Saturday, November 2, 2013

Japanese Police Vehicle Paper Model - by Kids Nifty

 photo policepapermau001zzz01_zps690a3e37.jpg
Model Assembled and Photos by Papermau

This nice Japanese Police Vehicle Paper Model came from Kids Nifty website. The actual size of this model is not what you see in the photos in this post. To build it on this miniaturized size I reduced the scale to 25% of normal size.

 photo policepapermau001zzz022_zps198408cf.jpg

Este simpático modelo de papel de um Carrinho de Polícia Japonês vem lá do site Kids Nifty. O tamanho padrão do modelo não é esse que você vê nas fotos deste post. Para conseguir montá-lo nesse tamanho miniaturizado eu diminuí a folha de impressão em 25% do tamanho real.


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Decorative Japanese Salmon Paper Models - by KG Craft World

 photo salmonjapantg5r676_zpsd70e099e.jpg

Four Decorative Japanese Salmon Paper Models for School Works or just to decorate your "Fisherman`s Desk", by Japanese website KG Craft World.

 photo salmonjapantg5r7678787878_zpsfaf4df6d.jpg

Quatro modelos de papel decorativos de Salmões para Trabalhos Escolares ou apenas decorar sua "Mesa de Pescador". Do site japonês KG Craft World.

 photo salmonjapantg5r767676_zps04b4d90d.jpg


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Budha Maitreya Paper Toy In Cubic Style - by 21st Century Paper Craft

A cool Budha paper toy in Cubic style, from 21st Century Paper Craft, a Japanese website.

Um paper toy de Buda em estilo Cúbico, do site japonês 21st Century Paper Craft.


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1860`s Winchester Rifle Paper Model - by Alexander Rahirant - via Pepakura Gallery

 photo winchesterpaperujiu_zpsebac4a11.jpg

This is the 1860`s Winchester Rifle in a nice paper model version created by designer Alexander Rahirant and originally posted at Pepakura Gallery Japanese website. Nice for Cosplayers or to decorate your wall. To view and print this model you will need Pepakura Viewer Free Version (link at the end of this post). Winchester rifle is usually used to refer to the lever-action rifles manufactured by the Winchester Repeating Arms Company, though the company has also manufactured many rifles of other action types. Winchester rifles were among the earliest repeating rifles; the Winchester repeater was incredibly popular and is colloquially known as "The Gun that Won the West" for its predominant role in the hands of Western settlers. - Wikipedia

The Real Thing.

Este é o Rifle Winchester de 1860 em uma versão em papel bem bacana criada pelo designer Alexander Rahirant e originalmente postado no site japonês Pepakura Gallery. Um modelo bem legal para Cosplayers ou para decorar sua parede. Para visualizar e imprimir este modelo você precisará do Pepakura Viewer Versão Gratuíta (link no final deste post). O rifle Winchester 44 é um arma de repetição fabricada pelo Winchester Repeating Arms Company, em Connecticut, e comumente foi usada nos Estados Unidos durante a última metade do Século XIX. O rifle é popularmente chamado de "a arma que conquistou o Oeste" por sua imensa popularidade naquela época, assim como seu uso no imaginário Ocidental. O rifle original de Winchester 44, era famoso para sua forma austera e mecanismo de acionamento por alavanca que permitia ao carabineiro produzir um certo número de tiros antes de recarregar: daí o termo, "rifle de repetição". O primeiro destes rifles, o Modelo 1866, foi apelidado "Yellow Boy" (Rapaz Amarelo) por causa de seu receptor de latão. - Wikipedia

 photo winchesterrifle6565_zpse9ecdc0f.jpg

Link to download the model: 1860`

Link to Pepakura Viewer Free Version: Pepakura.Viewer.Free.Version.Official.Page

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Japan Coast Guard De Havilland Canada Paper Model - by Tozawa

 photo jetaircraft443_zpse27bf97c.jpg
The Paper Thing.

A very beautiful and well done paper model of the Japan Coast Guard De Havilland Canada aircraft, created by Japanese designer Tozawa.

 photo jetaircraft44309090909_zpsf71eeb40.jpg

Um modelo de papel muito bonito e bem feito do avião da Guarda Costeira Japonesa fabricado pela De Havilland Canada e criado pelo designer japonês Tozawa.

 photo dehavilland4595445_zps8c04b470.jpg
The Real Thing.


