Saturday, December 17, 2011

Old Church And Medieval Castle - by Papermau - Rescaled To HO Scale - by Pendragon

My friend Everton Pendragon, here from Brazil, has rescaled the Old Church and Medieval Castle model to HO Scale. I would like to thank him who had the patience to completely rescale the model and correct some errors of tabs, etc. You rocks, Pendragon! - Mauther

Meu amigo Everton Pendragon, aqui do Brasil, reescalou o Old Church and Medieval Castle para Escala HO. Eu gostaria de agradecê-lo aqui, pela paciência em reescalar completamanete o modelo e ainda corrigir alguns erros que passaram em branco por mim, tais como abas, etc. Valeu, Pendragon! - Mauther

Model Assembled And Photos by Pendragon
Comparison between a model of another castle on the same scale of the Medieval Castle and the new model, already in HO scale
Comparison - Model Assembled and Photos by Mauther


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