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The Weekend Pic - Himeji Castle - by DarkLan / Canon


A beautiful and clean build report, by French modeler DarkLan, via Le Forum En Papier. This is the Himeji Castle, in Japan. You can download this free architectural paper model in the Japanese site Canon.

Uma bela e limpa montagem do modelista francês DarkLan, via Le Forum En Papier. Este é o Castelo Himeji, no Japão. Você pode baixar este modelo gratuíto no site japonês da Canon.

Link to the model:

Link to construction report:

About "The Weekend Pic" - It will always be an image of a free model, built by a designer found in forums, blogs or sites around the Net. I would like to ask the cooperation of all friends of the blog to indicate some models for this weekly post. The only requirement: the model needs to be freely distributed and there must be a link to this assembly or construction report.

Sobre "The Weekend Pic" - Será sempre uma imagem de um modelo gratuíto, construída por um designer achado ao acaso em foruns, blogs ou sites ao redor da Net. Eu gostaria de pedir a colaboração de todos para indicar modelos para este post semanal. A única exigência : o modelo tem que ser de livre distribuição e tem que haver um link para esta montagem, de preferência com fotos de várias etapas da montagem.

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Phanton 035 Zeppelin Paper Model - by Hikousen


A beautiful and colorful paper model of a blimp/zeppelin, by Japanese website Hikousen.

Um bonito e colorido modelo de papel de um dirigível/zepelim, do site japonês Hikousen.


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Wacky Races - The Bulletproof Bomb - by Webdude - Carro Da Quadrilha De Morte

Model Assembled and Photo by Webdude

A perfect replica of the Bulletproof Bomb, from Wacky Races, a 1968`s cartoon from Hanna-Barbera Studios.

Uma réplica perfeita do Carro à Prova De Balas, da Corrida Maluca, um desenho animado de 1968, produzido pelos estúdios Hanna-Barbera.

The "Toon" Thing

The "Real" Thing
The Bulletproof Bomb (occasionally referred to as the "Roaring 20s") is a 1920s limousine sedan, driven by a group of seven pint-sized gangsters all of whom sit in the front seat: leader Clyde, Ring-A-Ding, and five others. Clyde is a pastiche of Edward G. Robinson's character in the film Little Caesar and of the male half of Bonnie and Clyde. Their usual method of improving the speed of their car is "Getaway Power" which is achieved by extending their feet through the floor of the car and running. On occasion the Ant Hill Mob would use their tommy guns against the other racers. - Wikipedia

O Bomba Bala (em Portugal) ou Carro-à-Prova de Balas (no Brasil), era conduzido pela Quadrilha Maravilha (em Portugal), Quadrilha de Morte no Brasil, um grupo de simpáticos gangsters. Participaram mais tarde no desenho animado The Perils of Penelope Pitstop, onde Penélope foi a estrela principal. - Wikipedia


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Honda RC211V Motorcycle Paper Model - by Onya - via Pepakura Gallery


A beautiful paper model of a Honda RC211V racing motorcycle, by Japanese designer Onya, via Pepakura Gallery.

Um belo modelo de uma moto de corrida Honda RC211V, do designer japonês Onya, via Pepakura Gallery.



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Helicopter Bolkow NBO 105 Paper Model - by Royaje Papercraft


This nice paper model of a helicopter, the Bolkow NBO 105, was created by Indonesian designer Wong Hidayat, from Royaje Papercraft website.

Este helicóptero bem legal, o Bolkow NBO 105, foi criado pelo designer indonésio Wong Hidaya, do site Royaje Papercraft.


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Rock`n`Roll Circus - Rudee Ramones Paper Toy - by Salazad


Simple and effective, like Ramones` music!


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Mozzarella Moofia And Baby Charuca Paper Toys - by Joel


Two cute paper toys by Indonesian designer Joel, from Joel J-2 website.


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Cheburashka Monkey Paper Toy - by Studio Waka

Sumo Fighter Paper Toy - by PaperTom


Here is the Sumo Wrestler in all his "greatness", by French designer PaperTom.

Eis aqui o Lutador De Sumô, em toda sua "grandeza", do designer francês PaperTom.


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Threewheeled Vehicle Bajaj Tuk Tuk Indian Version - by Paper Replika


An easy-to-build Indian Threewheeled Vehicle paper model, by Indonesian site Paper Replika.

Um veículo de três rodas indiano, fácil de montar, do site indonésio Paper Replika.


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Friday, July 27, 2012

Soviet Transport Helicopter Mi-4 - by Di-3 - via Kartombau.De

Model Assembled and Photo by Di-3

The Mi-4 was a Soviet transport helicopter that served in both military and civilian roles. This very detailed paper model was created by German designer Di-3 and was originally posted at Kartombau.De Forum.

O Mi-4 era um helicóptero soviético usado para transporte militar e civil. Este belo e muito bem detalhado modelo foi criado pelo designer alemão Di-3 e foi originalmente postado no Forum Kartombau.De.

