Friday, January 10, 2014

The Medieval Castle Facade Paper Model - Assembled by Frank Kelle

I am very glad with this cool assembly of the The Medieval Castle Facade made by my friend, the German designer and modeler Frank Kelle. He kindly sent to me the photo and I am very honored to post it here at the blog. Thanks, Frank and greetings from Brazil to German! - If you want to build your own Medieval Castle Facade Paper Model, the link is at the end of this post.

Eu fiquei muito contente com esta bela montagem da Fachada do Castelo Medieval feita pelo meu amigo, o designer e modelista alemão Frank Kelle. ele gentilmente enviou-me a foto e eu fico muito honrado em postá-la aqui no blog. Valeu, Frank, um abraço do Brasil até a Alemanha! - Se você quiser montar sua própria Fachada do Castelo Medieval, o link se encontra logo abaixo.

Link to download the model: Medieval.Castle.Facade.For.Mini.Figures.In.1/!

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Bugatti T35 Paper Model In 1/30 Scale - by Ichiyama

 photo bugastti4564575_zps33b7728e.jpg
Model Assembled and Photo by Thomas Meek

This is the Bugatti T35 in a really beautiful paper version created by designer Ichiyama. The model you see in the photo above wa sassembled by North American designer Thomas Meek.

Este é o Bugati T35 em uma bela versão em papel criada pelo designer japonês Ichiyama. O modelo que você vê na foto acima foi montado pelo designer norte-americano Thomas Meek.

Link: Bugatti.T35.Paper.ModellIn.1/

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Marvin The Martian Paper Model - by BazookaJo

 photo marvinthemartian0001_zpse99fb524.jpg

A very well done paper version of Marvin, the Martian, from Warner Brother toons. This model was created by designer BazookaJo.

Um modelo de papel muito bem feito de Marvin, o Marciano, dos desenhos da warner Brothers. Esse modelo foi criado pelo designer BazookaJo.


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Medieval Soldiers And Weapons Paper Models - by Zio Prudenzio

 photo ziomedieval0001_zps4167fdb6.jpg

I've posted several paper models from Italian designer Fabrizio Prudenziati, but it's always good to show your models for new blog readers. Despite making some time Zio Prudenzio not released a new model, I do not get tired of visiting his website to see the photos of his assembled models.

 photo ziomedieval0002_zps4628e3ea.jpg

Eu já postei vários modelos de papel do designer italiano Fabrizio Prudenziati, mas é sempre bom mostrar seus modelos para os novos leitores do blog. Apesar de fazer algum tempo que Zio Prudenzio não lança um novo modelo, eu não me canso de visitar seu website para ver as fotos de seus modelos montados.


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Guacamelee - Lucha Libre Juan Paper Toy - by Mr. QQN

 photo gaukamolepaperjkfjgf_zpsc6df8d66.jpg

Only one sheet of regular paper to build this paper toy. Juan is the main character from the game Guacamelee. This nice paper model was created by Mr. QQN.

 photo gaukamolepaperjkfjgf008_zps35dca28b.jpg

Apenas uma folha de papel para montar este paper toy. Juan é o personagem principal do game Guacamelee. Este modelo de papel bem legal foi criado pelo designer Mr. QQN.


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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Wellblech Barracken & Corrugated Metal Barracks Paper Models In 1/72 And 1/144 Scales - by Happyscale

 photo metsalbarracksww21001_zpsc8e9e04b.jpg

For the friends of the blog who appreciate RPG and Wargames here are some nice paper models in 1/72 and 1/144 scales of Wellblech Barracken & WW2`s Corrugated Metal Barracks that are perfect fot your boardgames. Thanks to German designer Krop Alexander for these really cool paper models.

 photo metalbarrakcddm0002_zps9d451650.jpg

Para os amigos do blog que apreciam RPG e Wargames aqui estão alguns modelos bem legais na escala 1/72 e 1/144 da barraca conecida como Wellblech e da famosa barraca de metal corrugado da Segunda Grande Guerra, que são perfeitas para jogos de tabuleiro com temática desta época. Agradeço ao designer alemão Krop Alexander do site Happyscale por estes modelos bem bacanas.

 photo ww2baracks1720001_zps6c2205a4.jpg

Link: Wellblech.Barracken.&.Corrugated.Metal.Barracks.Paper.Models.In.1/72.And.1/

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East Bohemian Houses Paper Models - by Milan Bartos

 photo milanbartofjukdj0002_zps648f0293.jpg

More two great paper models created by Czech designer Milan Bartos. As I had written in a blog post three days ago, Milan Bartos is a professional modeler and has several of his works on paper published in the renowned Czech ABC Magazine. Models in HO scale (1/87 scale).

 photo milanbartofjukdj0001_zps4f64e3e0.jpg

Mais dois belos modelos de papel do designer tcheco Milan Bartos. Como eu havia escrito em um post há três dias atrás, Milan Bartos é um modelista profissional e tem vários de seus trabalhos em papel publicados na famosa revista tcheca ABC Magazine. Os modelos deste post estão na escala HO (escala 1/87).


