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Construction Report - Osaka Castle Paper Model - by Canon - Part III

 photo osakabannerpost_zpsa354c085.jpg

This is the third and final part of the assembly of the Main Tower of Osaka Castle. The complete model, when printed on A4 format, measures 22 cms high, 14 cms wide and 16.5 cms in length, not counting the black base, that I opted to not include in this assembly. Some parts of the assembly were a bit complicated and at times I thought the roofs would be crooked, but in the end everything worked out fine. I recommend to all who like the classic Japanese architecture.

Esta é a terceira e última parte da montagem da torre Principal do Castelo de Osaka. O modelo completo, quando impresso no formato A4, mede 22 cms de altura, 14 cms de largura e 16,5 cms de comprimento, sem contar a base preta, que eu optei por não incluir nesta montagem. Algumas partes da montagem foram um pouco complicadas e em alguns momentos eu achei que os telhados iam ficar tortos, mas no final tudo deu certo. Eu recomendo para todos que gostam da arquitetura clássica japonesa.

 photo osaka0024_zps5d728d90.jpg
 photo osaka0025_zps2cc90a6a.jpg
 photo osaka0026_zps9498bac1.jpg
 photo osaka0027_zps16e65c35.jpg
 photo osaka0028_zps5e78d892.jpg
 photo osaka0029_zpsb807547d.jpg
 photo osaka0030_zps3062335d.jpg
 photo osaka0031_zps70a201de.jpg

And here is the finished model:

 photo osaka0032_zps57a74387.jpg
 photo osaka0035_zps1c46ed99.jpg
 photo osaka0033_zpsdda4400c.jpg

Link to construction report part I:

Link to construction report part II:

Link to download the model:

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Flowers, Flowers And More Flowers - by Keisuke Saka - via Kirin

On Kirin`s Japanese website you will find six beautiful paper models of vases with flowers created by designer Keisuke Saka, that are perfect for Mother`s Day and Valentine`s Day.

No site japonês da Kirin você encontrará seis belos vasos de flores de papel criados pelo designer Keisuke Saka, que são perfeitos para o Dia das Mães ou Dia dos Namorados.


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X-Men - Charles With Magneto's Helmet Paper Toy - by Maguvi

 photo magnetotoy001_zpsbf44cdaf.jpg

A paper toy of Charles Xavier, character from X-Men universe, with Magneto Helmet, in a cute Chibi version created by Spanish designer Maguvi.

Um paper toy de Charles Xavier, personagem do universo dos X-men, com o Capacete do Magneto, em uma divertida versão Chibi criada pela designer espanhola Maguvi.

Link: X.Men.Charles.With.Magneto'

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Minecraft Chess Game Papercraft - by Pixel Papercraft

 photo minecraftchess001_zps6de00ad7.jpg

Download a complete Minecraft Papercraft Chess set with full set of mini Minecraft papercraft characters and full size Minecraft themed chess board. By Pixel Papercraft website.

 photo minecraftchess0022_zpscfd5d8e2.jpg

Baixe um Jogo de Xadrez completinho do Minecraft, com todos os personagens e o tabuleiro. do site Pixel Papercraft.

 photo minecraftchess0033_zpsd010806c.jpg


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Restaurant Building Paper Model In Several Scales - by Edifícios De Papel

 photo buildrestaurant06544_zps43b91595.jpg

Created by Spanish designers Monica and Anibal, from Edifícios De Papel website, here is a nice building for Dioramas, RPG and Wargames. The model is available in 6 different scales: 1/56 scale(28mm), 1/72 scale, HO scale (1/87), 1/100 scale (15mm), N scale (1/160) and Z scale (1/220).

Criado pelos designers espanhóis Monica e Anibal, do site Edifícios De Papel, eis aqui um prédiozinho bem legal para Dioramas, RPG e Wargames. O modelo está disponível em seis diferentes esclas: escala 1/56 (28 mm), escala 1/72, escala HO (1/87), escala 1/100 (15 mm), escala N (1/160) e escala Z (1/220).


