Saturday, December 10, 2011

Christmas Time - Santa Claus And Reindeer Set - by Canon


This is a paper craft set for making a diorama of Santa Claus riding a sleigh. You can also display Santa Claus, his sleigh, and the reindeer separately, but putting all these parts together will give you a cute and voluminous diorama. Decorate your room with this diorama to create a fun Christmas atmosphere! - Canon

Um belo diorama do Papai Noel em seu trenó puxado por sua rena. Você pode dispor esse modelo separamdamente, mas juntando tudo terá um belo diorama para alegrar ainda mais sua noite de Natal. - Canon



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Christmas Nativity Diorama - by Scrapbook Scrapbook - Presépio Em Papel


"Free Printable Christmas Nativity for children to color and cut-out. . We suggest that you print on card stock, index or cover stock weight paper. It can be colored using crayons, colored pencil, markers, or watercolors and then the pieces can be cut out and glued or taped together. The design is very simple and suitable for very young ages." -



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The Catapulta Paper Model - by Renova Models - Catapulta Medieval


A catapulta was a Roman machine for throwing arrows and javelins, 12 or 15 feet (4.6 m) long, at the enemy. The name comes from the Greek (katapeltes), because it could pierce or 'go through' (kata) a shield (pelta). The design was probably inherited, along with the ballista, from the Greek armies. - Wikipedia

The Real Thing - A Replika
Catapultas são mecanismos de cerco que utilizam um braço para lançar um objeto a uma grande distância, evitando assim possíveis obstáculos como muralhas e fossos. Foi inventada possivelmente pelos gregos, durante o reinado de Dionísio I, como arma de guerra.
O nome é derivado do grego καταπάλτης, composto de κατά "abaixo, contra" e πάλλω "vibrare".
Originalmente, a palavra catapulta referia-se a um lançador de pedras, enquanto balista referia-se a um lançador de dardos, porém, através dos anos, os dois termos trocaram de significados. Catapultas eram usualmente montadas no lugar do cerco, e um exército carregava algumas ou nenhuma de suas peças consigo porque madeira era bastante disponível no lugar. - Wikipedia



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Grand Theft Auto Paper Cars - by IGrandTheftAuto.Com


Really nice models of GTA: Chinatown Wars videogame, by IGrandTheftAuto.Com.

Modelos muito bem feitos dos carros do game GTA: Chinatown Wars, do site IGrandTheftAuto.Com.



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Christmas Paper Models - by Delta Seven Studios


A bunch of models, by Delta Seven Studios, to make your Christmas celebration more beatiful and happy.

Um monte de modelos do site Delta Seven Studios, para fazer o seu Natal mais bonito e alegre!



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Indonesian Helicak Vehicle Paper Model - by Royaje Papercraft


An unusual Lambretta/Rickshaw type contraption from Indonesia, these Helicaks (because they look like a Helicopter, presumably) are one of the odder Lambretta conversions I've seen. They were introduced in Jakarta in the early '70s, but by the late '80s were deemed unsafe, as in an impending accident, the drivers tended to abandon ship, leaving the passengers trapped in the fibreglass cab to take the brunt of the collision. -

PhotobucketUma espécie de Lambreta ou Rickshaw feita na Indonésia, esta Helicak (chamdas assim talvez por causa de parecerem um pequeno helicóptero), é uma das conversões mais estranhas feitas com Lambretas que eu já vi. Elas foram introduzidas em Jacarta no início dos anos 70, mas no final dos anos 80 foram consideradas muito inseguras: quando batiam as Helicaks, os motoristas tendiam a abandonar o navio, deixando os passageiros presos na cabine de fibra de vidro para fugir da responsabilidade da colisão. -


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Space Ship And Animals - by UHU Papercrafts - Nave Espacial E Animais

Cool models by UHU Papercrafts.



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Friday, December 9, 2011

RavensBlight Main Street Diorama - by Ray O`Bannon


The Hearse
"One of the most interesting features of RavensBlight Township is the fact that the entire town has been known to vanish from time to time, reappearing in different places. It may sometimes be found in the Midwest, while at other times it's apparently located along the East or West coast. The town sometimes exists a few miles from an old country road in Minnesota, while at other times you'll find it resting in the Florida swamplands. What happens to visitors in this odd little town when it occasionally vanishes has never been fully determined. So here's a version you can assemble and locate wherever you wish. You can choose either a sunset or moonlit sky backdrop, and alternate signs are included so you can design your own haunted little Main Street. There's even a miniature hearse in case you need to make a quick exit." - Ray O`Bannon



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Christmas Time - Santa Claus Family Diorama - by Dale Harper


Cool Hako Models of Santa Claus and Family and Santa at Mall, by Mr. Dale Harper.

Bonecos estilo Hako muito legais do Papai Noel e sua família e do Papai Noel no Shopping, do designer norte americano Dale Harper.


Link: Dale.Harper

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Locomotive E633 Paper Model 1:160 Scale - by Zio Prudenzio


New model by Italian designer Fabrizio Prudenziati, from Zio Prudenzio.

Novo modelo do designer italiano Fabrizio Prudenziati, do site Zio Prudenzio.


