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Star Wars - Anakin / Darth Vader Paper Toy - by Star Wars.Com


A nice Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader paper toy with removable helmet, by Star Wars official website.

Um paper toy bem legal do Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader, com capacete removível, lá do site Star Wars.Com.



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Formula Nipon 2012 Nakajima Racing Paper Car - by Epson


A perfect recriation in paper of the Formula Nipon 2012. Download this free paper model at Epson Nakajima Racing website.


Uma recriação perfeita do Formula Nipon 2012. Baixe esse paper model gratuíto no site da Epson Nakajima Racing.



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Nyan Cat Machine - Automata Papercraft - by Ddi7i4d - via DeviantArt


This nice automata paper model was created by German designer Ddi7i4d. You can download this free papercraft with detailed instructions at Ddi7i4d`s page at DeviantArt.

Este belo modelo de papel estilo automata foi feito pelo designer alemão Ddi7i4d. Você pode baixar este belo modelo com instruções detalhadas na página de Ddi7i4d no DeviantArt.


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Foodland Rock`N`Roll Band Paper Toys - by UOL


Two cool paper toys by Foodland Rock`N`Roll Band, from Brazilian website UOL: San, the Baterist and Vina, The Sausage Guitarrist.

Dois personagens da Foodland Rock`N`Roll Band, do site brasileiro UOL: San, A Baterista e Vina, a Salsicha Guitarrista.




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This Is Not Paper, But... - How To Make A Ship In A Bottle - by Storm The Castle

Model Assembled and Photo by Storm The Castle

I already post here the boat in a lamp, so now here is the the definitive post that shows all the secrets of how to make a ship in a bottle, step by step. This cool tutorial was made by Will, from Storm The Castle website.

Eu já postei aqui o Boat In A Lamp / Barco Na Lâmpada, então agora eis aqui o post definitivo que mostra todos os segredos de como se fazer um Barco Na Garrafa, detalhadamente. Este tutorial muito bacana foi feito pelo Will, do site Storm The Castle.

Link:  More It Is Not Paper, But... and other Unusual related posts: It Is Not Paper, But... - Make Your Own Boat In A Lamp - by Msolek - via Instructables  Giant Papercraft Scultures In Ecuador - via - Esculturas Gigantes De Papel Do Equador  It Is Not Paper, But... - Scott Weaver Toothpick Art - via Shangrala Family Fun  House Made From Matches - by English Russia - Casa De Fósforos

Times Square Diorama Paper Model - by Aurélien - via Le Forum En Papier


A beautiful diorama of the famous New York spot, the Times Square. This nice paper model was created by French designer Aurélien and was originally posted at Le Forum En Papier.

Um bonito diorama da famosa Times Square, em Nova Iorque. Este modelo em papel foi feito pelo designer francês Aurélien e foi originalmente postado no Le Forum En Papier.

Link:élien. via.Le.Forum.En.Papier

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The Weekend Pic - Yamaha YZR M1 Valentino Rossi - by René Pinos / Filbug


A stunnimg custom model made by French designer Filburg, from Le Forum En Papier, under an original model by Yamaha and a great building by German modeler René Pinos, from Kartombau.De Forum.

Um belíssimo modelo texturizado pelo designer francês Filburg, do Le Forum En Papier, e uma montagem perfeita feita pelo modelista alemão René Pinos, do Forum Kartombau.De.

Link to the model:

Link to construction report:

About "The Weekend Pic" - It will always be an image of a free model, built by a designer found in forums, blogs or sites around the Net. I would like to ask the cooperation of all friends of the blog to indicate some models for this weekly post. The only requirement: the model needs to be freely distributed and there must be a link to this assembly or construction report.

Sobre "The Weekend Pic" - Será sempre uma imagem de um modelo gratuíto, construída por um designer achado ao acaso em foruns, blogs ou sites ao redor da Net. Eu gostaria de pedir a colaboração de todos para indicar modelos para este post semanal. A única exigência : o modelo tem que ser de livre distribuição e tem que haver um link para esta montagem, de preferência com fotos de várias etapas da montagem.

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WW2`s Aircraft Buildings in 1/144 Scale - by Kampfgruppe144


A great collection of WW2 aircraft buildings, for RPG Games or Dioramas or School Works, by Kampfgruppe144 website.


Uma grande coleção de prédios da Segunda Grande Guerra, para se construir aeródromos militares. Perfeitos para dioramas, jogos de RPG ou trabalhos escolares. Do site Kampfgruppe144.


Link: WW2`

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Another Jack Sparrow Raving Rabbids Style - by Paper Juke


Here is another Jack Sparrow Raving Rabbids Style, but with better shapes, by Paper Juke.

Aqui, maiu um Jack Sparrow Raving Rabbids Style, mas com as formas mais arredondadas, melhoradas, do designer Paper Juke.


