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Old Church And Medieval Castle - by Papermau - Rescaled To HO Scale - by Pendragon

My friend Everton Pendragon, here from Brazil, has rescaled the Old Church and Medieval Castle model to HO Scale. I would like to thank him who had the patience to completely rescale the model and correct some errors of tabs, etc. You rocks, Pendragon! - Mauther

Meu amigo Everton Pendragon, aqui do Brasil, reescalou o Old Church and Medieval Castle para Escala HO. Eu gostaria de agradecê-lo aqui, pela paciência em reescalar completamanete o modelo e ainda corrigir alguns erros que passaram em branco por mim, tais como abas, etc. Valeu, Pendragon! - Mauther

Model Assembled And Photos by Pendragon
Comparison between a model of another castle on the same scale of the Medieval Castle and the new model, already in HO scale
Comparison - Model Assembled and Photos by Mauther


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Papercraft Ukulele - by Pizza By The Slice


"Few things are as pleasant as lazing around strumming the uke, but admit it, don’t ya sometimes wish it was smaller? Of course you do. So scratch that itch with this easy, DIY paper craft soprano ukulele. In under ten minutes you can have your very own uke! Great for Christmas tree trimming, package wrapping, or just to collect dust. All ya need is scissors and glue. A skewer or coffee stirrer, glue stick, and X-acto knife are also helpful, but not needed". - Pizza By The Slice


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Three 3D Monster Trucks Papercraft - by HP - Caminhões Monstro

Thre cool paper models of Monster Trucks. by HP.



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Adventure Time Paper Models - Assembled by Malu And Maiu


These very nice paper toys of Adventure Time toon were assembled by my two little girls, Malu and Maiu. I am very proud! You will find the link to download and assembled your own Adventure Time characters, designed by Brian, from Paper Foldables, at the end of this post.



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Christmas Time - Svatava`s Paper Crib Nº 4 - by Paper Model Kiosk


PhotobucketIn South Bohemia, Svatava Vizinová welcomes crèche enthusiasts to her Zábrdské Betlémy Paper Nativity Museum, filled to the rafters with hand-painted podmalba glass pictures, nativity dioramas, and nativity sheets. Simple cardboard boxes (see photo at left) serve as Svatava's simple but stylish displays: walls of colorful paper crèches housed in muted cases. Svatava uses a styrofoam base and supports the manger, arch, and figures with pins. You might wish to do so as well, and you may wish to first cover the styrofoam with fabric. Svatava's Crèche No. 4 is sure to please the young and the young at heart. - Paper Model Kiosk


Link: Svatava Crèche No. 4">Christmas.Time.Svatava`s.Paper.Crib.Nº

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Friday, December 16, 2011

Bertrand du Guesclin - The Eagle of Brittany - by Zio Prudenzio

Model Assembled  by Papermau

Statue of Bertrand du Guesclin in Dinan
Bertrand du Guesclin (c. 1320 – 13 July 1380), known as the Eagle of Brittany or the Black Dog of Brocéliande, was a Breton knight and French military commander during the Hundred Years' War. He was Constable of France from 1370 to his death. Well known for his Fabian strategy, he took part in six pitched battles and won the four in which he held command. Bertrand du Guesclin was born at the Chateau de la Motte de Broen in Broons, near Dinan, in Brittany. His family was of minor Breton nobility, the seigneurs of Broons...He initially served Charles of Blois in the Breton War of Succession (1341-1364). Charles was supported by the French crown, while his rival, Jean de Montfort, was allied with England. Du Guesclin was knighted in 1354 while serving Arnoul d'Audrehem, after countering a raid by Hugh Calveley on the Castle of Montmuran...On September 29, 1364, at the Battle of Auray, Charles of Blois were heavily defeated by John V, Duke of Brittany and the English forces under Sir John Chandos. Charles was killed in action, ending the Blois pretensions in Brittany. Despite an heroic resistance, Du Guesclin was captured and ransomed by Charles V for 100,000 francs...War with England was renewed in 1369, and Du Guesclin was recalled from Castile in 1370 by Charles V, who had decided to make him Constable of France, the country's chief military leader. By tradition this post was always given to a great nobleman, not to someone like the comparatively low-born Du Guesclin, but Charles needed someone who was an outstanding professional soldier. In practice du Guesclin had continual difficulties in getting aristocratic leaders to serve under him, and the core of his armies were always his personal retinue...Du Guesclin pursued the English into Brittany from 1370 to 1374, and defeated again the English army at the Battle of Chizé in 1373...He disapproved of the confiscation of Brittany by Charles V in 1378, and his campaign to make the duchy submit to the king was halfhearted...An able tactician and a loyal and disciplined warrior, Du Guesclin had reconquered much of France from the English when he died of illness at Chateauneuf-de-Randon while on a military expedition in Languedoc in 1380. He was buried at Saint-Denis in the tomb of the Kings of France. His heart is kept at the basilica of Saint-Sauveur at Dinan. - Wikipedia