A Multi-Mission Version Of The Real Thing


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Imperial Japanese Navy Destroyer Yukikaze Paper Model - by Papermodel.JP


A great paper model of the Imperial Japanese Navy Destroyer Yukikaze, in 1/350 scale. This beautiful model was created by Papermodel.JP website. Yukikaze (Snowy Wind) was a Kagero-class destroyer in service with the Imperial Japanese Navy during World War II. She was the only member of her class to survive the war. The attrition rate of Japanese destroyers was extremely high due to heavy, prolonged combat and the need to use them to transport supplies to scattered Japanese island garrisons. - Wikipedia

The Real Thing

Um grande modelo de papel do Destroyer da Marinha Imperial Japonesa, o Yukikaze, na escala 1/350. Este belo modelo foi feito pelo site Papermodel.JP. O Yukikase era um Destroyer da classe Kagero à serviço da Marinha Imperial Japonesa durante a Segunda Grande Guerra Mundial. O Yukikase foi o único de sua classe a sobreviver à Guerra. O alto número de baixas desta classe de Destroyers se deveu a seu prolongado uso em combates e também por serem usados como transporte para todas as várias ilhas dispersa no Pacífico.


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Adorable Cat Paper Toys Series - by China Paper Model Alliance


A really cool series by China Paper Model Alliance website: Adorable Cat Paper Toys. You will find several pop characters: Iron Man, Spiderman, Batman, Ultraman, Naruto, Totoro, from Studio Ghibli and more.


Uma série realmente legal do site China Paper Model Alliance: Adorable Cat Paper Toys. Você encontra vários personagens da Cultura Pop, tais como Homem-Aranha, Bataman, Homem de Ferro, Ultraman, Naruto, o Totoro do Studio Ghibli
entre outros.



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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Venice Diorama - by Papermau - Download Now!


Here is the Venice Diorama, ready to download. In the three photos below you can see the last part of the build report.

Eis aqui o Diorama de Veneza, pronto para download. Nas três fotos abaixo, você pode ver o final da montagem.


It is an easy-to-build model and I hope you enjoy building this model as much as I enjoyed creating it.Thanks for all who followed the development of this model. The link to download is at the end of this post.

Este é um modelo bem fácil de montar e eu espero que vocês se divirtam montando-o tanto quanto eu me diverti ao criá-lo. Obrigado a todos que acompanharam o desenvolvimento deste modelo. O link para download está no final deste post.


If you want to see more photos of the finished model, please visit the Photobucket`s Venice Diorama page (link at the end of this post).

Se você quiser ver mais fotos do modelo terminado, por favor, visite a página do Diorama de Veneza no Photobucket (link no final deste post).


Download Page 01:

Download Page 02:

Download Page 03:

Venice Diorama Photobucket page:

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1930`s Pickup Truck Paper Model - by Inkjet Paper Scissors


A nice easy-to-build paper model of a Vintage Pickup Truck, by designer Grendels Mother64, from Inkjet Paper Scissors website.

Um modelo bem legal e fácil de montar de uma picape antiga, do designer Grendels Mother64, do site Inkjet Paper Scissors.

Link: 1930`

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Formula 1 Pit Stop Paper Model Diorama - by Metmania


A nice Pit Stop diorama in 1/25 scale, by Japanese website Metmania. Perfect for Formula 1 miniature vehicles.

Um belo diorama de um Pit Stop em escala 1/25, do site japonês Metmania. Perfeito para miniaturas de Formula 1.


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Bilpojken, The Car Boy Paper Toy - by Stellan


A nice paper toy made by designer Stellan, from I Made This website, based in a Comics character by Max Andersson.

Um paper toy bem legal do designer Stellan, baseado num personagem de quadrinhos de Max Andersson.


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Doctor Rocket Paper Toy - by Thomas Paschke


A fun and easy-to-build paper toy for kids, by German designer Thomas Paschke.

Um paper toy para crianças, divertido e fácil de montar, feito pelo designer alemão Thomas Paschke.



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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Star Wars - IG-88 Bounty Hunter Paper Model - by Noturno Sukhoi


More one cool paper model by Noturno Sukhoi: Here is the IG-88 Bounty Hunter, character of Star Wars Universe.

Mais um modelo bem bacana do site Noturno sukhoi: Aqui o IG-88 Bunty Hunter, personagem secundário do Universo Star Wars.


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Solaris Trollino 12 Trolleybus Paper Model - by Papercrafts.It


SOLARIS TROLLINO 12 - Solaris Bus & Coach S.A. is a bus, coach and trolleybus manufacturer based near Poznań, Poland. Trollino 12 is a 12 mt. Trolleybus Class I, 3 doors, with stainless steel bodywork frame, aluminium side panels, 175 Kw Skoda electric motor and mechanical pantograph, manually operated. - Papercrafts.It

Link to the model:

Link to Papercrafts.It main page: Papaercrafts.It.Main.Page

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Phantasy Star Online 2 - Fonyu Yale Paper Doll - by Moekami


Fonyu Yale, from Phantasy Star Online 2 videogame, a really beautiful paper doll, by Japanese designer Moekami.

