Saturday, December 20, 2014

ChristmasTime - Santa's Sleigh Paper Model - by Brother

 photo santasleigh00001_zps4691b2ba.jpg

This nice Santa's Sleigh paper model came from England, offered by Brother website. There are also paper models of Santa Claus and his helpers and the links to download them are just below, at the end of this post.

 photo santsapapertoys0001_zpsaf337504.jpg

Este belo Trenó do Papai Noel vem da Inglaterra, do site da Brother. Também há os modelos de papel do Papai Noel e seus ajudantes e os links para baixá-los estão logo abaixo, no final deste post.

Link to Sleigh: Christmas.Time.Santa'

Link to Reindeer: >Christmas.Time.Santa'

Link to Santa Claus:

Link to Santa`s Helpers:

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Rock`n`Roll Circus - The Beatles Finger Puppets Paper Toys
by Hanasaurus Rex

 photo beatles_finger_puppets3001_zps748dd194.jpg

Here are the Beatles, in cool Finger Puppets paper toy versions, created by Hanasaurus Rex.

Aqui estão os Beatles, em divertidas versões dedoche, criados pela designer Hanasaurus Rex.


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The Beatles - The Cavern Club Diorama Paper Model - by Papermau Download Now!

Rock`n`Roll Circus - The Beatles - Abbey Road Diorama - by Garry Willis

Russian Experimental War Tanks Paper Models - by World Of Tanks

 photo worldtankspapercraft0001_zps2a513b10.jpg

During the World War II, the Russian Army actually wondered the idea to manufacture these spheroids tanks. They were ironically dubbed "Steel Balls of Stalin".

 photo worldtankspapercraft0002_zps4612d650.jpg

Durante a Segunda Grande Guerra, o Exército Russo realmente cogitou a idéia de fabricar estes tanques de guerra esferóides. Eles foram apelidados ironicamente de "Bolas de Aço de Stalin".


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Friday, December 19, 2014

Christmas Time - Steampunk Gift Boxes Paper Models - by Papermau
Download Now!

 photo steampunkboxpapermau001_zps2d5dc350.jpg
Here are some little Gift Boxes in Steampunk style, for little gifts. A little gift is better than nothing, right?

 photo steampunkboxpapermau002_zps6c950eb1.jpg

Eis aqui algumas Caixas de Presente em estilo Steampunk. Um pequeno presente é melhor do que nada, certo?

Link to Yellow Box:

Link to Black & White Box:

Link to Blueprint Box:

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Crayon Shinchan - Shiro Dog Paper Model - by ToyXD PaperCraft

 photo shirodogpapertoy00001_zps3a42f1fb.jpg

By Crayon Shinchan anime and mangá, here is Shiro, the Dog, created by Thai designer ToyXD PaperCraft.

 photo shirodogpapertoy00002_zps5ec2faea.jpg

Do anime e mangá japonês Crayon Shinchan, aqui está Shiro, o Cão, criado pelo designer tailandês ToyXD PaperCraft.


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Japanese Train Paper Model In Ho Scale - by Hotarumei

 photo hotarumeitrainpapercraft001_zps18468a3b.jpg

This easy-to-build paper model of a Japanese Train was created by designer Hotarumei.

Este modelo de papel de um Trem Japonês foi criado pelo designer HHotarumei.


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Yonomori Cat And Dish Breaker Paper Toys - by Wasabi

 photo kobitopapertoy090901_zps12caf19a.jpg

These two paper toys were created by Japanese designer Wasabi.

Estes dois paper toys foram criados pelo designer japonês Wasabi.

Link to Yonomori Cat:

Link to Dish Breaker:

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Pride And Prejudice - Jane Austen Dress Up Paper Dolls
by Dover Publications

 photo pridepapercraftsdolls001_zps6beef7d2.jpg

From the literary universe by English novelist Jane Austen, here are Elizabeth Bennet and Darcy Fitzwillian in beautiful paper doll versions, offered by Dover Publications website.

 photo pridepapercraftsdolls002_zps97ae9ab4.jpg

Do universo literário da escritora inglesa Jane Austen, aqui estão Elizabeth Bennet e Fitzwillian Darcy em belas versões paper doll, oferecidas pelo site Dover Publications.