Death of Bertrand du Guesclin,
by Jean Fouquet
Bertrand du Guesclin, Condestável da França, nasceu por volta de 1315 a 1320 em La Motte-Broons, perto de Dinan (costas do Norte, Bretanha). Cavaleiro valente e notável militar, organizou campanhas de desgaste, numa guerra de atrito que levou à expulsão dos ingleses duma boa parte da França durante a Guerra dos Cem Anos. Em 1341 entrou para o serviço de Carlos de Blois, duque da Bretanha, combatendo os invasores ingleses. Em 1354 é armado cavaleiro. Dois anos depois, defendeu a cidade de Rennes do assalto do duque de Lancaster, mantendo-a até às tréguas de Bordéus, assinadas em junho de 1357. Mais tarde, du Guesclin ou, como era conhecido, a Águia da Bretanha, serviu Carlos V da França, que lhe concedeu o cargo de lugar-tenente da Normandia e o título de conde de Longueville. Na Batalha de Auray (1364) caiu prisioneiro dos ingleses, sendo posteriormente libertado com o pagamento de um resgate. Em seguida, reuniu um forte contingente de mercenários com os quais seguiu para Espanha em 1367, integrando a hoste de Henrique de Trastâmara nas lutas entre este e o seu meio-irmão Pedro, o Cruel, rei de Castela. Apesar de Pedro ter conseguido inicialmente importantes vitórias com o auxílio inglês, du Guesclin, em 1369, teria garantido, em última análise, o trono a Henrique II. Em 1370 foi nomeado Condestável de França por Carlos V e, até à sua morte, empenhou-se em expulsar os ingleses e colocar o ducado da Bretanha sob a autoridade do seu rei. Morreu em 1380, em Châteauneuf-du-Randon (Lozère). - Wikipedia



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Route 66 Abandoned Gas Station`s Tow Truck - Almost Done


Here some images of the Tow Truck that was made to the Route 66 Abandoned Gas Station diorama. I believe that in the next week it will o.k to download.

Aqui algumas imagens do Caminhão Guincho que foi feito para o diorama do Route 66 Abandoned Gas Station. Eu acredito que na próxima semana ele já esteja pronto para download.


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All Kind Of Paper Models - by Kamikosaku - Paper Models De Todo Tipo

A cool site with all kind of paper models, by Japanese designer Kamikosaku.

Um site bem legal, com todo tipo de paper models, do designer japonês Kamikosaku.

This paper craft features carp streamers that are displayed during the Boys' Festival with the hope of success in life for the children.
Este papercraft de bandeirolas no formato de carpas penduradas que são exibidas durante o Festival Dos Meninos, no Japão, almejando votos de muito sucesso na vida para os garotos.



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Christmas Time - Svatava`s Paper Crib Nº 5 - by Paper Model Kiosk



Photobucket"From the prodigious collection of Svatava Vizinová comes this Free Download for you to print, cut out, and enjoy. On three 8.5 x 11 inch sheets — for easy printing — Svatava has assembled beguiling folk art figures of the Holy Family, a Gloria Angel, Shepherds and sheep, three trees, and the requisite Manger featuring the ox and the mule. Suitable for nativity enthusiasts of all ages, Svatava Crèche No. 5 is as easy to set up as it is to cut out. Attach a pin — or better yet, for younger nativity aficionados, a toothpick — at the back of each piece as Svatava does, and stick each piece on a styrofoam base. Your styrofoam may be covered with cotton "snow," a gold or green (or your choice of color!) tissue, or even straw". - Paper Model Kiosk

"Da incrível coleção da Sra. Svatava Vizinová vem este presépio russo para imprimir, recortar e montar. E de graça! Nas três folhas para imprimir, Svatava reuniu os personagens , no belo estilo folk, da Sagrada Família, Um Anjo Das Boas Novas, Um pastor e suas ovelhas e a manjedoura com um boi e um jumento. Cole palitos atrás das peças, como fez Svatava e fixe em uma base de isopor revestida de tecido verde e marrom. Se quiser faça "neve", com algodão". - Paper Model Kiosk

Link: Svatava Crèche No. 5">Christmas.Time.Svatava`s.Paper.Crib.Nº

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French Village House - by Yvan - via Forum En Papier - Vila Francesa

A nice model with nice textures by French designer Yvan, From Le Forum En Papier. Perfect to RPG games, dioramas or train sets.

Um modelo bem legal e com boas textures do designer francês Yvan, via Le Forum En Papier. Ótimo para jogos de RPG, dioramas ou maquetes ferroviárias.



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More Christmas-Tree Ornaments - by Canon - Enfeites De Árvores Natal

Here more four nice models of Christmas tree ornaments, by Japanese site Canon.

