Saturday, December 1, 2012

Shake The King Paper Toy - by Papermau - Download Now!


The pictures say it all: download this free paper toy and "Shake Your Own King!"

As imagens dizem tudo: baixe este paper toy gratuíto e "Shake Your Own King!"


An easy-to-build exclusive paper toy in only one sheet of paper.

Um paper toy exclusivo bem fácil de montar, em apenas uma folha de papel.


Download: Shake The King Paper Toy - by Papermau - Download Now!

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Christmas Time -Tree Ornaments Paper Models - by Canon - Enfeites De Natal


More some nice paper models of Christmas tree ornaments, by Japanese site Canon.

Mais alguns belos modelos de papel de enfeites para árvores de Natal, do site japonês Canon.

1 - Christmas-Tree Ornaments (Balls) -

2 - Christmas-Tree Ornaments (Socks) -

3 - Christmas-Tree Ornaments (Candies) -

4 - Christmas-Tree Ornaments (Presents) -

Christmas Time - Advent Calendar With Match Boxes Project - by Keep It Sweet Simple


A nice idea for Christmas in this page: a very-easy-to-build Advent Calendar made with match boxes, by Keep It Sweet Simple website.

Uma idéia muito legal e fácil de fazer para o Natal: um Calendário do Advento feito com caixas de fósforos, do site Keep It Sweet Simple.


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Silly Alien Automata Paper Toy - by World Up Side Down


Turn the handle and watch for bizarre alien face action. This funny and very unusual paper model automata was created by designer Sandrine, from World Up Side Down website.

Gire a manivela e assista as bizarras caretas do Alien. Este divertido e incomum paper toy automata foi criado pela designer Sandrine, do site World Up Side Down.


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Christmas Time - Cassini’s Terrestrial And Celestial Globes Decoration by Paper Pino


Christmas decoration versions of the famous Cassini’s Terrestrial and Celestial Globes, by Italian designer Paper Pino.

Os famosos Globo Terrestre e Globo Celestial de Cassini em versão natalina, do designer italiano Paper Pino.

Link: Christmas.Time.Cassini’

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Yamaha TZR 125 Motorcycle Paper Model - by Ginrei Mokei


A beautiful paper model of a Japanese motorcycle, the Yamaha TZR 125, in a realistic style, but even easy-to-build, by Ginrei Mokei Japanese website.

Um belo modelo de uma motocicleta Yamaha TZR 125, em um estilo realista e ainda assim, fácil de montar, do site japonês Ginrei Mokei.

Link to the model:

Link to instructions:

Link to Ginrei Mokei main page: Ginrei.Mokei.Japanese.Paper.Models.Main.Page

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Friday, November 30, 2012

Toxic Tetsuekigata Blood Type Papertoys - by Toxic Paper Factory Paper Toys Tipos Sangüíneos


Vicenç Lletí Alarte, designer of these coll paper toys, said: - "Some people thinks that blood type determine the personality of each one, Maybe they are right, but I think that all people have the same rights, and all people needs the same respect."

Vicenç Lletí Alarte, designer desses belos paper toys disse: - "Algumas pessoas pensam que o tipo sangüíneo determina a personalidade de cada um, talvez eles estejam certos, mas eu acredito que todas as pessoas têm os mesmos direitos, e todas as pessoas merecem o mesmo respeito."


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Christmas Time - Ivy Christmas Wreath Papercraft In Classic Style - by Canon

Download, cut and assembly this cool Christmas wreath in a classic style, to decorate your home. By Japanese site Canon.

Baixe, recorte e monte esta guirlanda de Natal em estilo clássico para decorar seu lar. Do site japonês Canon.


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1969`s Dodge Charger General Lee Paper Model - by Mike Daws


From Dukes of Hazzard, 80`s tv series, here is the legendary General Lee, in a cool paper version by British designer Mike Daws.

