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Giraffa Stag Beetle Paper Model - by Canon - Besouro Girafa


Scientific name: Prosopocoilus giraffa. Giraffa stag beetles are found in Nepal, Indochina, the Malay peninsula, Southern India, and Indonesia. Male Giraffa stag beetles are 48.5-118 mm in length; females measure 35.5-48.6 mm. Giraffa stag beetles are the largest stag beetles in the world. Giraffa stag beetles are currently divided into nine subspecies. The subspecies found in the Flores island (Indonesia) are especially popular due to their size, often growing to more than 110 mm. They have characteristic long jaws with bent tips, but due to their very length the actual pinching force exerted is weak. Giraffa means giraffe. - Canon


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Kiddo Costume Paper Toy Series - by Bamboogila`s Corner


Three cute paper toys of Kiddo Costume Series, by Indonesian website Banboogila`s Corner.

Três paper toys fofos da série Kiddo Costume Series, do designer indonésio Bamboogila.


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The Weekend Pic - 1911`s White-LKW Truck - by Horst DH / Bastelbogen Online


A beautiful paper model and a very well assembly of a 1911`s White-LKW German Truck, in 1/45 scale. This model of the photo was built by German modeler Horst DH and originally posted at Kartonbau.De Forum. If you want to build one, download it at Bastelbogen Online educational site.

Um belo modelo e também uma montagem muito bem feita de um Caminhão Alemão White-LKW, modelo 1911, na escala 1/45. O modelo da foto foi montado pelo modelista Horst DH e foi originalmente postado no Forum Kartombau.De. Se você quiser montar o seu, pode baixar os templates de graça no site educativo Bastelbogen Online.

Link to download the model: The.Weekend.Pic.1911`s.White.LKW.Truck.Bastelbogen.Online

Link to construction report: The.Weekend.Pic.1911`

About "The Weekend Pic" - It will always be an image of a free model, built by a designer found in forums, blogs or sites around the Net. I would like to ask the cooperation of all friends of the blog to indicate some models for this weekly post. The only requirement: the model needs to be freely distributed and there must be a link to this assembly or construction report.

Sobre "The Weekend Pic" - Será sempre uma imagem de um modelo gratuíto, construída por um designer achado ao acaso em foruns, blogs ou sites ao redor da Net. Eu gostaria de pedir a colaboração de todos para indicar modelos para este post semanal. A única exigência : o modelo tem que ser de livre distribuição e tem que haver um link para esta montagem, de preferência com fotos de várias etapas da montagem.

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Easy Pop-Up Castle For Kids - by Cartoon Sketching

A really nice papercraft project for kids: an easy-to-build Pop-Up Castle, with templates to download. 

This cool project is offered by Cartoon Sketching website.

Um projeto em papercraft muito bacana para crianças: um Castelo em Estilo Po-Up bem fácil de montar e com os templates prontos para imprimir. 

Oferecido pelo site educativo Cartoon Sketching.


Shulman`s Market 1941 Vignette - by Papermau - Some Advances

Here are some advances of the Shulman`s Market 1941 Vignette.

Aqui alguns avanços no Shulman`s Market 1941 Vignette.


PhotobucketAbout Shulman`s Market:

This is little vignette that I intend to do based in
this beautifull and full of life and color photo, taked by Mrs. Louise Rosskam in 1941. The original slide of this image is now at the Library of Congress of the United States of America.

Esta é uma vinheta que pretendo fazer baseada nesta belíssima foto, cheia de cor e vida tirada pela fotógrafa Louise Rosskam, em 1941. O slide original desta foto encontra-se hoje nos arquivos da Biblioteca do Congresso dos Estados Unidos da América.

Shulman's Market 1941 - Photo by Louise Rosskam



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Porsche 911 GT3 Paper Car In SD Style - by Koki


Here is the Porsche 911 GT3 paper car, in a funny SD style (super deformed), created by Japanese designer Koki, via Pepakura Gallery. To view and download this model you will need Pepakura Viewer Free Version (link at the end of this post).

Eis aqui o Porsche 911 GT3, em uma divertida versão SD (super deformada). Este modelo foi criado pelo designer japonês Koki. Para visualizar e imprimir este modelo você precisará do Pepakura viewer Versão Gartuíta (link no final deste post).


Link to the download the model:

Link to Pepakura Viewer Free version: Pepakura.Viewer.Free.Version.Official.Page

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Hulmet Paper Toys In Cubic Style- by Justus Product


Four coll cubic style paper toys, by Indonesian designer Zakane, from Justus Product website.

Quatro paper toys bem legais em estilo cúbico criados pelo designer indonésio Zakane, do site Justus Product.