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Claw 6 & Buck Tooth Car Paper Toys - by Carlos Araujo

 photo clawcarujo_zps8d740fba.jpg

This is the Claw 6, a beautiful and colorful paper toy created by Brazilian designer Carlos Araujo, from Silbach Station website.

Este é o Claw 6, um belo e colorido paper toy criado pelo designer brasileiro Carlos Araujo, do site Silbach Station.

 photo carlos_araujo_printandplay2iui_zps85e49923.jpg

You also can download the Buck Tooth Car, that is a very original Card Holder to decorate your desk.

Você também pode baixar o Buck Tooth Car, ou dentuço, que é um Porta-Cartões bem original para sua mesa de trabalho.

Link: Claw.6.&

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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

1910`s Crown Princess Cecilie Steam Cruise Ship Paper Model
by AGK Kartonmodellbau

Can you believe that this model was created in a time when there were no computers and even televisions? It was entirely hand drawn! To give you an idea in the 1910s Thomas Edison demonstrated the first talking motion picture, Georges Claude displayed the first neon lamp to the public on December 11, 1910, in Paris, the crossword puzzle was invented by Arthur Wynne, "The Merck Chemical Company" patented, what is now know as, ecstasy, Mary Phelps Jacob invents the bra and Gideon Sundback invented the modern zipper. Thanks to Vermin King, from Paper Modelers Forum for this really precious find!

Você pode acreditar que este modelo foi criado em uma época em que não haviam computadores e nem mesmo televisores? Ele foi desenhado inteiramente à mão! Para você ter uma idéia na década de 1910 Thomas Edison apresentou seu primeiro filme falado, George Claude havia acabado de inventar a primeira lâmpada de Neon; em Paris, as Palavras Cruzadas eram criadas por Arthur Wynne, a Companhia Farmacêutica Merck criava o que hoje é conhecido como Ecstasy e enquanto Mary Phelps inventava o primeiro sutiã, o Sr. Gideon Sundback inventava o zipper moderno. Grato a Vermin King, do Forum Paper Modelers por este precioso achado!


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Build Your Own Halloween Board Games Paper Models - by Ravesblight

 photo ravensblightgames_zps75bd9b4e.jpg

Ray O`Bannon, from Ravensblight website, shares six cool Halloween themed Board Games. They are based in classic board games and are very easy-to-build and play.

Ray O`Bannon, do site Ravensblight, compartilha seis Jogos de Tabuleiro com temática de Dia das Bruxas. Eles são baseados em jogos de tabuleiros clássicos e são muito fáceis de montar e jogar. Se você não fala inglês, não desanime, use o Tradutor do Google ou outro qualquer de sua preferência para ler as regas e bom divertimento!

1 -

2 -

3 -

4 -`s.Vortex

5 -

6 -

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World Of Warcraft - Druid In Feline Form Paper Model - by Hobby WOW

 photo lionwowpepakurauiui_zps4f17f4e9.jpg

A very well done paper model version of a character from the game World of Warcraft. This Druid In Feline Form was created by designer Freddy Huanca, from Hobby WOW website. To view and print this model you will need Pepakura Viewer Free Version (link at the end of this post).

 photo lionwowpepakura_zps649450c8.jpg

Uma versão em papel muito fem feita de um personagem do game World of Warcraft. Este Druída em forma Felina foi criado pelo designer Freddy Huanca, do site Hobby WOW. Para visualizar e imprimir este modelo você precisará do Pepakura Viewer Versão Gratuíta (link no final deste post).

Link to download the model:

Link to Pepakura Viewer Free Version: Pepakura.Viewer.Free.Version.Official.Page

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Dogs, Dogs And More Dogs - by Hapy Mizuno - via Pepakura Gallery

 photo L1167uiuiuiu_zpsec8e55e7.jpg

A bunch of Dogs in several positions, created by Japanese designer Happy Mizuno and shared at Pepakura Gallery website. To view and print this model you will need Pepakura Viewer Free Version (link at the end of this post).

Um monte de Cachorros em várias posições, criados pelo designer japonês Happy Mizuno e compartilhados no site Pepakura Gallery. Para visualizar e imprimir este modelo você precisará do Pepakura Viewer Versão Gratuíta (link no final deste post).