Link: Locomotive.E633.Paper.Model.1/

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Happy Little Beanie Guy Paper Toy Gift Box - by Jacque Davis


This is a happy little guy wearing his super fun red and white BEANIE and lots of smiles. His BEANIE propellers are not glued so they open up and he can be used as a silly gift box. Hope you have fun making him! - Jacque Davis

Um paper toy fácil de montar que pode ser usado como uma caixinha de presentes.


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Pyramid Book Papercraft School Project - by


Unlock the secrets of an ancient Egyptian pyramid with this easy-to-construct box that opens to reveal “treasure” inside. When closed, the outside walls are held in place with a clay disk. Remove the disk and open the pyramid to reveal what's inside. Younger students can make artifacts from clay to place inside. Older students may be challenged to learn the inner parts of the pyramids and add paper pages to write about and illustrate their discoveries. -

Descubra os segredos de uma antiga pirâmide egípcia com este projeto fácil-de-montar, uma espécie de caixinha, que quando aberta revela um tesouro em seu interior. Como projeto escolar, crianças pequenas podem fazer seus artefatos de massinha para por dentro da pirâmide e os estudantes maiores podem ser desafiados a pesquisar as várias partes de uma pirâmide e fazer um trabalho escrito sobre suas descobertas e apresentar junto com essa simpática pirâmide. -


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Brammy Duck Videogame Character - by Wick Meryl Ho


A funny duck by a Japanese portable videogame, by Japanese designer Wick Meryl Ho.

Um pato muito simpático de um jogo de videogame portátil japonês, do designer japonês Wick Meryl Ho.


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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Christmas Time - Advent Calendar - by Mags Papiermodell - More Two Houses

Today more two models by German site Mags Papiermodell. Look at December 8 in the advent calendar.

Mais duas casinhas do site alemão Mags Papiermodell. Procure no dia 8 de Dezembro do calendário.


Link: Mags.Papiermodell.More.Two.Houses

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Fold Up Piano Paper Model - by Accoutrements.Com

Beethoven and Mozart couldn't have composed all those masterpieces without a piano, so we designed this amazing fold-up paper piano that you can print out for free! - Accoutrements.Com



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Acessories For RPG And Dioramas - by Stones-Edges


Some cool free stuff for RPG gamers and diorama makers, by Stones-Edges.

Alguns itens bem legais para adeptos de RPG e dioramas, do site Stones-Edges.



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Connected Farm Paper Model One Week Free Download - by Fiddlers Green

Model Design by Bob Marttin

Fiddlers Green , one of the best and traditional paper models publisher, give to us, one of your best models, to download for free! - but just for ONE WEEK! - Hurry!

Fiddlers Green um dos melhores e mais tradicionais distribuidores de paper models da net, nos oferece um de seus melhores modelos, de graça, para download! - mas apenas por UMA SEMANA! - baixe logo o seu!



Link: Fiddlers.Green.Connected.Farm.One.Week.Free.Download

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Classic Asiatic Architecture Papercraft - by Toto

Here three nice classic asiatic buildings, by Toto, from Il Favoloso Mondo Di Carta Di Toto.

Aqui três exemplos de arquitetura clássica asiática, de Toto, do blog Il Favoloso Mondo Di Carta Di Toto.

"Maison japonaise", Imagerie d'Epinal, Petites Constructions n° 1275.


"Temple chinois", Imagerie d'Epinal, Petites Constructions n° 1248, 1850 circa.


"Mosquée au Cambodge", Imagerie d'Epinal, Petites Constructions n° 1272, 1850 circa.

Link: Mosqué

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1991`s Hungarian Historic Building - by Somodi Zoltan

A 1991 model by Hungarian designer Somodi Zoltan, a historic building.

Um modelo de 1991, do designer húngaro Somodi Zoltan: um prédio histórico.


Link: 1991`

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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Nord Bank Dublin Lighthouse - by Groupb - Farol Irlandês

New model by Groupb: an Irish lighthouse.

Novo modelo de Groupb: um farol irlandês.


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Porsche 911 GT1 98 Paper Car - by Mame Craft


The Porsche 911 GT1 was a car designed for competition in the GT1 class of sportscar racing, which also required a street legal version for homologation purposes. The limited-production street-legal version was labeled the 911 GT1 Straßenversion (Street version). - Wikipedia


Porsche 911 GT1, foi um protótipo de corrida, desenvolvido pela Porsche, para competir nas 24 horas de Le Mans, pela classe GT1. A sua versão desenvolvida para rua, ou seja, para o público, recebeu o nome de Porsche 911 GT1 Straßenversion (versão de rua). - Wikipedia

The Real Thing


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Hungarian Houses - by Somodi Zoltan - Casas Húngaras

Here four nice models by Hungarian designer Somodi Zoltan.

Aqui quatro modelos de casas do designer húngaro Somodi Zoltan.



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Christmas Time - Bethlehem Town - The Inn - by Didier


More one part of Bethlehem Town diorama, by Didier. The original post to the first part of this diorama is in the end of this post.
"This model is bigger than the other houses but most parts are quite simple to assemble, and will be a nice addition to your town." - Didier

Mais uma parte do diorama da Cidade de Belem (Bethlehem Town), do designer Didier. O post original para a primeira parte deste diorama está no final deste post.



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