Link to download the model:

Link to the photo album:

Link to Moekami`s main page: Moekami.Paper.Dolls.Main.Page

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Japanese Bar Paper Model In HO Scale - by Paper Structures


A beautiful and easy-to-build Japanese Bar paper building, in HO scale, by Paper Structures website.

Um modelo bonito e fácil de montar de um Bar Japonês, em escala HO, do site Paper Structures.


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Star Wars - Luke Skywalker Landspeed Paper Model - by MTK`s Card Craft


"Here's a Star Wars Landspeeder for your building fun. Enjoy". - MTK`s Card Craft

"Aqui, um Landspeeder da Saga Star Wars para montar. Divirtam-se". - MTK`s Card Craft

Link: Star`s.Card.Craft

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Angry Birds Paper Model Play Set - by Hobikitkertas


A cool play set of the addictive game Angry Birds. These nice little paper models were created by Hobikitkertas, an Indonesian website.

Um lindo play set do viciante jogo Angry Birds. Estes belos modelos de papel são do site indonésio Hobikitkertas.


Link Play Set One:

Link Play Set Two:

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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Venice Diorama - by Papermau - The Assembly - Part 3

Here is the third part of the Venice Diorama. Now, you can see the the assembly of balconies, details of the doors and the little pier. In the next and final post, the poles of the pier and the model to download.


Aqui a terceira parte do Diorama de Veneza. aqui você vê a montagem das sacadas, detalhes das portas e o pequeno pier. No próximo e último post, os mastros de amarração do pier e o modelo para download.



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WW2`s Heinkel He 280 German Aircraft Paper Model - by Pinaconn


The Heinkel He 280 was the first turbojet-powered fighter aircraft in the world. It was inspired by Ernst Heinkel's emphasis on research into high-speed flight and built on the company's experience with the He 178 jet prototype. A combination of technical and political factors led to it being passed over in favor of the Messerschmitt Me 262. Only nine were built and none reached operational status. - Wikipedia

The Real Thing

O primeiro avião turbojato do mundo, o Heinkel He 280 voou pela primeira vez em 2 de Agosto de 1941 (19 meses antes do Gloster Meteor). O projeto do He 280, que começou no fim de 1939, incluía uma asa baixa com turbinas sob as asas, trem de pouso triciclo, dois lemes de direção e dois estabilizadores verticais. Apesar da produção do He 280 ter sido planejada, queixas sobre sua fraqueza estrutural na cauda,tremulação também na cauda e armamentos e combustível inadequados, fizeram com que o projeto do 280 fosse abandonado em favor do Messerschmitt Me 262. Foi no 280 que houve o primeiro uso de um assento ejetor, quando o piloto de teste abandonou a aeronave após os comandos travarem. - Armas.Da.Segunda.Guerra

Direct link to the model: WW2`

Link to Pinaconn`s Heinkel He 280 main page: Pinaconn`s.Heinkel.He.280.German,Aircraft.Main.Page

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Sleipner Class Norwegian WW2 Destroyer - by Coatney History


A beautiful paper model of the Sleipner Class Norwegian WW2 Destroyer, in 1/300 scale, by designer Louis R. Coatney, from Coatney History website.

Um belo modelo de papel do Destroyer Norueguês Classe Sleipner da Segunda Grande Guerra, feito pelo designer Louis R. Coatney, do site Coatney History.


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Spiderman Paper Toy In Cubic Style - by Toy-A-Day


A really easy-to-build paper toy of the Spiderman, in a funny Cubic Style, by Toy-A-Day website.

Um paper toy realmente fácil de montar do Homem-Aranha, num divertido Estilo Cúbico, do site Toy-A-Day.


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Dandy Frog Paper Toy - by Olette - via Behance


A funny frog paper toy by designer Olette, via Behance.Net.


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Monday, July 23, 2012

Mont-Saint-Michel In France Paper Model - by Canon


The Real Thing
This magnificent abbey stands atop a rocky islet in the gulf of Saint-Malo, on the northwestern coast of France. The abbey started as a small chapel dedicated to the Archangel Michael, in the early 8th century, and took around 900 years to evolve into its present state. In 1979, it was designated a World Cultural Heritage Site.
As the result of continuous reconstructions in Romanesque and Gothic styles, the whole islet has the appearance of a single, huge edifice. The abbey spire sits atop the islet's peak, reaching a height of approximately 150 meters above the sea. - Canon

PhotobucketEsta magnífica abadia fica no topo de uma ilhota rochosa no Golfo de Saint-Malo, ao noroeste da Costa Francesa.
A abadia começou como uma pequena capela dedicada ao Arcanjo São Miguel no início do século VIII, e levou 900 anos para chegar ao tamanho que tem nos dias de hoje.
Em 1979, foi designada Patrimônio Cultural e Histórico Mundial. Como resultado de inúmeras reconstruções em estilo Romanesco e Gótico, a ilhota inteira tem a aparência de um único edifício.
 A abadia se encontra bem no pico desta ilhota, mais ou menos a 150 metros de altura. - Canon


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