Do seriado dos anos 80 Dukes of Hazzard (no Brasil Os Gatões), eis aqui o lendário General Lee, numa bela versão em papel do designer britânico Mike Daws.

The Real Thing In Action


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Epson Nakashima Racers Mini Paper Helmets - by Epson


Two nice mini helmets with stand of the Japanese pilots Yuki Nakayama and Ryo Michigami, from Super GT500 Series` Epson Nakashima Team 2012.

Dois mini capacetes bem bacanas, com stand, dos pilotos da Super GT500 Series, da equipe Epson Nakashima 2012, Yuki Nakayama e Ryo Michigami.



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How To Train Your Dragon Paper Models - by HP Creative Studios

Model Assembled and Photo by  Wahnfried - via Kartonbau.De Forum

In the HP Creative Studios website you will find three nice little dragons from How To Train Your Dragon, by DreamWorks Studios.

Na página da HP Creative Studios você encontrará três pequenos dragões de papel da animação Como Treinar Seu Dragão, da DreamWorks.



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Ancient Czech Watchtower In 1/150 Scale - by Modely 32


A beautiful paper model of an Ancient Czech Watchtower In 1/150 Scale, by Czech designer T. Hobzik, from Modely 32 website.

Uma bela torre de observação Tcheca, em escala 1/150, criada pelo designer T. Hobzik, do site Modely 32.


Link: Ancient.Czech.Watchtower.In.1/

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Buddha Statue Paper Toy - by Paper 21st Century


A simple Buddha Statue in Paper Toy style, by japanese site Paper 21st Century. This model is 16 cm tall.

Uma simples estátua de Buda, em estilo Paper Toy, do site japonês Paper 21st Century. Este modelo mede 16 cm de altura.


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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Okami Amaterasu Paper Model In Chibi Style - by Lyrin-83


This cute paper model of a white wolf was created by Italian designer Lyrin-83. The Great Mother Okami Amaterasu, is the main character of Okami. Her name is often shortened to Ammy (by Issun). She is the white wolf the player controls, a reincarnation of Shiranui (who died shortly after defeating Orochi 100 years earlier).


Este belo modelo de papel de um filhote de lobo branco foi criado pela designer italiana Lyrin-83. A Grande Mãe Okami Amaterasu, é o personagem principal do videogame Okami. Seu nome é muitas vezes abreviado para Ammy . No jogo ela é uma loba branca que luta contra espíritos maléficos no Japão Feudal.


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Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon Paper Model - by Axial Papercraft


This cool paper model of the Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon, is from Axial Papercraft and was originally posted at Hobby Media, an Italian website.

Este modelo de papel bem legal do Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon é do Axial Papercraft e foi originalmente postado no site italiano Hobby Media.



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Calendar Of The Month Club Paper Toy - December - by Scout Creative


This is the calendar of November, by Scout Creative, themed Christmas, obviously.

Este é o calendário de novembro, por Scout Creative, com temática Natalina, obviamente.


Link: Calendar.Of.The

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MI-6 Soviet Helicopter Paper Model in 1/48 Scale - by Di-3

Model Designed, Assembled and Photo by DI-3 - via Kartombau.De Forum

MI-6 carrying a Mig Fighter
The Mil Mi-6 was a Soviet/Russian heavy transport helicopter designed by the Mil design bureau and built in large numbers for both military and civil roles.
The Mi-6 was first flown in September 1957. Getting this large vehicle in the air is no easy task; the Mi-6 has an enormous gearbox, heavier than its engines, and often uses short wings to relieve the load on the rotor in cruise. 
Not only was it for a long time the largest helicopter in the world, it was also the fastest with a speed of 300 km/h (190 mph). Its maximum load capacity is 12,000 kg.