Aqui mais quatro modelos bem bacanas de enfeites para árvores de Natal, do site japonês Canon.


1 - Christmas-tree Ornaments (Ball) -

2 - Christmas-tree Ornaments (Socks) -

3 - Christmas-tree Ornaments (Gift box) -

4 - Christmas-tree Ornaments (Candy) -

Vespa Scooter Paper Model - by Motorbiker.Org

"Here's a 10 minute project to do during the holiday season, when you're waiting your turn to get the presents.... make a small paper model of a Vespa scooter". - Motorbiker.Org



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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Paper Model History - Paper Models At WW2 - Paper Models Na Segunda Grande Guerra


The Germans collected paper model of a Soviet tank KV-1. On the table, model KV-2. In the initial period of war, the German industry was producing such visual aids - "Field guide tanks." In the process of assembling soldiers memorize the characteristics and the silhouette of enemy equipment. The same practice was used by the British during the Battle of Britain - German planes model scale 1 / 72 issued to farmers living on the coast of the Channel and have home phone. -

Os soldados alemães da foto acima estão montando modelos de papel em plena Segunda Grande Guerra. Nas mãos de um deles vemos um modelo quase pronto de um tanque russo KV-1. Na mesa, ainda por recortar, os planos de um KV-2. Nos primeiros tempos da Segunda Grande Guerra, a indústria bélica alemã distribuía, como uma forma de ajuda visual, um "guia de campo de tanques inimigos". Enquanto se distraiam montando os modelos, os soldados também memorizavam as características e as silhuetas destes tanques. O mesmo expediente foi usado pelos Ingleses durante a Batalha da Bretanha: aviões alemães em escala 1/72 foram distribuídos aos fazendeiros que moravam nas regiões costeiras e que dispunham de telefone para alertar os Ingleses em caso de avistamento. -

Link para o post original: Paper.Model.History.Paper.Models.At.WW2

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40`s Comics Style Vintage Diorama Nativity -by Paper Model Kiosk


A cool model of a vintage crib, with those 40`s comics magazines style, such as Will Eisner`s Spirit.

Um modelo bem legal de presépio, no estilo das antigas revistas de histórias em quadrinhos dos anos 40, tipo do Will Eisner, criador do Spirit.


Link: 40`

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Diorama For Trains - HO Scale - by Trac - via Le Forum En Papier


A cool and easy-to-build model, for trains in HO scale, by Trac, a French designer, especialist in micro scale models. Via le Forum En Papier.

Um modelo bem legal e fácil de montar, para trens em escala HO, do designer francês Trac, um especialista em modelos em micro escala. Via Le Forum En Papier.

Link: Diorama.For.Trains.HO

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Stand Michelin - Diorama - by Camille - via Le Forum En Papier


What wonderful stand for miniatures! More one very nice model by French designer Camille, via Le Forum En Papier.

Que belo stand para miniaturas! Mais um grande modelo do designer francês Camille, via Le Forum En Papier.

Link to the Stand/Diorama:
Link para o Stand/Diorama:

Link to the Vehicles:
Link para os Veículos:

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Citroën HY "Los Tres Amigos" - by Camille - via Le Forum En Papier

Very nice model of an old Citroën HY, by the great French designer Camille.

Modelo muito bem feito de um antigo Citroën HY, do grande designer francês Camille.

Model Assembled and Photos by Camille

This Citroën HY really exists in Switzerland, it is, of course, a merchandiding vehicle.

Este simpático Citroën HY relamente existe, é lá da Suíça e, claro, é um carro de propaganda.

The Real Thing

Link: Citroë

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Dusso Plane 1/72 Sci Fi Aircraft - by Paper Hobby / Yanick Dusseault

Paper Hobby says: -"It's the second project of collaboration with another artist , Yanick Dusseault, a matte painter." - Tekzo


Link: Dusso.Plane.1/

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Advent Calendar - by Mags Papiermodell - Bakery And Bridge

More two itens of the Advent Calendar, by Mags Papiermodell: a bakery and a bridge.

Mais dois itens do Advent Calendar, by Mags Papiermodell: uma padaria e uma pequena ponte.



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Disney`s Ariel - The Little Mermaid - by Neolxs - A Pequena Sereia


A cool model by Neolxs, that make some very nice paper models.

Um modelo muito bem feito de Neolxs, que faz uns belos trabalhos em paper model.


Link: Disney`s.Ariel.The

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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Santa Claus in a Jeep - by Queensu CJ3B - Papai Noel Motorizado

The template for this Mitsubishi CJ-3B was published in PDF form by "4x4 Magazine" in Japan for Christmas 2007.

O modelo original deste Mitsubishi CJ-3B foi publicado em formato .PDF pela "4x4 Magazine" do Japão, para o Natal de 2007.


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