Saturday, July 20, 2013

Mad Max - Interceptor & Big Bopper Paper Models - by Long Tails Cafe

 photo bigbooperyuyuy_zps88cfac8b.jpg

Two really very well done replicas of the cult cars from Mad Max first movie: the Interceptor and the Big Bopper paper models, created by Long Tails Cafe website.

Duas réplicas muito bem feitas dos carros clássicos do primeiro filme da série Mad Max: o interceptor e o Big Bopper, lá do site japonês long Tails Cafe.

 photo bigbooper_zpsdf527f5f.jpg

Link: Mad.Max.Interceptor.&

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Despicable Me 2 - Easy-To-Build Minions Paper Toys - by UHU

 photo uhuminiopnsjhdu_zps8d0ac769.jpg

Four easy-to-build Minions characters from Despicable Me 2, by German website UHU.

Quatro Minions bem fáceis de montar da animação Meu Malvadp Favorito, criados pelo site alemão UHU.


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Cubic Llama Paper Model - by Cezkid - Lhama Cúbica

A really nice Cubic Lhama paper toy, by North American designer Cezkid and originally posted at DeviantArt website.

Um paper toy cúbico bem bacana de uma Lhama, criada pelo designer norte-americano Cezkid e originalmente postada no site DeviantArt.


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Two Stores Doll House In 1/16 Scale - by Mini-Printables

What a nice little two stores paper doll house in 1/16 scale, by Mini-Printables.

Que bela casa de bonecas com 2 andares em escala 1/16, do site Mini-Printables.

Link: Two.Stores.Doll.House.In.1/

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Friday, July 19, 2013

Simple Jungle Hut Paper Model - by Papermau - Download Now!

 photo shut111iuiuiu_zps6d60fc7e.jpg

This is the Simple Jungle Hut, an easy-to-build paper model that is perfect for Dioramas, RPG and Wargames. In the downloadable file you will find the model in JPG, BMP and PDF formats. Enjoy!

 photo cabanainstrucs_zps8fc1adfd.jpg

Esta é a Cabana da Selva, um modelo de papel bem fácil de montar que é perfeito para Dioramas, RPG e Wargames. No arquivo para download você tem a opção de escolher entre os formatos JPG, BMP e PDF. Boa montagem!

 photo cabanaplansvvvvv0909_zps8aee2c95.jpg


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Rainbow Beetle Paper Model - by Y.Watanabe / Canon

 photo rauiinbealttlgt_zps2c310039.jpg
The Paper Thing...

 photo realrainbowbeet_zps5d480752.jpg
...and the Real Thing
Rainbow beetles are found in Australian and New Guinean tropical rainforests. Male rainbow beetles are 36.8-70.0 mm in length; females measure 25.5-36.4 mm. Two red bands mark the body, and body colors can change, depending on the type of lighting. These beetles are believed to keep body temperatures in check by reflecting sunlight. The beetle's large jaws are black; in male beetles, the jaws are slightly bent, with two points. The beetle's larval stage lasts 6 to 8 months and its adult stage 1-2 years. Rainbow beetles are a protected species in Australia. - Canon

Os Besouros Arco-Íris são encontrados nas florestas tropicais da Austrália e da nova Guiné. O macho mede por volta de 37 a 70 mm e a f~emea de 26 a 37 mm. suas cores mudam conforme a luz, por isso seu nome. Acredita-se que eles regulam a temperatura do corpo refletindo a luz do sol. Os Besouros Arco-Íris são espécies em extinção e protegidas na Austrália. - Canon

 photo rauiinbealttlgtuyuy_zpscaad31b4.jpg


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Funny Nodding Donkey Paper Model - by Dover Publications

 photo noddonkwww_zpsb3765482.jpg

This week Dover shares with us this funny Nodding Donkey paper model, with detailed instructions. Move the donkey and the head nods, powered only by the weight of a couple of coins. A nice project to make with your kids!

Esta semana a dover compartilha conosco um modelo de papel de um divertido Burrinho Que Acena Com a Cabeça, com instruções detalhadas. Mexa o burrinho e ele balança a cabeça, usando como pêndulo o peso de duas moedas apenas. Um projeto bacana para montar junto com suas crianças!


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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Make Your Own Cardboard Horse With Templates - by Ann Wood

 photo cardboardhorses111_zpsa59c7880.jpg

What beautiful Stampede Horses you can see in this page by designer Ann Wood. She created a really nice thing and gently shared the templates, for those who want to make it too. A really cool project, using cardboard and imagination! This is not art? Who cares? Art is personal! Art is everything you think is art!

 photo cardboardhorses3333_zpscf446ae2.jpg

Que belos Cavalos Estampados você pode ver na página da artista plástica Ann Wood. Ela criou uma coisa muito bacana e gentilmente compartilha os moldes para que você também possa fazer. Um projeto muito bacana usando papelão e imaginação! Isto não é arte? Dane-se! Arte é uma coisa pessoal! Arte é tudo o que você considera arte!

 photo cardboardhorses2222_zps2a2430fc.jpg


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Star Wars - Clone Wars Commander Jet Scouttrooper Paper Model - by Noturno Sukhoi

 photo clonewarstrooperfdkldf_zps8cc852a0.jpg

More one great paper model from Star Wars universe created by Noturno Sukhoi team.

Mais um grande modelo de papel do universo de Star Wars criado pela equipe do site Noturno Sukhoi.