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Make Your Own Pirate Tricorn Hat Papercraft - by Disney Family Go - Chapéu De Pirata


A very detailed tutorial showing how to make the Jack Sparrow`s Tricorn Hat, from Pirates of the Caribbean. By Disney Family Go website. Nice for Cosplayers.

Um tutorial muito bem detalhado mostrando como fazer o famoso Chapéu de Três Pontas de Jack Sparrow, do filme Piratas do Caribe. Do site Disney Family Go. Perfeito para Cosplayers.


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Tachibana Kanade Paper Doll - by Ani Papercraft - Boneca Estilo Anime


One of the most beautiful works by Russian designer Btt Modeler, this is Tachibana Kanade paper doll, in Sonic Blade version.

Um dos mais belos trabalhos do designer russo Btt Modeler, esta é Tachibana Kanade, na versão Sonic Blade.

Link to download the model:

Link to Photo Gallery:

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Ford Escort Paper Car - by PaperSlotCar - Carro De Autorama


An easy-to-build paper model of a Ford Escort paper car, by PaperSlotCar website. You can assemble this model entirely on paper or you can use the body with chassis of slot cars.

Um modelo de papel de um Ford Escort, fácil de montar, do site brasileiro PaperSlotCar. Você pode montar esse carrinho inteiramente em papel ou usar a carroceria com chassis de carros de autorama/slotcar.



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Final Fantasy - Yuna Paper Doll - by Ace Crafts


By German designer Ace, from Ace Crafts/The Last In Line, here is Yuna Paper Doll, from Final Fantasy videogame.

Do designer alemão Ace, do site Ace Crafts/The Last In Line, eis Yuna, do videogame Final Fantasy.


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The Old Russia Vintage Papercraft Diorama - by Encyclopedia Homeschoolica


"Who doesn’t love a good diorama? This is one we made today using a French template from 1934 - “La Vieille Russie” or “The Old Russia” (via pillpat). Print, cut and enjoy!" - Encyclopedia Homeschoolica


Quem não gosta de belo diorama? Este foi feito usando um modelo francês de 1934 - "La Vieille Russie", ou "A Velha Russia" (via pillpat). Imprima, corte e bom divertimento!" - Encyclopedia Homeschoolica


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Medieval Dagger Of Mehrunes Dagon Paper Model - by Corbak - Adaga Medieval


A nice paper model of a dagger, in 1/1 scale from Elder Scrolls V videogame, created by French designer Corbak, from Corbak Papercraft website. Perfect for Cosplayers or just to decorate your wall.

Um modelo de papel bem legal de uma adaga, em escala 1/1, do jogo de videogame Elder Scrolls V. Este modelo foi criado pelo designer Corbak, do site Corbak Papercraft. Perfeito para Cosplayers ou apenas para decorar sua parede.



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Sakagami Tomoyo Paper Doll - by Ani Papercraft - Boneca Em Estilo Anime

Model Assembled and Photo by Rino

Another beautiful paper doll in Anime style, by Russian designer Btt Modeler, from Ani Papercraft.

Outra bela boneca de papel em estilo Anime, do designer russo Btt Modeler, do site Ani Papercraft.

Link to download page:

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1928`s Dutch Airport Diorama Paper Model - by Noorderlicht

The paper model in question depicts the Schiphol Airport as it was in the 1920s and was created in 2003 by Dutch designer and architect Rob Bosman Frank Foole, from Noorderlicht Architekten website. 

The scale is not clear, but based only on the templates, I would venture to say it's approximately 1/250 scale, but it's just a guess. 

The construction of the Schiphol Airport began in 1916 as a military airfield and evolved into a significant international hub. Its construction and expansion took place over decades, enduring wars and economic challenges. 

In 1967, the new terminal was inaugurated, marking a milestone in airport modernization. The increase in air traffic led to the construction of larger runways and facilities, including a tall control tower in 1991. 

Schiphol innovated by incorporating elements that would become common in airports worldwide, such as commerce, art, and culture for passengers. 

The construction of the additional runway, known as Polderbaan, and the creation of the Airport Library are notable milestones in its evolution. 

To find the templates with the pieces and instructions for the papercraft, when you visit the website, take note of the numbering just below the only photo on the page, which displays the actual airport: the templates can be found at link 7.

O modelo de papel em questão retrata o Aeroporto de Schiphol tal qual ele era na década de 1920 e foi criado em 2003 pelo designer e arquiteto holandês Rob Bosman Frank Foole, do site Noorderlicht Architekten. 

A escala não está clara, mas baseando-me apenas nos templates, arrisco dizer que esteja em uma escala aproximada de 1/250, mas é apenas um palpite. 