Link to dog 01:

Link to dog 02:

Link to dog 03:

Link to dog 04:

Link to dog 05:

Link to dog 06:

Link to dog 07:

Link to Pepakura Viewer Free Version: Pepakura.Viewer.Free.Version.Official.Page

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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Sick Mind Hot Rod Paper Model - by Magoo Felix - via Sick Mind

 photo dragcarbrazil001klklkl_zps513f58fd.jpg

This crazy Hot Rod paper model was created by Brazilian designer Magoo Felix and was originally posted at Sick Mind website.

Esse hot Rod malucão foi criado pelo designer brasileioro Felix Magoo e foi originalmente postado no site Sick Mind.

 photo dragcarbrazil002_zps519e47c0.jpg


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Steve Jobs Papercraft Tribute In Tubby Style - by Tubbypaws

 photo stevojobiling_zps46530b85.jpg

This paper toy pays tribute to the visionary Steve Jobs, immortalized here showing the world his iPad. By Tubbypaws website.

Este paper toy presta um tributo ao visionário Steve Jobs, aqui eternizado apresentando ao mundo seu Ipad. Do site Tubbypaws.


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Quarter Pounder Dragster Paper Model - by Grovergroover - via Classic Funny Car Board

 photo paper-model-QPioio00_zpsee09be11.jpg

An easy-to-build Dragster paper model created by designer Grovergroover and originally posted at Classic Funny Car Board Forum.

Um modelo de papel de um Dragster bem fácil de montar do designer Grovergroover e originalmente postado no Forum Classic Funny Car Board.

 photo FOLD-UPS-FC1oioioi_zpsac225626.jpg


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Gloria Fashions Vintage Dress Up paper Doll - by Maria

 photo gloriadolldresupcleaned_zps2067eb29.jpg

This beautiful Vintage Dress Up Paper doll was preserved and is shared by Maria in her Picasa Album.

Esta bela Boneca Antiga em Estilo Dress Up foi preservada e é compartilhada por Maria em seu Albúm no Picasa.

 photo originalcleaned090_zpsef3982c6.jpg
The Original and the Cleaned versions, side by side.

Link to original version:

Link to cleaned version: Gloria.Fashions.Vintage.Dress.Up.Paper.Doll.Cleaned.Version

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Formula 1 Sauber C32 Ferrari Paper Model - by Nec

 photo f1necpapermodel0001_zps06b8e780.jpg

There was a photo contest involving these models, which has already closed, but you can still download and build these beautiful Formula 1 cars at NEC website.

 photo f1necpapermodel0002_zpsb5a7e44c.jpg

Havia um concurso de fotos envolvendo estes modelos, que já se encerrou, mas você ainda pode baixar e montar esses belos carros de Formula 1 no site da Nec.


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Monday, January 6, 2014

Spider-Minion Paper Toy - by Rickie & Paper Replika

 photo spiderminionooiu_zpsb8ab22f7.jpg

Based in an original paper model by Julius Perdana, from Paper Replika website, Rickie created this funny Spider-Minion.

Usando como base um modelo original de Julius Perdana, do site Paper Replika, Rickie criou este divertido Spider-Minion.


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Okinawa City Monorail Paper Model - by Yui-Rail Japan

 photo monorailgg001_zpsc354eb51.jpg

This nice Monorail Paper Model based in a real train of the City of Okinawa came from Yui-Rail Japanese website.

Este modelo de papel de um Monotrilho é baseado em um trem real que serve a cidade de Okinawa, no Japão. Do site Yui-Rail.


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Cotage In Cerveny Kostelec Paper Model In HO Scale - by Milan Bartos

 photo czechcaphauss0001_zps77f5b91f.jpg

Czech designer Milan Bartos created this really beautiful paper model of a Cotage In Cerveny Kostelec, in Eastern Europe, and kindly shares this for free in his website. Milan Bartos is a professional modeler and has several of his works on paper published in the renowned Czech ABC Magazine. Model in HO scale (1/87 scale).

 photo czechcaphauss0003_zps5b267b86.jpg

O designer tcheco Milan Bartos criou este belíssimo modelo de uma Casa de Campo em Cerveny Kostelec, no Leste Europeu, e gentilmente compartilha-o gratuitamente em seu website. Milan Bartos é um modelista profissional e tem vários de seus trabalhos em papel publicados na famosa revista tcheca ABC Magazine.

 photo czechcaphauss00012_zps32e4005a.jpg


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Super Bag Boy Paper Toy - by Jonny Chiba

 photo bagboypapeptoy_zps2d5b7bcd.jpg

This is the Super Bag Boy, a funny paper toy created by British designer Jonny Chiba.

Este é o Super Bag Boy, um paper toy bem engraçado criado pelo designer britânico Jonny Chiba.