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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Murderer Paper Toy - by Bowa - via Paper Toys France

 photo assesingj11111_zpsd513061c.jpg

Asesino, or Murderer Pàper Toys was created by Mexican designer David Bernal, aka Bowa. this model was originally posted at Paper Toy France website.

 photo assesingj222222_zps3ef9d0c8.jpg

Asesino, ou Murderer Paper Toys são criações do designer mexicano David Bernal e foram originalmente postados no site Paper Toy France.


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Rock`n`Roll Circus - Slipknot - Joey Jordison Paper Toy - by Mayan Paper

This is the Joey Jordison paper toy, drummer of Slipknot band. This model was created by Indonesian designer Blank Canvas, from Mayan Paper website.

Este é o paper toy do Joey Jordison, baterista da banda Slipknot. Este modelo foi criado pelo designer indonésio Blank Canvas, do site Mayan Paper.


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Paper Titans Paper Toys - by Team Lumo

 photo papertitansrrr_zpsb01171a0.jpg

Paper Titans are paper toy characters based in a mobile game created by Team Lumo.

Paper Titans são paper toys baseados em personagens de um mobile game criado por Team Lumo.


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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Sur La Route French Vintage Paper Model - by SarienSpiderDroid / Agence Eureka

Model Assembled and Photo by SarienSpiderDroid

The reason I put two names as responsible for this post is based on the fact that one of them assembled the model (SarienSpiderDroi) and the other (Agence Eureka) preserved and shared the model. I think so I am being fair to both.
As I've said before in another post, half the fun is finding the model in question among many other beautiful old models at Agence Eureka`s Photo Album.

O motivo de eu colocar dois nomes como responsaveis por este post se baseia no fato que um deles montou o modelo (SarienSpiderDroi) e o outro preservou e compartilhou o model(Agence Eureka). Eu creio que assim estarei sendo justo com ambos. Como eu já disse antes em outro post, metade da graça está em encontrar o modelo em questão entre tantos outros belíssimos modelos antigos no Photo Album de Agence Eureka.


Monday, July 15, 2013

The Emperor Paper Model - by Zio Prudenzio - Re-Scaled To 1/12 - Some Advances

 photo napo12342222_zps117438a5.jpg

After a long time, here are some advances of The Emperor Paper Model - by Zio Prudenzio - Re-Scaled To 1/12. Now all the parts are assembled and some of then I print two times, so I'll stick layers to add volume to pieces like the sword. More soon.

 photo napo1234111_zps41cdeb36.jpg

Depois de um longo tempo, aqui estão alguns avanços no modelo de papel do Imperador, do designer italiano Zio Prudenzio, modificado para a escala 1/12. Agora todas as partes estão montadas e algumas eu imprimí duas vezes, pois pretendo fazer camadas em algumas delas para dar volume, como na espada. Mais em breve.

If you want to see the first post about this model, please visit the link below:

The Emperor Paper Model - by Zio Prudenzio - Re-Scaled To 1/12

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Make Your Own Carboard Bed For Dolls - by Hellobee - Cama De Papelão para Bonecas

 photo cardboardbed11111_zps900ed184.jpg
All photos of this post by Hellobee

A really nice post learning how to build a Simple Cardboard Bed for Dolls, with free templates to download. By Hellobee website. A nice and easy project to you make with your kids!

 photo cardboardbed2222_zps81d54df9.jpg

Um post bem bacana ensinando como fazer uma Caminha Simples de Papelão para Bonecas, com os moldes para baixar de graça. do site Hellobee. Um projeto bem legal e fácil para fazer com suas crianças!


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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Smart Phone Sound Dock Paper Model - by Robives - via Instructables

"Phono-Horn. A paper sound dock for your smart phone! Play your phone through the Phono Horn and the sound output is richer and clearer with improved bass response." - Robives - This is a free paper model. to download the template and instructions you just need to register at Instructables for free.

"Phono-Horn. Um sound dock de papel para o seu smart phone! Ouça seu telefone através do Phono Horn e verá como ele amplifica o som e tem uma melhor resposta de sons graves." - Robives Este modelo de papel é gratuíto. Para baixar o template e as instruções você só precisa registrar´se no site Intructables gratuitamente.


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Take To The Stars Rocket Paper Model - by Digitprop

 photo rocketmoon1219898_zpsda1a8509.jpg

"This is fairly simple and doesn’t require glueing, although some precision cutting: A paper rocket made of interlocking parts." - Digitprop

"Este modelo é bastante simples e não requer colagem, mas precisa ser cortado direitinho: Um foguete de papel feito de peças interligadas." - Digitprop


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Strong Man And Wolf Masks Paper Models - by Appracadabra

Two nice mask for kids, by Appracadabra's Printables.

Duas mácaras bem legais para crianças, do site Appracadabra's Printables.


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Iron Man Mark 2 Paper Toy - by Vladimir Micas

 photo ironmicasjkjk_zps96f5e720.jpg

More one nice paper toy with a very particular style, by Brazilian designer Vladimir Micas. The model of the photo is not finished, but in Micas` Facebook page you will find the complete templates and a very well done photo tutorial of how to build this.

Mais um paper toy bem legal com um estilo bem pessoal, do designer brasileiro Vladimir Micas. O modelo da foto não está terminado mas na página de Micas no Facebook você encontrará o modelo completo para baixar e tambéum um tutorial com fotos de como montá-lo.


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