Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Asian Good Luck Amulets - by Canon - Objetos Da Sorte Asiáticos

If you believe in these things and want to start your year with good luck and good vibrations, try one of these Asian Amulets. If they don`t help you, your home will be more beautiful, anyway.

Se você acredita nestas coisas e quer começar o ano com o pé direito, com muita sorte e boas vibrações, tente um destes amuletos asiáticos. Se eles não te ajudarem, pelo menos sua casa ficará mais bonita.

1 - Lunar New Year Decoration - This beautiful Chun Jie (spring festival) decoration features colorful carp and lotus flowers. This gorgeous craft that you can enjoy as a room decoration is perfect for Chinese New Year celebrations. Hang it from the ceiling or a door frame to give your room a fun flair!

Link: Lunar.New.Year.Decoration.by.Canon

2 - String Decoration: Lion Dance - This Chinese lion dance string decoration can be used to jazz up a Chinese New Year celebration. Hang it from the ceiling or a doorway to give your room a fun flair!

Link: String.Decoration.Lion.Dance.by.Canon

3 - Lotus Lantern - This paper craft is a lantern in the shape of a lotus flower with colorful eye-catching petals. Lotus flower lanterns are often used in Asian countries as decorations for festivals and other special occasions, but can also be enjoyed as a regular room decoration. Hang it from the ceiling or doorway to brighten up the room.

Link: Lotus.Lantern.by.Canon

4 - String Decoration: Fortune - This auspicious string decoration features the Chinese character for 'luck' as a motif and can be used to jazz up a Chinese New Year celebration.

Link: String.Decoration.Fortune.by.Canon

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