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Two Easy-to-Build Ships Paper Models - by Japanese National Maritime Research Institute

 photo twojpboats002_zps516a08ed.jpg

From Japanese National Maritime Research Institute here are two easy-to-build paper models of Ship and a Ferry Boat, perfect for kids.

 photo twojpboats003_zps8835fd02.jpg

Do Instituto de Pesquisa Marítima Nacional do Japão, aqui estão um Navio e uma Balsa de Passageiros, perfeitos para crianças.

 photo twojpboats001_zps9f8f10e7.jpg


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Construction Report - Osaka Castle Paper Model - by Canon - Part II

 photo OsakaCastle01ioiooio_zpsf1ff6762.jpg
The Real Thing

In this post more some photos of the Construction Report of the Osaka Castle, a free paper model that can be downloaded from Canon's website. The link to download is in the end of this post. In fact this model depicts only the main tower of Osaka Castle. The castle itself is huge and occupies a vast area in the heart of Osaka. This tower, the main of the castle, measuring 55 meters high and be seen from a distance, became the postcard of this historic architectural Japanese monument.

 photo osaka0024_zps8f93877d.jpg
In this photo you have an idea of the magnificence of Osaka Castle

Neste post mais algumas fotos da Montagem do Castelo de Osaka, um modelo de papel gratuíto que pode ser baixado no site da Canon. O link para download você encontra no final deste post. Na verdade este modelo retrata apenas a torre principal do Castelo de Osaka. O castelo em si é enorme e ocupa uma vasta área no coração da cidade de Osaka. Esta torre, a principal do castelo, mede 55 metros de altura e por ser vista de longe, tornou-se o cartão postal deste monumento arquitetônico histórico japonês.

 photo osaka0012_zpsa4db7fc6.jpg
 photo osaka0013_zps3dfcd9df.jpg
 photo osaka0014_zps6f079405.jpg
 photo osaka0015_zpsedb33441.jpg
 photo osaka0016_zpsc303ba34.jpg
 photo osaka0018_zps506b024f.jpg
 photo osaka0019_zpse878d391.jpg
 photo osaka0020_zps2b64b334.jpg
 photo osaka0021_zpsedaeb0bb.jpg
 photo osaka0022_zps8a5b5472.jpg
 photo osaka0023_zps8fb5d996.jpg

More soon. / Mais em breve.

Link to construction report part I:

Link to download the model:

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Rahwana Hindu Demon Paper Model - by Salazar

 photo rahwana-salazar_zps347f0e3d.jpg

 photo ravana1yuy_zps57d4d7c1.jpg
Rahwana`s Statue in an Indonesian Temple
Indonesian designer Salazar, designer of this very original paper model, says: - "Rahwana (Sanskrit: meaning “of terrifying roar”) is one of the principal demons in Hindu mythology who battled against the popular avatar, Rama. Rahwana plays a prominent role in the famous Hindu epic, the Ramayana, where, as the king of Alengka, he is both the overlord of the army of Rakshasas (demons) and the abductor of Shinta, the wife of Rama. Rahwana’s arrogance towards the gods, and improper behavior towards Shinta, sets in motion a chain of events that culminates in an epic battle between Rahwana and Rama, which is chronicled in the Ramayana. Today, Hindus still commemorate the events of the Ramayana in drama and lore, reviving the villainous activities of Rahwana, and his seminal role in the popular Hindu myth. However, Rahwana was a tragic figure who engendered his own demise with his unfettered sexual desire and his imperious militarism. As could be expected, he continues to endure as the archetypal villain in the Hindu tradition, and is still identified as such by Hindus today."

 photo images_zps12f68f66.jpg
Traditional Indonesian Mask
O designer indonésio Salazar, criador deste modelo de papel muito original, diz: - "Rahwana, ou rugido aterrador em Sânscrito, é um dos principais demônios na mitologia hindu que lutaram contra o popular avatar Rama. Rahwana desempenha um papel de destaque no famoso épico hindu, o Ramayana , onde, como o rei de Alengka , é ao mesmo tempo o senhor do exército de Rakshasas ( demônios ) e o sequestrador de Shinta , esposa de Rama. A arrogância de Rahwana para com os deuses, e comportamento inadequado para com Shinta , coloca em movimento uma cadeia de eventos que culmina em uma batalha épica entre Rahwana e Rama , que é narrada no Ramayana. Hoje , os hindus ainda comemoram os acontecimentos do Ramayana em seu folclore , revivendo as peripécias do vilão Rahwana , e seu papel seminal no mito hindu popular. No entanto, Rahwana era uma figura trágica que gerou sua própria morte com o seu desejo sexual desenfreado e seu militarismo imperial . Como seria de esperar , ele continua a resistir como sinônimo de vilão na tradição hindu."