The Real Thing

Inside the Cockpit of a MI-6
O Mil Mi-6 é um helicóptero que foi fabricado na Rússia na época do regime Soviético. 
Era um helicóptero de transporte pesado projetado pelo Bureau Soviético Mil e construído em grande número para ambas as funções, militar e civil. O Mi-6 voou pela primeira vez em setembro de 1957. 
Mantê-lo no ar não era uma tarefa fácil: o Mi-6 tinha uma caixa de engrenagens grande e era muito pesado para os seus motores. 
Não só foi durante muito tempo o maior helicóptero do mundo, mas também foi o mais rápido, com uma velocidade de 300 km. 
Sua capacidade de carga máxima era de 12.000 kg.

Link: MI-6.Soviet.Helicopter.Paper.Model.In.1/

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Winnie The Pooh And Friends Paper Toys - by Boxes Header Workshop


From Disney`s classic animation, here are Winnie the Pooh and his friends, in a cute paper toy version. These little paper toys were created by Malayan designer Steven-YKT, from Boxes Header Workshop.

Da cássica animação da Disney, eis aqui Winnie the Pooh e seus amigos, em uma fofa versão paper toy. Estes pequenos paper toys foram criados pelo designer malaio Steven-YKT, do site Boxes Header Workshop.


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Psy - Oppa Gangana Style Paper Toy - by Boxes Header Workshop


More one paper toy of the Korean popstar Psy, the mind behind the megahit Oppa Gangna Style. This paper toy was created by Malayan designer Steven-YKT, from Boxes Header Workshop.

Mais um paper toy do popstar coreano Psy, a mente por trás do megahit Oppa Gangna Style. Este paper toy foi criado pelo designer malaio Steven-YKT, do site Boxes Header Workshop.


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Italy 1944 Diorama Paper Model In 1/35 Scale - by Best Paper Models


This WW2 free paper model diorama in 1/35 scale includes: paved road with small Italian house with stairs, oil drum, boxes, posters, newspapers, road posts, maps. By Best Paper Models website.

Este diorama gratuíto de papel da Segunda Grande Guerra em escala 1/35 inclui: Base pavimentada com pequena casa italiana, escadas, latão de óleo, caixotes, posters, jornais, postes de rua e mapas. Do site Best Paper Models.

Link: Italy.1944.Diorama.Paper.Model.In.1/

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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Mini Paper Toys - by Gus Santome


New Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles mini paper toys, by designer Gus Santome.

Novos mini paper toys das Tartarugas Ninja, feitos pelo designer Gus Santome.


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Robot Princess Paper Toy - by Spoonful - Princesa Robô


I've posted many paper models of robots here on the blog, but a Princess Robot is the first time. From Spoonful educative website.

Eu já postei muitos modelos de papel de robôs aqui no blog, mas uma princesa robô é a primeira vez. Do site educativo Spoonful.

Link to the template:ô.Template

Link to instructions:ô.Instructions

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Mars Habitat Paper Model Diorama - by Mike Hungerford


Mike Hungerford, designer of this model says: - "This model represents the experimental Mars habitats constructed and manned by the Mars Society; it contains elements from both of the existing habitats, but is not meant to be an exact-scale model of either."

Mike Hungerford, designer deste modelo, diz: - Este modelo representa os habitats experimentais que poderiam ser usados em uma futura expedição tripulada à Marte, construídos pela Sociedade de Marte. Este modelo contém elementos de ambos os dois habitats existentes, mas não se destina a ser um modelo exato nem em escala de qualquer um deles.


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Astronaut Paper Model - by Julius Perdana - Paper Replika

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Citroen HY Juvinac Club Paper Model - by Bombard - via Le forum En Papier


Using as a basis a paper model of the original French designer Camille, the modeler Bombard, also from France, created this nice Citroen Hy Juvilac Club.

Usando como base um modelo original do designer francês Camille, o modelista Bombard, também da França, criou este simpático Citroen Hy Juvilac Club.



