Sunday, December 11, 2011

Star Trek`s Akira Class Starship Paper Model - by Zosho


PhotobucketThe Akira-class starship is a class of Starfleet starship in the Star Trek fictional universe, appearing first in Star Trek: First Contact and subsequently in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and Star Trek: Voyager. Akira-class starships are seen in several Federation battle fleets across the series. Ships of the Akira class are large vessels composed of a circular, saucer-shaped primary hull with a low-slung navigational deflector and two beams rising from the top heading aft; the beams attach to an arch that supports two warp nacelles at its ends and a weapons pod that fires photon torpedoes at its zenith. The main bridge, primary dorsal phaser strip and lifeboats are embedded into the saucer. The ventral saucer is occupied with the navigational deflector, a photon torpedo tube and additional lifeboats. - Wikipedia

PhotobucketA Classe Akira aparece em Jornada nas Estrelas VII, Primeiro Contato, em vários episódios de Deep Space 9 relacionados a Guerra do Dominion, e no episódio "Message in a Bottle" de Voyager. Algumas cenas mostrando a Akira próxima a classes de naves cujo tamanho é conhecido mostram que seu comprimento está entre 300 e 400 metros. A Classe Akira supostamente pode ralizar a separação da seção disco. Essa idéia não foi retomada, mas a classe fez sua primeira aparição na dramática batalha contra os borgs no Setor 001, reaparecendo depois em diversas batalhas contra o Dominion, e em Voyager. -

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  1. Great Model!
    Would be great to build one for my own but the downloadlinks for the instruction aren´t working anymore, Error 404 :(

    1. Hello, Anonymous,

      I tried the pages right now and all are working nicely! Try again and any doubt, give me a valid e-mail, then i send the instructions via e-mail, ok?

      You can write to me at:

      All the best and greetings from Brazil! :)