Friday, February 17, 2012

Jar Box Papercraft - by Paper Matrix - Jarra De Papel

Model Assembled and Photos by  Paper Matrix

This is a work for people with lots of patience, but once done, you see this beautiful jar worth the time spent.

Este é um trabalho para pessoas com muita paciência, mas depois de pronto, você vê que este belo jarro vale o tempo despendido.



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  1. Fala Mauth como anda a vida ?!
    cuida só você sabe onde encontro papers de ruas com calçadas para usar com miniaturas 28mm estou procurando isso faz horas mas anda bem dificil de encontrar os predios ja concegui no tommys gun mas as ruas ta dificil se tiver ideia posta ai
    ´te mais

  2. Papermatrix work is beautiful; precise and intricate - just keep in mind that "PATIENCE is a virtue" if you want to create one of their paper wonders (as stated by Papermau & me)! I have all their books; I have watched many, many "how tos"; have created numerous, sort of, want to be, Papermatrix lovelies. If you decide to create one please don't give up. Keep trying. This takes many throw away trials to get the hang of it. Just work a bit; set it aside and come back to it. Think of it as learning a new "paper sculpture language". My final pieces are far from perfect but I feel really proud that I am trying.

    1. Hello, Mariprice,

      Thanks for your visit and your kind words. I agree with all you said. Papermatrix is a point out of the curve.

      Greetings from Brazil!