Link 01:

Link 02:

Link 03:

Link 04:

Link 05:

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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Today My Google Account Was Hacked!!!

 photo papermauhacked001_zps2c4422e2.jpg

Today my Google account, which includes my personal email and my blog was hacked. For a few minutes my blog was removed. Luckily, when I did the first post of the day, I received the message that there was suspicious activity on my account and my blog had been removed. I tried unsuccessfully to log in and received a message from Google asking a valid phone number, for an ID check. I provided the number and immediately received a call with a code that made I could log in and put things in order. I would like to thank Google for readiness to notice suspicious activity and the ease in making me again owner of my account without unnecessary bureaucracy. Here is a warning to all blog friends who have Gmail account. From time to time, change the password. It's worth losing a few minutes now and avoid a lot of headaches later.

Hoje minha conta do Google, que inclui meu e-mail pessoal e meu blog, foi hackeada. Durante alguns minutos meu blog foi removido. Por sorte, no momento em que eu fazia o primeiro post do dia, recebi a mensagem que havia atividade suspeita em minha conta e que meu blog havia sido removido. Eu tentei fazer login sem sucesso e recebi uma mensagem do Google pedindo um número de telefone válido, para uma checagem de identidade. Eu forneci o número e imediatamente recebi uma chamada com um código que fez com que eu pudesse logar e por as coisas em ordem. Eu gostaria de agradecer ao Google pela presteza em notar a atividade suspeita e pela facilidade em me fazer novamente dono de minha conta, sem burocracia desnecessária. Fica aqui um alerta para todos os amigos do blog, que tem conta do Gmail. De tempos em tempos, mudem a senha. Vale a pena perder alguns minutos agora e evitar um monte de dores de cabeça depois.

Totchi The Green Dinosaur Mascot Paper Toy - by City Of Chiba

 photo monstermascotpapertoy001_zps0df6367f.jpg

This cute Dinosaur Mascot paper toy came from Japan, offered by City Of Chiba website.

Este fofo Mascote Dinossauro paper toy vem do Japão, oferecido pelo site da Cidade de Chiba.

Link part 01:

Link part 02:

Link part 03:

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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Christmas Time - Nativity Set Papercraft Collection - Part 01

 photo christmascribseries0001_zps6f1027e4.jpg

Here is the first part of the Nativity Set Papercraft Collection, by various periods and various artists of all the world. All these models have already been posted on the blog, but as they are kind of lost in the middle of more than 5000 posts, I decided to organize them in this Christmas series. Enjoy!

 photo christmascribseries0002_zps43da22e2.jpg

Aqui está a primeira parte da Coleção de Modelos de Papel de Presépios, de várias épocas e de vários artistas de todo o mundo. Todos estes modelos já foram postados aqui no blog, mas como eles estão meio que perdidos no meio de mais de 5000 posts, eu resolvi organizá-los nesta série natalina. Bom divertimento!

 photo christmascribseries0003_zpsb8e476ec.jpg
 photo christmascribseries0004_zps2863dbf0.jpg
 photo christmascribseries0005_zps8299772f.jpg
 photo christmascribseries0006_zps85b08ff0.jpg

Link 01: Christmas Time - Zombie Nativity Set - by Zombie Christmas.Org - Presépio Zumbi

Link 02: Christmas Time - Paper Crib Paper Toy - Nativity Set - by My Little House

Link 03: Christmas Time - 3D Crib - Jennifer's Creche - by Paper Model Kiosk

Link 04: Christmas Time - 3D Crib - Celso Battistini's Creche - by Paper Model Kiosk

Link 05: Christmas Time - 1900`s 3D Crib - Svatava Nativity - by Paper Model Kiosk

Link 06: Christmas Time - Brandyská Nativity Set - by Papermodel Kiosk

Christmas Time - Merry Xmas! Paper Toy - by Angelcube & Mempee
via Salt & Paper

 photo christmasduendepapeprtoy001_zps3930cad5.jpg

This nice Christmas paper toy was created by Angelcube, using an original model by Mempee. Thanks to Salt & Paper website for share this.

Este paper toy natalino foi criado por Angelcube, usando um modelo original do designer Mempee. Agradecimentos ao site Salt & Paper por compartilhá-lo.

Link: Christmas.Time.Merry.Xmas!

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The Tortoise Automata Paper Model - by Brother

 photo turtoiseautomatapapercraft001_zps23b0e8d9.jpg

Although his name is not mentioned, this very nice paper toy of a cute Tortoise Automata paper model was created by designer Rob Ives, comissioned by Brother website.

Embora seu nome não seja citado, este modelo de papel em estilo Automâto de uma simpática Tataruga foi criado pelo designer Rob Ives, comissionado pelo site da Brother.


