Saturday, February 18, 2012

New Wagons HO Scale - by Projekt Bastelbogen - Vagões Em Escala Ho


New models by Boris, from Projekt Bastelbogen, one of the most nice German sites about paper models. Now, Boris give to us some passenger wagons.

Novos modelos de Boris, do site Projekt Bastelbogen, um dos sites alemães mais legais sobre papelmodelismo de toda a net. Agora Boris nos presenteia com alguns vagões de passageiros.



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Four Mini Japanese Paper Vehicles - by Aichikikai - Mini Veículos Japoneses


Here four mini vehicles from Japan. They are easy-to-build models, in just one page and with very nice textures. I will build all to put in my shelf.

Eis aqui quatro modelos de mini veículos japoneses bem fáceis de montar e em apenas uma folha de papel cada um. E as texturas são muito bem feitas. Esses eu vou montar e colocar na minha estante.


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Star Wars` Snowtrooper Papercraft - by Noturno Sukhoi


Stormtroopers In Action
Snowtroopers, also known as cold assault stormtroopers, were Imperial Stormtroopers trained to operate in arctic climates. Some snowtroopers were deployed under Death Squadron's Blizzard Force, as well as other arctic forces.
The snowtroopers were the successors of the clone cold assault troopers and the Galactic Marines under Clone Commanders Keller and Bacara, respectively, during the Clone Wars. -

Snowtroopers, também conhecidos como cold assault stormtroopers são Stormtroopers Imperiais treinados para combate em climas árticos. -



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Morcs From "The Lightclan Chronicles" Paper Craft - by Julius Perdana / Paper Replika


Julius says: -"This guy who is riding a pumpkin trike is a Morcs... is from a graphical novel project called RIA - The Lightclan Chronicles created by Thorsten Kiecker. This paper craft is a commissioned project from STENARTS more than a year ago for a comic exhibition in Germany, now we make this paper craft template available for free".

Julius diz: - " Este carinha dirigindo um triciclo de abóbora é um Morcs... ele é personagem de um projeto de quadrinhos chamado RIA - The Lightclan Chronicles, criado por Thorsten Kiecker. Este papercraft é um trabalho comissionado da Stenarts feito há mais de um ano para uma feira de quadrinhos na Alemanha e agora nós liberamos este modelo para download gratuíto".


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Friday, February 17, 2012

Ghostbusters Ecto 1 Paper Car - by Paper Inside - Carro Dos Caça-Fantasmas

Model Assembled and Photos by Paper Inside

A really cool model of Ecto 1, the Ghostbusters` vehicle from 1984 movie. It is a great work of Claudio Dias, a Brazilian designer who share your models in Paper Inside webpage.

Um belíssimo modelo do Ecto 1, do filme Os Caça-Fantasmas, de 1984. Este é um trabalho do designer brasileiro Cláudio Dias, que compartilha seus modelos generosamente em seu site, Paper Inside.

The Real Thing
The vehicle used for the Ecto-1 was a 1959 Cadillac professional chassis, built by the Miller-Meteor company. The ambulance/hearse combination was the end loader variety. Dr. Ray Stantz found the vehicle shortly after he mortgaged his mother's house to buy the Firehouse. Because of his mechanical skills, he was able to repair the vehicle, which he acquired for $4,800 (a rather large sum at the time for a used vehicle in such disrepair - equal to about $9,800 in 2008 dollars).
After repair, the vehicle had quite a unique character. It became a well-recognized symbol for the Ghostbusters franchise, both in the film itself, and in real life. The vehicle had enough room in it to store Proton Packs for all of the crew, along with Ecto Goggles', P.K.E. Meters, and a slew of Traps. -



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MetLife Building + Grand Central Terminal - by Tim01ny - via Scale Model Sketchup


A nice model in 1/1700 scale, by Tim01ny, via Scale Model Sketchup: the MetLife Building + Grand Central Terminal.

um belo modelo em escala 1/1700, feito por Tim01ny,, via Scale Model Sketchup: o MetLife Building + Grand Central Terminal.



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Budweiser Beer Wagon Paper Model - by Cut And Fold - Carroça Da Budweiser


A little model, but a lo t of fun to build. Here is the Budweiser Beer Wagon, by Dave, from Cut And Fold.

Um pequeno modelo, mas que vai lhe render um bom par de horas divertidas para montá-lo. Eis a Carroça da Budweiser, feita por Dave, do site Cut And Fold.