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South Park - My Friend Robot Paper Toy - by Mister Manolo

 photo southparkrobotmanolo02_zps05ee100a.jpg

From My Friend Robot, episode of South Park animation, here is the Robot Cartman Paper Toy, created by Mexican designer Mister Manolo.

De Meu Amigo Robô, episódio da animação South Park, eis aqui o Robô Cartman Paper Toy, criado pelo designer mexicano Mister Manolo.


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10.000.000 (Ten Million) Pageviews! - Thanks To All Of You!

 photo papermau10milpost002_zpsd4aa737d.jpg
Papermau`s Old Layout

Today  Papermau blog reached 10,000,000 pageviews! Not bad for a blog that has less than three years old and was made as a joke, a way to share my paper models and other modelers worldwide. Thanks to all the friends who daily visit the blog, leave comments, give opinions and suggest new models! I hope to continue doing this blog, because every day is as fun as the first day, two years and eight months ago.

Hoje o blog Papermau atingiu 10.000.000 pageviews! Nada mal para um blog que tem menos de três anos de existência e foi feito como uma brincadeira, uma maneira de compartilhar meus modelos de papel e de outros modelistas do mundo todo. Obrigado a todos os amigos que diariamente visitam o blog, deixam comentários, dão opiniões e apontam novos modelos! Eu espero poder continuar fazendo este blog, porque cada dia é tão divertido quanto o primeiro dia, há dois anos e oito meses atrás.

If you want to see the first five paper models posted at Papermau, take a look at the links below:

Se você quiser ver os cinco primeiros modelos de papel postados no blog, dê uma olhada nos links abaixo:

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Greek Temple Paper Model - by Papermau - Templo Grego

Old Brazilian "Sobrado" - by Papermau - Velho Sobrado Brasileiro Download Now!

Colorful Little Monsters Paper Toys - by Creaturekebab

 photo Creaturekebab_Paper_Toys_by__89_zpsfb161781.jpg

These three funny Little Monsters were created by British designer Jenni Bryan, from Creaturekebab website.

Estes três simpáticos Monstrinhos são criação da designer britânica Jenni Bryan, do site Creaturekebab.


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Megatron Articulated Robot Paper Model - by Paper Robot 1999

 photo megatronbot1999a_zps50832c0f.jpg

This very nice and easy-to-build articulated Robot paper model was created by designer Paper Robot. The joints are attached with simple rubber bands..

Este modelo de papel bem legal e fácil de montar de um Robô articulado foi criado pelo designer Paper Robot. As articulações são unidas com simples elásticos de borracha.


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See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil Paper Toys - by Takataka

 photo c_3osaru_imageseenoevil_zps9b185eaf.jpg

The three wise monkeys, sometimes called the three mystic apes, are a pictorial maxim. Together they embody the proverbial principle to "see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil". The three monkeys are Mizaru, covering his eyes, who sees no evil; Kikazaru, covering his ears, who hears no evil; and Iwazaru, covering his mouth, who speaks no evil. There are various meanings ascribed to the monkeys and the proverb including associations with being of good mind, speech and action. In the Western world the phrase is often used to refer to those who deal with impropriety by turning a blind eye. In English, the monkeys names are often given as Mizaru, Mikazaru, and Mazaru, but the last two names were corrupted from the Japanese originals. - Wikipedia - Paper toys created by Takataka, a Japnese website.

 photo Hear_speak_see_no_evil_Toshogu_zpsdde6a460.jpg
The Three wise Monkeys statues in Toshogu Shinto Shrine, in Japan.

Os Três Macacos Sábios ilustram a porta do Estábulo Sagrado, um templo do século XVII localizado no Santuário Toshogu, na cidade de Nikko, Japão. Sua origem é baseada em um trocadilho japonês. Seus nomes são Mizaru (o que cobre os olhos), Kikazaru (o que tapa os ouvidos) e Iwazaru (o que tapa a boca), que é traduzido como não ouça o mal, não fale o mal e não veja o mal. A palavra saru, em japonês, significa macaco e tem o mesmo som da terminação verbal zaru, que está ligado à negação. - Wikipedia Paper toys do site japonês Takataka.


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