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Christmas Time - Christmas Themed Paper Dolls To Cut and Color
by Krokotak

 photo Christmas-ThemedPAPERDOLLS001_zpse34e7584.jpg

Kids will love cut and color these cute Christmas themed paper dolls. By Krokotak, Russian educative website.

As crianças irão adorar recortar e colorir estes divertidos Bonecos Natalinos. Do site educativo russo Krokotak.


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Rural Industry Building Paper Model In Six Different Scales
by Edifícios De Papel

 photo industrybuildingpapercraft0001_zps2054c442.jpg

This Rural Industry Building paper model was created by Spanish designers Mónica and Anibal, from Edifícios de Papel website. It is available in 6 different scales: 1/56 scale(28mm), 1/72 scale, HO scale (1/87), 1/100 scale (15mm), N scale (1/160) and Z scale (1/220). Perfect for Dioramas, RPG and Wargames.

 photo industrybuildingpapercraft0002_zps4750ce47.jpg

Este Edifício Industrial Rural foi criado pelos designers espanhois Mónica e Anibal, do site Edifícios de Papel. O modelo está disponível em seis escalas diferentes: 1/56 (28 mm), escala 1/72, escala HO (1/87), escala 1/100 (15 mm), escala N (1/160) e escala Z (1/220). Perfeita para Dioramas, RPG e Wargames.


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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Christmas Time - Make your Own Paper Decorations - by Minieco

A lot of easy-to-build paper decorations to your home, by Minieco, British website.

Um monte de decorações de papel para seu lar, do site Minieco, da Inglaterra.

Link 01: 

Lauenburg Cooperage Warehouse Paper Model - by Rorschach Hamster

 photo LauenburgCooperageWarehousePaperModel002_zpse8fc772e.jpg

A Cooperage is where works the "cooper", who makes wooden staved vessels of a conical form, of greater length than breadth, bound together with hoops and possessing flat ends or heads. This Cooperage Warehouse paper model was based in a real one that was located in Lauenburg, Germany. This beautiful paper model was created by German designer Rorschach Hamster. Perfect for RPG, Wargames and Medieval Dioramas.

 photo LauenburgCooperageWarehousePaperModel001_zps5d35fd91.jpg

Este modelo de papel de um Armazém de Tanoaria foi criado pelo designer alemão Rorschach Hamster. A tanoaria é uma arte ancestral que se desenvolvia junto das zonas ribeirinhas, intimamente ligadas às regiões de produção vinícola, consistindo no fabrico de vasilhames em madeira para o armazenamento do vinho. Assim, com as madeiras de carvalho e eucalipto, fabricavam-se pipas, tonéis, canecos, celhas e outros artefatos, especialmente para a colheita, tratamento e transporte de vinho. Este modelo foi baseado em uma tanoaria real localizada em Lauenburg, na Alemanha. Perfeito para RPG, Wargames e Dioramas Medievais.


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Full Thrust - Grobmotoriker Spaceship Paper Model - by Rorschach Hamster

 photo GrobmotorikerSpaceship001_zps98d736a4.jpg

From Full Thrust, a science fiction strategy wargame, here is the Grobmotoriker spaceship paper model, created by German designer Rorschach Hamster.

 photo GrobmotorikerSpaceship003_zps94cf072e.jpg

Do wargame estratégico de temática sci-fi, Full Thrust, este é o modelo de papel da nave espacial Grobmotoriker , criado pelo designer alemão Rorschach Hamster.


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Japanese Politicians Masks Paper Models In 1/50 Scale - by Hyakunin

 photo japanpoliticianspapercraft001_zps44059449.jpg

By Japanese designer Hyakunin, here are the papercraft masks of Junichiro Koizumi, Taro Aso, Shinzo Abe and Akira Amari, four important politicians from Japan. These models are something about 1/50 scale.

Do designer japonês Hyakunin, aqui estão as máscaras de Junichiro Koizumi, Taro Aso, Shinzo Abe e Akira Amari, quatro importante políticos do Japão. Estes modelos estão na escala aproximada de 1/50.

