Tuesday, August 21, 2012

H-2A Japanese Rocket Paper Model - by Canon - Foguete Japonês


"The first all-Japanese rocket. Developed using technologies obtained through the development of H-II, this is one of the world's most powerful rockets, used to launch satellites for cellular phone networks, the Internet, meteorological information gathering, and vehicle navigation. Test flights of the H-IIA 1, which features a diameter of 4 m and total height of 53 m, were completed successfully in August 2001, followed shortly thereafter by full-scale launching of artificial satellites. The H-IIA 9 was successfully launched in February 2006". - Canon

O primeiro foguete totalmente projetado e construído pelos japoneses. Este é um dos foguetes nmais potentes já fabricados, usado para lançar satélites para telefonia celular, internet e pesquisas metereológicas. O HIIA-9 foi lançado com sucesso em fevereiro de 2006.

Link: H.2A.Japanese.Rocket.Paper.Model.by.Canon

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