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Friday, July 13, 2012

Rock`n`Roll Circus - Today Is International Day Of Rock! - Hoje É O Dia Mundial Do Rock!

Today, July, 13, a Friday 13 here in Brazil, is the International Day Of Rock! So, to celebrate, here are some Rock`n`Roll paper models posted in the blog along the last year:

Hoje, 13 de julho, uma sexta-feira 13 aqui no Brasil, é o dia Mundial do Rock!Então, para comemorar, deixo aqui alguns modelos de papel com temática Rock`n`Roll:

Link: Rock`n`Roll Circus - Led Zeppelin Kombi - by Papermau

Link: Rock`n`Roll Circus - Kiss Kombi - by Papermau

Link: Rock`n`Roll Circus - Ramones Kombi - by Papermau


Link: Rock`n`Roll Circus - Kiss - Hako Style - by Homespun Magixx

Link: Rock`n`Roll Circus -The Beatles Paper Models - by Toy-a-day

Link: Rock`n`Roll Circus - Nirvana Kombi - by Papermau

Link: Rock`n`Roll Circus -Slash Paper Toy - by Paper Krap

Link: Rock`n`Roll Circus - The Beatles Kombi - Early Years - by Papermau

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Rock`n`Roll Circus - The Beatles - by Julius Perdana - Paper Replika

Gondola Papercraft From Super Mario Sunshine - by Corbak


A nice gondola paper model from super Mario Sunshine videogame, made by French designer Corbak.

Um belo modelo de gôndola tirado do jogo de videogame Super Mario Sunshine, feito pelo designer francês Corbak.



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Vintage Gas Station And Joe`s Garage Built by NWRR

Models Assembled and Photos by NWRR

A Nice Close 
Surfing on Google I found this beautiful assembly of the Vintage Gas Station along with Joe `s Garage, in the German forum Der Lustige Modellbauer. This beautiful building was made by the modeler NWRR. In the end of this post you will find the link to the original post by NWRR, and also the links to download these two original paper model models.

Surfando no Google eu encontrei essa bela montagem do Vintage Gas Station junto com o Joe`s Garage, no forum alemão Der Lustige Modellbauer. Essa bela construção foi feita pelo modelista NWRR. No final deste post você encontra o link para o post original de NWRR e também os links para baixar estes dois modelos originais.


Link to NWRR`s original post: Vintage.Gas.Station.And.Joe`

Link to Vintage Gas Station:!

Link to Joe`s Garage: Joe`!

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Brazilian Abandoned House - Assembled by Bosco

Greek-Roman Ruins - Assembled by Bosco - via Le Forum En Papier

Castle Ruins Diorama - Assembled by Sam Wise

VB2L Panhard PL127 In 1/24 Scale -by Paper-Panhard


A very well done model of a military vehicle, the PANHARD PL127, in 1/24 scale, by French designer Paper-Panhard.

Um veículo militar em escala 1/24, muito bem feito, o PANHARD PL127, feito pelo designer francês Paper-Panhard.

Link: VB2L.Panhard.PL127.In.1/

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Kumomi Waterfall Paper Model - by Sugatani


The Waterfall of Kumomi is located near the town of Yunnan, in Japan, and has been designated a scenic spot and natural monument of this place. It is about 100 meters high.

A Cachoeira de Kumoni fica próxima da cidade de Yunnah, no Japão e é reconhecida como marco histórico e monumento natural desta cidade. Ele tem por volta de cem metros de queda.


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Menara Kudus Tower In Java Paper Model - by Paper Jurnal


Paper Jurnal says: - "Here's my new work, it's a landmark from my hometown wich is Kudus Central of Java. This building is mix between Hindu-Javanese culture and Islam culture".

Paper Jurnal diz: - "Aqui meu novo trabalho que é um marco histórico de minha cidade natal, Kudus Central, em Java. Esta construção é um mix entre cultura Hindu-Javanesa e a cultura Islâmica".


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Venon Mini Paper Toy - by Gus Santome


Here is Venon, the the arch-enemy of Spiderman, in a funny Paper Toy version, by Gus Santome.

Eis aqui Venon, o arqui-inimigo do Homem-Aranha, em uma divertida versão Paper Toy, by gus Santome.


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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Venice Diorama - by Papermau - Some Advances


Here are the templates of the Venice Diorama. Now I will assemble and document it with some photos, to help all who want to build this model, then I will post it to download.

Aqui, as peças do Diorama de Veneza. Agora vou montar o modelo e tirar algumas fotos durante o processo, para auxiliar aqueles que se disporem a também montar esse diorama. Tudo encaixando direitinho, eu já coloco para download.


I think this gondola, designed by Clinkz, will be nice with this diorama (link below the photo):



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Rinoceronte Lucha Libre Papertoy - by Bamboogilla


A very nice Mexican "Lucha Libre" paper toy, by Indonesian designer Bamboogilla.