Link 01: Japanese.Politicians.Masks.Paper.Models.In.1/ Koizumi

Link 02: Japanese.Politicians.Masks.Paper.Models.In.1/

Link 03: Japanese.Politicians.Masks.Paper.Models.In.1/

Link 04: Japanese.Politicians.Masks.Paper.Models.In.1/

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Monday, December 15, 2014

Gugure Kokkurisan - Yamamoto-Kun Paper Toy - by Clarisse Albeit

 photo alienkukurisan001papercraft_zps107a564a.jpg

This is Yamamoto-Kun and his spaceship, from Gugure Kokkurisan, Japanese anime and mangá. In the history, Yamamoto is a Kohina's classmate. No matter how you think of it, Yamamoto is an alien. Since the time he joined Kohina's class, nobody doubted that he was an Earthling, though it's suspected that he brainwashed everybody. - To view and print this model you will need Pepakura Viewer Free Version (link at the end of this post).

 photo alienkukurisan002papercraft_zps19e2fe89.jpg

Este é Yamamoto e sua nave espacial, do anime e mangá japonês Gugure Kokkurisan. Na história, Yamamoto é colega de classe de Kohina. Não importa o que você pensa, Yamamoto é um alienígena. Desde o tempo em que ele se juntou a classe de Kohina, ninguém duvidava de que ele era um extraterrestre, embora ela suspeitasse que ele fez lavagem cerebral em todos. - Para visualizar e imprimir este modelo você precisará do Pepakura Viewer Versão Gratuíta (link no final deste post).

Link to download the model:

Link to Pepakura Viewer Free Version: Pepakura.Viewer.Free.Version.Official.Page

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Gugure Kokkurisan - Nekogami Tama Paper Toy - by Clarisse Albeit

 photo tamapapertoyclarice001_zpsec585c86.jpg

This is Nekogami Tama, from Gugure Kokkurisan, Japanese anime and mangá. In the history, Tama is a cat spirit who is the poster girl for a sweets shop and has a creepy obsession with dolls, which in turn leads to a creepy obsession with Kohina. To view and print this model you will need Pepakura Viewer Free Version (link at the end of this post).

 photo tamapapertoyclarice002_zpsd380796d.jpg

Esta é Nekogami Tama, do anime e mangá japonês Gugure Kokkurisan, Na história, Tama é o espírito de um gato que é a garota-propaganda de uma loja de doces e tem uma obsessão assustadora por bonecas, que por sua vez a leva a uma obsessão assustadora com Kohina. Para visualizar e imprimir este modelo você precisará do Pepakura Viewer Versão Gratuíta (link no final deste post).

Link to download the model:

Link to Pepakura Viewer Free Version: Pepakura.Viewer.Free.Version.Official.Page

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Kaibutsu-Kun Monsters Paper Models - by Paper Block

Michael Schumacher Paper Toy In Cubic Style - by Randy Padama

 photo schumakerpapertoybyPadama0001_zpsa5eab1fc.jpg

For all fans of Formula 1, here is Michael Schumacher, the most successful Formula 1 driver of all time with seven world titles, in an easy-to-build paper model version in cubic style, created by Indonesian designer Randy Padama, aka Randyfivesix.

 photo schumakerpapertoybyPadama0002_zpsce90302e.jpg

Para todos os fãs de Fórmula 1, aqui está Michael Schumacher, o mais bem sucedido piloto de Fórmula 1 de todos os tempos, com sete títulos mundiais, em um modelo de papel bem fácil de montar em estilo cúbico, criado pelo designer indonésio Randy Padama, aka Randyfivesix.

Link to part 01:

Link to part 02:

Link to part 03:

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Christmas Time - Kawaii Kittens Garland Decorative Papercraft
by Happy Thought

 photo kittenschristmasgarland0001_zps028133d7.jpg

"Meet Tiddles, Ziggy, Primrose, Pebble, Blondie, Muffin, Cheeky, Sleepy and Smudge! These cute kitties would just love to celebrate Christmas with you. The garland is super easy to put together and can be as long as you like." - Happy Thought

 photo kittenschristmasgarland0003_zpsedc8f3e3.jpg

"Conheça Tiddles, Ziggy, Primrose, Pebble, Blondie, Muffin, Cheeky, Sleepy e Smudge! Estes simpáticos gatinhos adorarariam celebrar o Natal com você. A guirlanda é super fácil de montar e pode ser do tamanho que você quiser." - Happy Thought

 photo kittenschristmasgarland0002_zpsed5d8f15.jpg


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Guardians Of The Galaxy - Dancing Groot Automata Papercraft
by Richenna King

 photo dancinggrootpapercraft001_zpsf61c4e5d.jpg

From Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy movie, this is the cute Dancing Groot, here in a cool Automata papercraft created by designer Richenna King, from Philippines.

 photo dancinggrootpapercraft002_zps421f71be.jpg

Do filme Guardiões da Galáxia, aqui está a fofa Dancing Groot, aqui em uma bela versão de papel Autômata criada pela designer filipina Richenna King.


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