Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Garage Diorama Paper Model In 1/32 Scale - by Carrera For Fun


A cool paper model diorama with great textures, in 1/32 scale, by German site Carrera For Fun. Perfect for Slot Cars.

Um modelo de papel muito bem feito, com ótimas perfeitas, em escala 1/32, do site alemão Carrera For Fun. Perfeito para carros de autorama (slot cars).



link: Garage.Diorama.In.1/32.Scale.by.Carrera.For.Fun

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  1. Hello! I love your works! they are AMAZING!. i do wonder, can 1/32 scale models be resized for 1/64 scale ? i ask because i do a lot of 1/64 scale diorama and collecting ;) i d o not understand the ways you create these works of art! i know this is a long shot but you cannot gain if you do not ask right?

    1. Good morning, unknown friend,

      Thanks for your nice words! Yes, you can resize 1/32 to 1/64, just printing in 50% of the original size (just configure your printer to do it). If you want some tips how to start design your own models, please write to my e-mail and I will try explain my method, that is very simple, in fact.:


      Thanks for the visit and greetings from BRazil!


    2. thank you for the kind words! i would like to learn how these are done. the right way ;) there are many people who have made many wonderful things. but in recent times besides you, there is little i can find on the free side. so much to sort thru so many languages and sizes ;) but making them like you do? i cannot even start ! ;)