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Friday, November 1, 2013

German Modern Train Station Paper Model - by Olis Bahnwelt

A cool paper model of a modern Train Station that is perfect for Dioramas, RPG and Wargames. By German website Olis Bahnwelt.

Um modelo de papel de uma Moderna Estação de Trens que é perfeita para Dioramas, RPG e Wargames. do site alemão Olis Bahnwelt.


WW2`s German Anti-Tank Panther V Paper Model - by Bummi

 photo tankpanther4678445_zpsca10091c.jpg

 photo panther435iurfuiiufiuff_zps6eb39a69.jpg
The Real Thing in Action
Jagdpanzer (JgPz), German for "hunting tank", is a name given to German self-propelled anti-tank guns. It typically refers to anti-tank variants of existing tank chassis with a well-armoured casemate fixed superstructure, mounting an anti-tank gun with limited traverse in the front, and usually classed by the western Allies of World War II as a tank destroyer. The Jagdpanzer designs followed on from the more lightly armoured Panzerjäger ("tank hunter") designs which took an anti-tank gun and mounted it on top of a tank chassis with supplementary armour fitted around the gun crew. Also a lot of experience was gained from the Sturmgeschütz series of assault guns for infantry support, which already used heavily armoured casemates, completely enclosing the vehicle's crew—although they were associated to the artillery, they were very often used in the anti-tank role. - Wikipedia

 photo pantherload98989_zps539342e1.jpgJagdpanzer (JgPz), alemão para "tanque de caça", é um nome dado aos blindados anti-tanques alemães.
Ele normalmente se refere a variações sobre um mesmo modelo de veículo anti-tanque existente com uma extrutura fixa blindada, uma arma anti-tanque de ângulo limitado na frente, e, geralmente, classificados pelos aliados ocidentais da Segunda Guerra Mundial como um destruidor de tanques. Embora fossem muito associados à artilharia, era como "caçadores de tanques aliados" que eles fizeram sua fama.
- Wikipedia

 photo tankpanther467989898_zpsa51839da.jpg

Link: WW2`

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Despicable Me - Minion Maid Paper Toy - by Black Fold Workshop

A really nice Minion paper toy in a "cute" Maid suit, created by Black Fold Workshop and posted at Youtube. Download the model via AdFly ((when in the page,wait 5 seconds then click at top right). Watch the video tutorial to learn how to build it. You can choose between two sizes.

Um paper toy bem legal de um Minion em um "fofo" traje de empregada, criado por Black Fold Workshop e postado no Youtube. Baixe o modelo via AdFly (clique no linque, espere cinco segundos e no topo da página, á direita, clique em "Fechar Propaganda" para ir ao download do modelo). Assista ao vídeo para aprender a montar esse Minion. Você pode escolher entre dois tamanhos.


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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Nosferatu Vignette Paper Model - by Papermau - Download Tomorrow!

This simple vignette will be ready for download tomorrow. For while, a Happy Halloween Night for all of you!

Esta vinheta bem simples estará pronta para download amanhã. Por enquanto, uma Bela Noite de Dia das Bruxas para todos!

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Halloween Special - Witch And Pumpkins Paper Models - by Yamaha

 photo WitchDrummyralfpapercra_zps1d0820ca.jpg
Model Assembled and Photo by Drummyralf

Here are some nice Halloween paper models, a Little Blondie Witch and some Pumpkins, by Yamaha, Japanese website.

 photo halloweenyamaha5_zps79d759ce.jpg

Aqui estão alguns modelos de papel bem legais de Halloween, uma Bruxinha Loura e alguma Abóboras, do site japonês da Yamaha.


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Wedding Bears Paper Models - by Katsuyuki Shiga - via Canon

Models Assembled and Photo by MoonFish13

I think girls wiil love these pretty Wedding Bears Paper Models, created by Japanese designer Katsuyuki Shiga, comissioned by Canon website. The models that you se in the picture above was assembled by Russian designer and modeler MooNFish13.

Eu creio que as garotas irão adorar este simpático Casal de Ursos, criados pelo designer japonês Katsuyuki Shiga, comissionado pelo site da Canon. Os modelos que você vê na foto acima foram montados pelo designer russo MooNFish13.


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Paper Vases With Templates And Tutorial - by Sphere360 - via Instructables

Visiting the link below you will learn how to build some cool Vases paper models. Download the templates and folow the photo tutorial and you will see that these vases are easy-to-build. All models created by designer Sphere360 and originally posted at Instructables.

