Saturday, November 23, 2013

Comet ISON's Path Through the Solar System Paper Model - by Nasa

Comet C/2012 S1 (ISON) may become one of the most dazzling in decades when it rounds the sun later this year. Like all comets, ISON is a clump of frozen gases mixed with dust. Often described as "dirty snowballs," comets emit gas and dust whenever they venture near enough to the sun that the icy material transforms from a solid to gas, a process called sublimation. Jets powered by sublimating ice also release dust, which reflects sunlight and brightens the comet. - Nasa

O Cometa C/2012 S1 (ISON) pode tornar-se um dos mais deslumbrantes espetáculos no céu em décadas quando se aproxima o sol ainda este ano. Como todos os cometas, o ISON é um aglomerado de gases congelados misturados com poeira. Muitas vezes descrito como "bolas de neve sujas", os cometas emitem gás e poeira sempre que se aventuram perto o suficiente para o sol transforme o material sólido gelado em gás, em um processo chamado sublimação. Movido pelo gelo sublimado, o cometa também liberam poeira, o que reflete a luz solar e ilumina o ilumina. - Nasa

Link: Comet.ISON'

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Finn The Human Paper Toy - by Intrepid Spoon - via Frederator Blogs

More one nice paper toy from Adventure Time animation: this is Finn, the Human, by Intrepid Spoon website, via Frederator Blogs.

Mais um paper toy bem legal da desenho Hora de Aventura: este é Finn, o Humano, do site Intrepid Spoon, via Frederator Blogs.


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Christmas Time - Reindeer Decorative Paper Toy - by Midia Molecule

 photo reindeeeeerchristnngyhggh_zps8e10f311.jpg

A cool decorative paper toy to brighten your Christmas, by Midia Molecule website.

Um paper toy bem bacana para animar seu Natal, do site Midia Molecule.

 photo reindeeeeerchristnngyhggh05_zps159f899e.jpg


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VMA 1997`s Spice Girls Paper Dolls - by Popwee Paper Toys

 photo spicegirlspaperdollscvb01_zps87eb078e.jpg

These cute paper dolls of the Spice Girls with the costumes they used in the Video Music Awards 1997, MTV U.S., were created by Brazilian designer Bruno Vilardi and are available as free download on your page, Popwee.

Estas belas paper dolls das Spice Girls com os trajes que usaram no Video Musica Awards, de 1997, da MTV norte-americana, foram criadas pelo designer brasileiro Bruno Vilardi e estão disponíveis para download em sua página, a Popwee.

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Christmas Time - Santa Claus And Wife Dress Up Paper Dolls - by Dover Publications

 photo santadressupdover0001_zps9de61202.jpg

Here are Santa Claus and his Wife in a funny Dress Up style paper dolls, by Dover Publications.

 photo santadressupdover0002_zps3dd141b4.jpg

Aqui estão o Papai Noel e sua Esposa em uma divertida versão em papel para vestir, do site Dover Publications.

 photo santadressupdover0003_zpsc3f2d387.jpg

Link to Santa Claus:

Link to Santa`s Suit:

Link to Santa`s Wife: Christmas.Time.Santa`

Link to Santa`s Wife Suit: Christmas.Time.Santa`

Link to Reindeer:

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Friday, November 22, 2013

Los Luchadores - El Tikirifue Paper Toy - by Mister Manolo & Kontra

 photo luchalibrekiritie0001_zpsf64ab5cd.jpg

This is El Tikirifue Paper Toy, one of the "Lucha Libre" fighters from Los Luchadores Series 01. This model was created by two designers from Argentina: Mister Manolo created the model and Kontra texturized it.

 photo luchalibrekiritie0002_zpscca22f5e.jpg

Este é o Tikirifue Paper Toy, um dos lutadores de "Lucha Libre" de Los Luchadores Series 01. Este modelo foi criado por dois designers da Argentina: Mister Manolo fez o modelo e Kontra o texturizou.


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Classic German Carroussel Paper Model - by Kallboys

 photo romanticcarrousselmondorfer001_zps6a122a42.jpg

This is the new paper model created by German team from Kallboys website. This is the Classic German Carroussel, a really beautiful and full of details decorative paper model.

 photo romanticcarrousselmondorfer002_zpsbd1cbc3a.jpg

Este é o novo modelo de papel do pessoal do site alemão Kallboys. Este é o Carrossel Clássico Alemão, belíssimo, cheio de detalhes e totalmente feito em papel.

 photo romanticcarrousselmondorfer003_zps5523d323.jpg


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Christmas Time - Polychrome Nativity Set Paper Model - by Svatava Vizinová - via Paper Model Kiosk

 photo cribslok0004_zps1c86c4dc.jpg

This Polychrome Nativity Set paper model in two sheets was preserved by Svatava Vizinová and is shared via Paper Model Kiosk.

 photo cribslok0005_zps7ab5aff7.jpg

Este modelo de papel de um Presépio Policrômico em duas folhas de papel foi preservado por Svatava Vizinová e é compartilhado via Paper Model Kiosk.