A construção do Aeroporto de Schiphol teve início em 1916 como campo de aviação militar e se transformou em um importante hub internacional. Sua construção e expansão ocorreram ao longo de décadas, passando por guerras e desafios econômicos. 

Em 1967, o novo terminal foi inaugurado, sendo considerado um marco na modernização dos aeroportos. O aumento do tráfego aéreo levou à construção de pistas e instalações maiores, incluindo uma torre de controle alta em 1991. 

O Schiphol inovou acrescentando sempre mais coisas que se tornariam comuns em aeroportos em todo o mundo, incorporando comércio, arte e cultura para os passageiros. 

A construção da Polderbaan, uma pista adicional, e a criação da Biblioteca do Aeroporto são marcos notáveis em sua evolução. 

Para achar os templates com as peças e instruções para o papercraft, quando visitar o website, repare na numeração logo abaixo da única foto da página, que mostra o aeroporto real: os templates se encontram no link 7.


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Dookie-Poo Lounge Paper Toy Diorama - by Many Galan


"Designed and created by Dookie-Poo's creator Manny Galan, the Dookie Lounge Paper Diorama set includes his swinging single lounger on scarlet-velvet, a faux-tiger-stripe carpet to roll around in" ... - read more and download this cool and very original diorama at Toys R Evil website.

Dookie Poo Lounge Diorama é uma criação do designer Manny Galan. Baixe este modelo bem legal e muito original no site Toys R Evil.


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Where Is My Water Paper Models - by Disney Family Go


Several nice paper models of Where Is My Water, the famous Android platform game, by Disney Family Go website.

Vários modelos de papel do jogo Where Is My Water, da plataforma Android, do site Disney Family Go.


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Kenwhort K100 Truck Paper Model In 1/100 Scale - by Minimodel.Cz


A little, but detailed paper model of a Kenwhort K100 Truck, in 1/100 scale, by Czech website Minimodel.Cz. It is a little smaller than a Hot Wheels.

Um pequeno, mas detalhado modelo de papel de um caminhão Kenwhort K100, na escala 1/100, do site tcheco Minimodel.Cz. Ele é um pouco menor que um modelo da Hot Wheels.

Link: Kenwhort.K100.Truck.Paper.Model.In.1/100.Scale.byMinimodel.Cz

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Royal Hellenic Navy Armored Cruiser Georgios Averoff - by MegaMoonLiner


Every time my friend MegaMoonLiner launches a new model, he kindly let me know about it and I really appreciate it. Thanks, MegaMoonLiner! Georgios Averoff is a Greek warship which served as the flagship of the Royal Hellenic Navy during most of the first half of the 20th Century. Although popularly known as a battleship , it is in fact an armored cruiser, and one of a handful of such ships still in existence – the others being the protected cruisers Aurora and USS Olympia. - Wikipedia


Toda vez que meu amigo MegaMoonLiner lança um modelo, ele gentilmente me avisa e eu realmente aprecio isto. Muito obrigado, MegaMoonLiner! Georgios Averoff é um navio encouraçado grego, que serviu sob a bandeira da Marinha Real Helênica durante a primeira metade do Século XX. Embora seja conhecido como um "navio de guerra", na verdade ele é um cruzador blindado e é um dos poucos de sua classe ainda existentes, juntamente com os cruzadores de escolta Aurora e USS Olympia. - Wikipedia

The Real Thing


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1961`s Toyota Publica Paper Car - by Gazoo


PhotobucketThe Toyota Publica was a small car manufactured by the Japanese automaker Toyota from 1961 to 1978. Conceived as a family car to fulfil the requirements of the "national car concept", it was the smallest Toyota car during that period and was superseded in that role by the Toyota Starlet, which itself started out as a version of the Publica. It was available as a 2-door vehicle only, but in a selection of body styles, ranging from the base sedan through a station wagon, convertible, coupé and even a pickup, which outlived the other models by a decade, and spawned other models, such as the Toyota Sports 800 or Toyota MiniAce. - Wikipedia

Link: 1961`

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Ancient Books Paper Models - by Corbak - Livros Antigos


A very original and well done paper model of the "Book Of The Child Dragon", from videogame "The Elder Scrolls 5 - Skyrim". This nice paper model was created by designer Corbak and you can change textures using Pepakura Viewer Free Version.


Um modelo bem original e bem feito do "Book Of The Child Dragon", livro pertencente ao jogo de videogame "The Elder Scrolls 5 - Skyrim". Este belo modelo de papel foi criado pelo designer corbak e você ainda pode mudar as texturas usando o Pepakura Viewer Versão Gratuíta.


Link to the model:

Link to textures:

Link to Pepakura Viewer Free Version: Pepakura.Viewer.Free.Version.Official.Page

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