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Volkswagen T2 Danbury Camper Paper Model - by Papercrafts.It

 photo vwt2danburycamper_1ioioi_zps0d76b4ea.jpg

The Volkswagen Typ2/T2 German production stopped way back in 1979, but the model kept going in South America, and it’s still alive and well and rolling off a Brazilian assembly line. Dambury Motor Caravans, an enterprising business based near Bristol (UK), imports these vans and turns them into motor homes. Papercrafts scale 1/35. - Papercrafts.It

 photo vwt2danburycamper2ioioi_zpsd6092be2.jpg

A produção alemã da Kombi Volkswagen Typ2/T2 parou por volta de 1979, mas o modelo continuou na América do Sul, e ela ainda passeia pelas ruas do Brasil, pois deixou de ser fabricada em 2013. A Dambury Motor Caravans, uma empresa com sede perto de Bristol, no Reino Unido, importa essas vans e transforma-los em motorhomes. Modelo na escala 1/35. - Papercrafts.It


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Sunday, January 5, 2014

Batman Paper Toy - Version Four - Michael Keaton - by Vladimir Micas

 photo vladkeatonbat002_zpsd313213a.jpg

From 1989`s Batman`s movie, here is the Michael Keaton`s Batman paper toy, the fourth version created by Brazilian designer Vladimir Micas. Along with the link to download this model you will also find the other three versions.

Do filme de 1989, eis aqui o paper toy do Batman de Michael Keaton, a quarta versão feita pelo designer brasileiro Vladimir Micas. Junto com o link para baixar este modelo você também encontrará as outras três versões.

Link to Version Four:

Link to Version Three:

Link to Version Two: Batman Paper Toy - Version Two - by Vladimir Micas

Link to Version One: Batman Paper Toy - Version One - by Vladimir Micas

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Zombie Apocalypse Paper Toys - by Matthew Hitchcock

 photo zpombiecriters001_zps7f815ae9.jpg

Visit Squaties website to download these cool series of Zombies and many other paper toys. All the models are created by British designer Matthew Hitchcock, aka "mo75". Scenery not included.

 photo zombiecririuei_zps263f71ef.jpg

Visite a página dos Squaties para baixar essa série de Zumbís e muitos outros paper toys. Todos os modelos são obra sdo designer britânico Matthew Hitchcock, aka "mo75". Os cenários não estão incluídos.


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The Weekend Pic - HY Camping Car Paper Model - by Michel Cerfvoliste & Camille & Atlas 83

 photo weekpicmichel002_zpsd5c2ca9d.jpg

Today "The Weekend Pic" has the names of three persons because the three are involved in this project. Camille created the model, Atlas has created new textures and Michel Cerfvoliste assembled the model you see in the picture above. This model was originally posted at Le Forum En Papier. If you want to build yours, the link is in the end of this post.

Hoje a Weekend Pic tem o nome de três pessoas porque os três estão envolvidos neste projeto. Camille created the model, Atlas criou texturas novas and michel Cerfvoliste montou o modelo que você vê na foto acima. Este modelo foi originalmente postado no Le Forum En Papier. Se você quiser montar o seu próprio HY Camping Car, o link se encontra logo abaixo, no final deste post.

Link to download the model:

Link to construction report:

About "The Weekend Pic" - It will always be an image of a free model, built by a designer found in forums, blogs or sites around the Net. I would like to ask the cooperation of all friends of the blog to indicate some models for this weekly post. The only requirement: the model needs to be freely distributed and there must be a link to this assembly or construction report.

Sobre "The Weekend Pic" - Será sempre uma imagem de um modelo gratuíto, construída por um designer achado ao acaso em foruns, blogs ou sites ao redor da Net. Eu gostaria de pedir a colaboração de todos para indicar modelos para este post semanal. A única exigência : o modelo tem que ser de livre distribuição e tem que haver um link para esta montagem, de preferência com fotos de várias etapas da montagem.

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Jungle Outpost Paper Model In 1/72 Scale - by Krop Alexander

 photo jungleoutpost172001_zps04f387cc.jpg

This Jungle Outpost Paper Model In 1/72 Scale created by German designer Krop Alexander from Happyscale website, is perfect for dioramas, RPG and Wargames.

 photo jungleoutpost172002_zps6b1385d7.jpg

Este modelo de papel de um Posto Avançado na Selva em escala 1/72 criado pelo designer alemão Krop Alexander do site Happyscale, é perfeito para Dioramas, RPG e Wargames.

Link: Jungle.Outpost.Paper.Model.In.1/

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London, Midland & Scottish Railway Vintage Paper Model - by Tuck DB

 photo lonmidscotrail09090_zps6844576b.jpg

A beautiful vintage British postcard with a Locomotive paper model, by Tuck DB Postcards.

Um belo cartão posta inglês antigo com um modelo de papel de uma Locomotiva, do site Tuck DB Postcards.

Link: London.Midland.&

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