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Visby Harbour Crane Elefanten Paper Model - by Gunnar Sillén

 photo visbyguindaste0002_zpsd839f25b.jpg

 photo visbyguindaste0003_zpse8c97c26.jpgVisby harbour crane "Elefanten" (The Elefant) follows William Fairbairn´s patent from 1850 for a heavy lifting hand powered crane.
It was probably set up in Visby around 1900. It was electrified in 1921 and got the cabin for motor and driver added in the late 1930ies.
The crane is still in use as harbour crane. - Gunnar Sillén

O Guindaste Portuário Visby "Elefanten" (The Elefant) foi construído baseado em uma patente de William Fairbairn, de 1850, de um guindaste pesado movido a alavancas. Provavelmente foi criado em Visby por volta de 1900.
Em 1921 recebeu um motor elétrico e teve a cabine para o motor e para o operador adicionada no final dos anos de 1930. Este guindaste continua em uso até os dias de hoje.
-Gunnar Sillén


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Robomonsters Series - Robot Kong Paper Toy - by Kromolab

 photo roboklromolab0909001_zps80d20b65.jpg

Using as base a model by designer KNGL, Fogo Kromo created this cool Robot Kong Paper Toy. You need only one sheet of paper to build this.

 photo roboklromolab0909_zpsec79b422.jpg

Usando como base um modelo do designer KNGL, Fogo Kromo criou este paper toy bem legal chamado Robot Kong Paper Toy. Ele ocupa apenas uma folha de papel.


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Cranky Kong`s Laboratory Paper Model - by Gigi Papercraft

 photo ddiidkiponlabyttty_zps05d49bd6.jpg

This is the Cranky Kong`s Laboratory Paper Model, created by designer Gigi, from Gigi Papercraft website. You can choose between two formats: PDF and Pepakura ( you will find the link to download Pepakura Viewer Free Version at the end of this post). Cranky's Lab is where Cranky Kong lives in Donkey Kong 64. In here, the player can buy different potions to be able to do certain techniques in the game.

 photo ddiidkiponlabyttty002_zpse27b51ba.jpg

Este é o modelo de papel do Laboratório do Cranky Kong, criado pelo designer Gigi, do site Gigi Papercraft. você pode escolher entre dois formatos: PDF e Pepakura (você encontrará o link para baixar o Pepakura Viewer Versão Gratuíta no final deste post). Crank`s Lab é o lugar onde mora Cranky Kong no game Donkey Kong 64. Lá, o jogador pode comprar diferentes poções que liberam novos poderes no jogo.

Link: Cranky.Kong`

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The Incredible Air Pockets Automata Paper Toy - by Paper Pino

 photo paperpinoflyauto00023_zpsa15dabc3.jpg

From Italian designer Giuseppe (Pino) Civitarese here is the Incredible Air Pockets Automata Paper Toy , a really beautiful Automata paper model full of moviment. Consisting of 165 parts this free paper model will keep you busy for a long time.

Do designer italiano Giuseppe (Pino) Civitarese eis aqui o Incrível Air Pockets Automata Paper Toy, um belíssimo modelo de papel em estilo Autômato cheio de movimentos. Composto de 165 peças este complexo modelo gratuíto te manterá ocupado(a) por um bom tempo.


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Thursday, November 21, 2013

The Seven Wonders of the Ancient World In Paper - by Sabi 96

Below you see the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World recreated in paper, a really nice work by designer Sabi 96. They are not in any kind of chronological order or importance.

Abaixo você vê as Sete Maravilhas do Mundo Antigo recriadas em papel, um belo trabalho do designer Sabi 96. Elas não estão em nenhuma espécie de ordem cronológica ou de importância.

 photo sevenwondersvcx0001_zpsf7f0d917.jpg

01 - Pharos Of Alexandria -

 photo sevenwondersvcx0002_zps1033b220.jpg

02 - The Colossus of Rhodes -

03 - Mausoleum At Halicarnassus -

 photo sevenwondersvcx0003_zpsab8ba596.jpg

04 - The Statue Of Zeus -

05 - The Temple Of Artemis -

 photo sevenwondersvcx0004_zps0a33bd99.jpg

06 - The Hanging Gardens Of Babylon -

07 - The Great Pyramid Of Giza -

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Team Fortress 2 - Pyro Paper Model - by XenonRay - via DeviantArt

 photo pyrofekldfklfr0001_zpsddd4a1d2.jpg

A great paper model by British designer XenonRay: this is Pyro, from Team Fortress 2 videogame. To view and print this model you will need Pepakura Viewer Free Version (link at the end of this post).

 photo pyrofekldfklfr0002_zps83fbbdb2.jpg

Um grande modelo de papel do designer britânico XenonRay: este é Pyro, do game Team Fortress 2. Para visualizar e imprimir este modelo você precisará do Pepakura Viewer Versão Gratuíta (link no final deste post).