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Jar Box Papercraft - by Paper Matrix - Jarra De Papel

Model Assembled and Photos by  Paper Matrix

This is a work for people with lots of patience, but once done, you see this beautiful jar worth the time spent.

Este é um trabalho para pessoas com muita paciência, mas depois de pronto, você vê que este belo jarro vale o tempo despendido.



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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Rock`n`Roll Circus - Nirvana Kombi - by Papermau


I was 24 years old when Kurt Cobain finished himself. I worked in a shop and that morning, reading a tabloid ( a blood newspaper called Notícias Populares), I saw the notice: Kurt Cobain puts a bullet in his head! I will not judge the man and also not going to praise his work, but I was 24 at that time, and I loved listening to Nirvana on my old vinyl player - that's right, you did not misread - in 1994 it was still common to buy music in vinyl albums , or Long-plays (LPs). I still hear my old vinyl records on a Crosley player. For me, there is no comparison between a vinyl and CD. Vynil wins! But I am an old guy...

I want to make clear that this papercraft is a model avaliable for free! Int the .rar file there are no music or any other kind of material related to Nirvana, only a paper model made ​​by a fan to be shared with those who love Nirvana. I say this because I have had problems with some of the bands homenageads with this type of paper model.




Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

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Munchkin Cat Papercraft - by Canon - North-American Short Legs`Cat


PhotobucketThe Munchkin is a breed of cat known for its noticeably short legs. It was recognized as a breed following a breeding program that began with a kitten in Louisiana, America, that had been born with unusually short legs due to a genetic mutation.
It has a semi-cobby (compact, muscular and heavy boned) body type, a straight tail, and a heart-shaped face. There are both short-haired and long-haired munchkin cats.
 The Munchkin is a cheerful and curious breed of cat, which settles easily with humans, making it great as a pet.- Canon

Photobucket Munchkin é uma raça de gatos conhecida por suas pernas visivelmente curtas. Foi reconhecida como uma raça seguindo um programa de criação de novas raças que começou com um gatinho na Louisiana, Estados Unidos, que havia nascido com as pernas bem curtas devido a uma mutação genética. Tem um corpo compacto, musculoso e de ossatura pesada, uma cauda reta, e a carinha em forma de coração. Existem dois tipos de gatos Munchkin: de pêlo curto e de pêlo longo. O Munchkintem uma personalidade alegre e curiosa, convive bem com os humanos e é considerado uma ótima opção de animal de estimação. - Canon


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The Muppet Theater Playset - by Disney Family - O Teatro De Papel Dos Muppets


A very nice paper theater for the kids: The Muppet Theater Playset. Mount this theater with your kids and encourage them to create stories with the characters of Muppets.

Um teatro de papel muito legal para as crianças: O Teatro Dos Muppets. Monte este pequeno teatro com as suas crianças e incentive-as a inventar histórias com os personagens dos Muppets.


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Lord Of The Rings - Minas Tirith Paper Castle - by Storm The Castle

An incredible project by Will, from Storm the Castle site.

Um incrível projeto, de Will, do site Storm The Castle.


Will says: - "This is a nice little paper castle project and I give you just about everything you need. It is all included in a downloadable booklet. This is a fun project that you should be able to do in a couple of hours. The big thing is what type of paper you print it on. If you have 110 lb index paper that would be best. You can put that in your printer and then print up and put it all together".


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Hot Rod With Interior - by Billsport Junior

Model Assembled  and Photos by Papermau

Here a cool model of a Hot Rod, by German site Billsport Junior. I made a simple interior to this model and put to download via Le Forum En Papier, for those who want to build it.

Eis aqui um Hot Rod muito legal, do site alemão Billsport Junior. Eu fiz um interior para esse modelo e o coloquei para download no Le Forum En Papier, para aqueles que quiserem detalhar um pouco esse belo carrinho.

Direct link to download the Hot Rod:

Link to the Interior of the Hot Rod: Interior.For.Hot.Rod.via.Le.Forum.En.Papier

Link to Billsport Junior Main Page: Billsport.Junior.Paper.Cars

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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Vintage Advertising Truck - by Agence Eureka - Caminhão Antigo

A vintage French truck, made to promote a glass cleaner company. model preserved and offered by Patricia Eureka, from Agence Eureka.

Um antigo caminhãozinho de papel da França, para promover uma marca de limpa-vidros. Modelo preservado e ofertado por Patricia Eureka, do site Agence Eureka.

