças. Do site PaperToys.Com.

 photo freelander-600ioio_zps6328cf84.jpg


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D-Day 70th Anniversary - WW2`s Airborne And Panzergrenadier Paper Toys - by Paper Replika

 photo ww2soldiers70years_zpsa521b86b.jpg
Models Assembled and Photo by Refugiö Arturö Medina Lömas

Celebrating the WW2`s D-Day 70th Anniversary, here are two really nice soldiers paper toys created by Indonesian designer Julius perdana, from Paper Replika website.

Celebrando os Septuagésimo Aniversário do Dia D, da Segunda Grande Guerra, aqui estão dois paper toys de soldados criados pelo designer indonésio Julius Perdana, do site Paper Replika.

Link to Airbone: D.Day.70th.Anniversary.WW2`

Link to Panzergrenadier: D.Day.70th.Anniversary.WW2`

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