Link to download the model:

Link to Pepakura Viewer Free Version: Pepakura.Viewer.Free.Version.Official.Page

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Create Your Own Jungle Park Playset Paper Model - by UHU

Visit UHU Twist & Glue, a German website, to download and build your own Jungle Park Playset Paper Model. Perfect for Kids!

Visite o site alemão da UHU Twist & Glue para baixar e montar o seu próprio Parque da Selva de papel. Perfeito para Crianças!


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Princess Medieval Castle Paper Model - by Hugo L`Escargot

 photo princesscastelnnn0001opop_zpsa07c5201.jpg

A cute and easy-to-build paper model of a Pink Medival Castle for girls, from Hugo L`Escargot, a French educational website.

 photo princesscastelnnn0003opo_zps86075fb9.jpg
Some Templates

Um simpático Castelo Medieval Rosa para meninas, bem fácil de montar , do site educacional Hugo L`Escargot, da França.


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Robotoday - The Robot Calendar Paper Toy - by Salazar

 photo robotdaysalazar001_zpsfc5effec.jpg

This it the Robotoday paper toy, that is a paper model and also a calendar, created by Indonesian designer Salazar.

 photo robotdaysalazar0012_zps670a8c79.jpg

Este é o paper toy do Robotoday, que é um modelo de papel e também um calendário, criado pelo designer indonésio Salazar.


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Christmas Time - Babbo Natale Paper Toy - by Gotem Studio - via Kromolab

 photo babonatalennn001_zpsce47ca80.jpg

Babbo Natale is how Santa Claus is called in Italy. This paper toy was created by Italian designers Dimitri Fogolin and Paolo Francescutto, from Gotem Studio. Via Kromolab website.

 photo babonatalennn002_zps4bd388ab.jpg

Babbo Natale é como o Papai ]Noel é chamado na Itália. Este paper toy foi criado pelos designers italianos Dimitri Fogolin e Paolo Francescutto, do site Gotem Studio. Via Kromolab.


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Tiny McDoodies Series - The Gralien Paper Toy - by Adam Steel

This is the Gralien paper toy, a nice character from Tiny McDoodies Series, created by designer Adam Steel.

Este é o paper toy do Gralien, um personagem bem legal da série Tiny McDoodies, criado pelo designer Adam Steel.


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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Frozen - Olaf The Snowman Paper Toy - by Paper Replika

From new Disney Studios animation, here is Olaf, The Snowman, in a cool paper version created by Indonesian designer Julius Perdana, from Paper Replika website.

Da nova animação da Disney, Frozen, eis aqui Olaf, o Boneco de Neve, em uma divertida versão em papel criada pelo designer indonésio Julius Perdana, do site Paper Replika.


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Press Tower Paper Model For Slot Car Sceneries In 1/32 Scale - by Carrera 4 Fun

A cool paper model of an Press Observation Tower in 1/32 scale, to be used in Slot Car Sceneries, Dioramas, RPG and Wargames, by German website Carrera 4 Fun.

Um modelo de papel bem bacana de uma Torre de Observação de Jornalistas, em escala 1/32, para ser usada em cenários de Autorama, Dioramas, RPG e Wargames, lá do site alemão Carrera 4 Fun.


Christmas Time - Reindeer Pop-Up Card - by Sabuda & Reinhart - via Martha Stewart

Tutorial and templates: all you need to make a really beautiful Reindeer Pop-Up Card you will find at Martha Stewart`s page. Spread holiday cheer with this one-of-a-kind holiday card from pop-up book artists Robert Sabuda and Matthew Reinhart.

Tutorial e moldes: tudo que você precisa para fazer este belo Cartão de Natal De uma Rena em estilo Pop Up, você encontra na página da Martha Stewart. Espalhe o espíritp do Natal com este cartão criado pelos artistas Robert Sabuda e Matthew Reinhart.


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Adventure Time - Earl Of Lemongrab And Snow Golen Paper Toys - by Adventure Time Papercraft

 photo Lemongrabopopopop_zps1cde4230.jpg

Here are the Earl Of Lemongrab And Snow Golen Paper Toys, from Adventure Time animation. They are designed by Poe, from Adventure Time Papercraft website.

 photo SnowGolemioioioi_zps6af19150.jpg

Aqui estão os paper toys do Earl Of Lemongrab e do Snow Golen, personagens do desenho hora de Aventura. estes paper toys foram criados pelo designer Poe do site Adventure Time Papercraft.

Link to Lemongrab:

Link to Snow Golen:

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Rocking Horse Paper Toy - by Ayumu Saito - via Canon

 photo rockhorsesaitocan_zpse894cfc8.jpg

This paper model was created by Japanese designer Ayumu Saito, comissioned by Canon website. This cartoonish depiction of a rocking horse is super cute and can be made easily with just one piece of paper.

 photo rockhorsesaitocan090909_zps7a07f9e2.jpg

Este modelo de papel foi criado pelo designer japonês Ayumu Saito para o site da Canon. Esta representação caricatural de um belo cavalo de balanço pode ser feita facilmente com apenas uma folha de papel.


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