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Neiva T-25 FAB - Brazilian Aircraft Paper Model - by Clever Santoro - via Pepakura Gallery


A very well done paper model of the Brazilian Air Force `s Neiva T-25 aircraft, cretaed by Brazilian designer Clever Santoro, via Pepakura Gallery. To view and print this model you will nedd Pepakura Viewer Free Version (link at the end of this post).

Um modelo de papel muito bem feito de uma aeronave Neiva T-25, da Força Aérea Brasileira, criado pelo designer brasileiro Clever Santoro, via Pepakura Gallery. Para visualizar e imprimir este modelo você precisará do Pepakura viewer Versão Gratuíta (link no final deste post).


Link tot he model:

Link to Pepakura Viewer Free version: Pepakura.Viewer.Free.Version.Official.Page

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The Alan Rose DC-3 Paper Model - by Rubenandres77 - via Papermodelers

Pop Stars Paper Toys - by Popwee Paper Toys


Think about a pop star in evidence and probably you will find a paper toy of him/her in this site. All models are designed by Bruno Vilardi. Very nice!

Pense em um artista pop em evidência e provavelmente você encontrará um paper toy dele/dela neste site. todos os modelos são desenhados por Bruno Vilardi. Muito legal!


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Grenade Paper Model In 1/1 Scale - by Royaje Papercraft


A paper model of a grenade in 1/1 scale, by Indonesian designer Wong Hidayat, from Royaje & Daywong Papercraft. The model is without textures, but you can color it at your favorite image editor.

Um modelo de papel de uma granada, em escala 1/1, do designer indonésio Wong Hidayat, do site Royaje & Daywong Papercraft. O modelo está sem texturas, mas você pode colorí-lo no seu editor de imagens favorito.

Link: Grenade.Paper.Model.In.1/

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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The Ancient Byodoin Phoenix Hall Temple Paper Model
by S. Umekawa & PBS

Created by Japanese designers S. Umekawa and PBS exclusively for Canon website, here's a perfect paper model version of Byodoin Phoenix Hall, an ancient Japanese temple. 

The model is extremely detailed and takes up 28 sheets of paper. The instructions take up 14 sheets, so you can get an idea that this is not a model for beginner modellers or impatient people. Byodoin is a famous Japanese temple that has been listed as a World Heritage Site. 

The temple was originally built in the early years of the Heian period (794-1185), as a rural villa called "Uji-dono" for court noble Fujiwara no Michinaga. After his death, Michinaga's son Fujiwara no Norimichi inherited the villa, and in the seventh year of the Eisho period (1052) he turned the villa into a Buddhist temple which was then named "Byodoin."

In the following year, the Amida Hall was constructed to provide a place of eternal rest for Amida, the Buddha of Infinite Light and Life, and this hall still contains architectural works and Buddha statues made around 1000 years ago.

Criado pelos designers japoneses S. Umekawa e PBS exclusivamente para o site da Canon, eis aqui uma perfeita versão em papel do Byodoin Phoenix Hall, um antigo templo japonês.

O modelo é extremamente detalhado e ocupa 28 folhas de papel. As instruções ocupam 14 folhas, então você pode ter uma idéia de que esse não é um modelo para modelistas iniciantes ou pessoas impacientes. Byodoin é um famoso templo japonês que hoje é um Patrimônio Histórico Mundial. 

O templo foi construído originalmente nos primeiros anos do período Heian (794-1185), como uma casa de temporada chamada "Uji-dono" para a nobreza Fujiwara no Michinaga. Depois de sua morte, o filho de Michinaga, chamado Fujiwara no Norimichi herdou a vila, e transformou a casa em um templo budista que foi então chamado "Byodoin". 

Depois, a Câmara Amida foi construída para proporcionar um local de descanso eterno para Amida, o Buda da Luz Infinita e Vida. Ainda hoje esta sala possue obras arquitetônicas e estátuas de Buda feitas há cerca de 1000 anos atrás.

Ancient Byodoin Phoenix Hall - The Real Thing