Um paper toy de "Lucha Libre" mexicano, do designer indonésio Bamboogilla.


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Raving Rabbids Paper Toy - Assassin`s Creed Version - by Paper Juke


More one nice paper model of Paper Juke: now Ezio Auditore, from Assassin`s Creed videogame, in a funny Raving Rabbids version.

Mais um modelo bem legal do designer Paper Juke: agora, Ezio Auditore, do jogo de videogame Assassin`s Creed, numa divertida versão Raving Rabbids.

Link: Raving.Rabbids.Paper.Toy.Assassin`

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Nissan Silvia S15 Paper Car In 1/24 Scale - by PH3DM


A nide paper car in 1/24 Scale, by French designer PH3DM. The S15 Nissan Silvia was introduced in Japan on January 16th 1999. The last version of the Silvia model to be released was arguably the best looking model in the 25 odd years Nissan made the Silvia. The body shape and interior was certainly quite a radical evolution of the S14 which it replaced.


Um belo modelo de carro em escala 1/24, do designer francês PH3DM. O Nissan Silvia, é um esportivo compacto criado pela Nissan. A primeira apresentação de Nissan Silvia, ocorreu no Tokyo Motor Show, em setembro de 1964, esse modelo apresentado, foi feito a mão, baseado no Fairlady. Esse modelo, o Nissan Silvia CSP311, foi produzido até 1968, com apenas 554 exemplares produzidos. Apos esse modelo, foi produzido o modelo S10, o primeiro Silvia, sobre a plataforma "S". Logo depois vieram os modelos S110, S12 e S15

The Real Thing


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Subaru Impreza WRC 2006 - by T. Arai - Japan

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Madoka Miki Sayaka Paper Doll Anime Style - by Kujira


A beauty paper doll in Anime Style, by Japanese site Kujiracraft.


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Seasonal Scenes Of Japan - Autumn Flavors - by Yamaha Papercraft


Really beautiful and realistic paper models of traditional oriental foods, by Japanese website Yamaha.

Belos e realistas modelos em papel de um alguns alimentos tradicionais do Oriente, do site japonês Yamaha.


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Nikko Toshogu Shrine - by Canon - Santuário Japonês

Kadomatsu Good Luck Amulet - by Yamaha - Amuleto Asiático

Dance Of The Gods At The Heavenly Cave Tatebanko - by Toto

Balinese Legong Dancer With Batik Paper Craft - by Paper Replika


A nice custom of an original model by Indonesian website Paper-Replika.


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Miss Fortune Paper Toy - by Qooplo Papercraft

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K-On`s Akiyama Mio Paper Doll - by Fruity/My Papercraft - Boneca Estilo Anime

Gift Box Papercraft - Hexagonal Model - by Canon


Three beautiful and easy-to-build free pritable Gift Boxes, with detailed instructions to assemble, by Japanese site Canon.

Três Caixas de Presente bonitas e fáceis de montar, com instruções detalhadas para montagem, do site japonês Canon.

Link model 1:

Link model 2:

Link model 3:

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Chest With Gold Bars And Wooden Cart - by Ken - via Pepakura Gallery

1932`s Soviet Amphibian Tank T-33 - by Paul - via Le Forum En Papier

Model Assembled and Photo by Paul

A really beautibul and well detailed paper model of a 1932`s Sovietic Amphibian Tank T-33, in 1/48 scale, designed by French designer Paul, via Le Forum En Papier.

Um modelo realmente bonito e detalhado de um Tanque Anfíbio Soviético de 1932, o T-33, na escala 1/48, criado pelo designer francês Paul, via Le Forum En Papier.


The Real Thing
On the basis of a British light tank, the Russians developped the T-33, an amphibious light tank. It was renamed T-37 for the mass- production. The design proved unsuccessful: the riveted hull was not watertight ! The production ended after the 70th unit. A second version with a welded hull came into production in 1933 and got the name T-37A. Too vulnerable, the T-37 and T-37 A remained in service until 1942, but only for reconnaissance mission on lightly defended areas.

Tendo como base de um tanque de guerra leve Britânico, os Russos desenvolveram o T-33, um tanque leve anfíbio. Ele foi rebatizado T-37 para a produção em massa. O projeto não foi bem sucedido: o casco rebitado não era à prova d'água! Desses só foram produzidos 70 unidades. Uma segunda versão com um casco soldado entrou em produção em 1933 com o nome de T-37A. Muito vulnerável, o T-37 permaneceu em serviço até 1942, mas apenas para missões de reconhecimento.

Link: 1932`

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Spiderman Mini Paper Toy - by Gus Santome


Spiderman, one of the most beloved superheroes get his paper toy version, with the unmistakable style of gus Santome.

Homem-Aranha, um dos mais queridos super heróis, ganha sua versão mini paper toy, com o estilo inconfundível de Gus Santome.

It is a nice collection!


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