Model Assembled and Photo by Agence Eureka

Link to this model:

Link to Agence Eureka site: Agence.Eureka.Vintage.Paper.Models.Main.Page

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Australian Paper Animals - by Power House Museum - Animais Australianos


Beautiful and easy-to-build animals, a perfect project for kids or school works, by Australian site Power House Museum.

Bonitos e fáceis de montar, esses animais de papel são perfeitos para projetos escolares ou para as crianças brincarem. Do site australiano Power house Museum.



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Flower Class Corvette Diorama Paper Model - by Oliver Bizer - Navio De Guerra

A model of German designer Oliver Bizer is unique. Every Olli`s model has a very personal style. This Flower Class Corvette is a great example of his style.

Um modelo do designer alemão Oliver Bizer é sempre único. Cada modelo de Olli tem um estilo muito pessoal. Esta Corveta é um bom exemplo deste estilo.



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Brazilian Bus MB O-326 Oriental - Rio De Janeiro - by Ronaldo M - Ônibus Carioca


A perfect transposition of the real thing to the paper thing: an old Brazilian bus MB O-326 Oriental, that operates in Rio de Janeiro. Complete, with detailed interior, an incredible model by Brazilian designer Ronaldo M.


Uma perfeita transposição do modelo real para o papel: um antigo ônibus MB O-326 Oriental, que opera, ou operava no Rio de Janeiro. Completo, com interior detalhado, é mais um trabalho incrível do designer brasileiro Ronaldo M.



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Snow Miku Paper Doll Anime Style - by Moekami


More one stunning paper doll, now Snow Miku, by Japanese designer Moekami.

Mais uma boneca de papel deslumbrante: Snow Miku, do designer japonês Moekami.


Link to download the model:

Link to photos of the model:

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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Garage Diorama Paper Model In 1/32 Scale - by Carrera For Fun


A cool paper model diorama with great textures, in 1/32 scale, by German site Carrera For Fun. Perfect for Slot Cars.

Um modelo de papel muito bem feito, com ótimas perfeitas, em escala 1/32, do site alemão Carrera For Fun. Perfeito para carros de autorama (slot cars).



link: Garage.Diorama.In.1/

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Indy 500`s Kelley Racing 32 Paper Car - by Daisey Designs


Here is the Kelley Racing 32, drived by Tony Renna in 2003`s Indy 500 season, by Daisey Designs.

Eis aqui o bólido Kelley Racing 32, pilotado por Tony Renna, na temporada de da Indy 500 de 2003.

Link: Indy.500`

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Smash Monster Rampage Board Game - by SmashMonsterBoardGame


A nice board game, complete, for free! Just download and build yours!

Um jogo de tabuleiro bem legal, completinho, e de graça! Baixe e monte o seu!

Judging From The Face Of  These Guys It Seems That This Game Is Really Fun...


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Valentine`s Day Pixely Pop-Up Card - by Minieco - Cartão Pop-Up Dia Dos Namorados


Simple and Beautiful! - with a very well done tutorial with photos! - by Kate X, from Minieco.

Simples e Bonito! - com um tutorial com fotos muito bem feito! - by Kate X, do site Minieco.


link: Valentine`

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BMW Mini Cooper Paper Car - by Paper Models Online


The Real Thing
Mini (styled as MINI) is a British automotive marque owned by BMW which specialises in small cars.
Mini originated as a specific vehicle, a small car originally known as the Morris Mini-Minor and the Austin Seven, launched by the British Motor Corporation in 1959, and developed into a brand encompassing a range of small cars, including the Clubman, Traveller and Moke.
The original two-door Mini continued in production until 2000.
Development of a successor began in 1995 and the new generation car was launched in 2001.
The current Mini range includes the Hardtop/Hatch, Clubman (estate), Convertible, Countryman (crossover) and Coupe. - Wikipedia

1959 Morris Mini-Minor
MINI é tanto o nome de uma subsidiária da BMW, quanto o nome do modelo por ela produzido.
Sua proposta é de estilo "retro", inspirada no Mini original que foi produzido pela British Motor Corporation e seus sucessores de 1959 a 2000.
A fim de distinguir o novo modelo do antigo, o novo modelo passou a se denominar MINI (com letras maiúsculas). Em 1959, a British Motor Corporation dividiu seu carro com as marcas Innocenti, Austin Motor Company, Rover e Morris. - Wikipedia


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