Visitando o link abaixo você aprenderá como montar alguns Vasos de Papel bem bacanas. Baixe os moldes e siga o tutorial com fotos e você verá que não é difícil montá-los. Todos os modelos são do designer Sphere360 e foram originalmente postados no site Instructables.


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Halloween Special - Boxoween Paper Toys - by Lightmaker UK

 photo bloxhallo1231111_zpse99e3266.jpg

Visit Lightmaker Uk website to download a lot of very original Halloween themed paper toys for free.

 photo bloxhallo12322222_zps3ee657d7.jpg

Visite o site Lightmaker Uk para baixar um monte de paper toy gratuítos com temática de Dia das Bruxas.

 photo bloxhallo12323333_zps4fe0a632.jpg


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1912`s Vintage Halloween Paper Doll - by Carolyn Chester - via Craft Jr

 photo 1912witchdoll001_zpse556d4ca.jpg

The original artwork appeared in an October, 1912 issue of the (long-defunct) Delineator Magazine. It was illustrated by Carolyn Chester, who made many paper dolls that were ’round bottomed’ and were intended to be more 3-dimensional that the regular flat paper dolls that appeared in most magazines at the time. Read more and download yours at Craft Jr website (link at the end of this post).

 photo 1912witchdoll002_zps75c142f8.jpg

Esta boneca de papel foi publicada pela primeira no dia primeiro de outubro de 1912, numa antiga revista norte-americana chamada Delineator Magazine. Foi ilustrada por Carolyn Chester, que fez muitas bonecas de papel em "3 dimensões", bem diferentes da maioria das bonecas de papel planas comuns que apareceram nas revistas da época. - leia mais e baixe a sua no site da Craft Jr (link no final do post).

Link: 1912`

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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

ZIL 41041 Russian Vehicle Paper Model In 1/43 Scale - by Flanker

 photo russcar111zz11aaa_zpsebf8e108.jpg
Model Assembled and Photos by Papermau

This old Russian vehicle, the ZIL 41041, was produced between 1985 and 2002. This paper model version in 1/43 scale was created by designer Flanker and was originally posted at VladSity Russian website. You will find many more paper models in the page.

 photo russcar111zz3333aaa_zps5555cf3f.jpg

Este antigo veículo russo, o Zil 41041, foi produzido entre os anos de 1985 e 2002. Esata versão em papel na escala1/43 foi criada pelo designer Flanker e foi originalmente postada no site russo VladSity. Você encontrará muitos outros veículos no site.

 photo russcar111zz2222aaa_zps9c38d1b9.jpg

Link: ZIL.41041.Russian.Vehicle.Paper.Model.In.1/

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The Weekend Pic - Citroen HY Camper - by Michel Cerfvoliste / Camille

Halloween Special - Trick Or Treat Ghost Paper Model - by Paper Replika

 photo ghgohjgjuolokluku890_zps4c8005a5.jpg

You need only one sheet of paper to print this nice Trick or Treat Ghost Paper Model, created by Indonesian designer Julius Perdana, from Paper Replika website.

Você precisa imprimir apenas uma folha de papel para montar seu Fantasma de Doces ou Travessuras, criado pelo designer indonésio Julius Perdana, do site Paper Replika.


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Halloween Special - The Witch's Hat For Cats - by Gawang Papel

 photo hallocathat5656987458922222_zps6b8e0967.jpg

A very original paper model for all cats lovers: a little Witch`s Hat to your pet, created by Philippine designer Roz, from Gawang Papel website.

 photo hallocathat5656987458911111_zpsa4803071.jpg

Um modelo de papel muito original para os amantes de gatos: um pequeno Chapéu de Bruxa para seu bichinho, criado pelo designer filipino Roz, do site Gawang Papel website.

Link: Halloween.Special.The.Witch'

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Zombie In A Barrel - by Papermau - Download Now!

Halloween Special - Severed Zombie Head 2 Paper Model - by Oh-Sheet

 photo headzombie222221lkldee_zps6f2555f1.jpg

This is the second version of the Severed Zombie Head paper model, created by Oh-Sheet Paper Toys website. The first version was posted one year ago here in the blog and you'll find the link to both below, at the end of this post.

 photo headzombie1111lkldee_zpsbd2fd49a.jpg

Esta é a segunda versão do modelo de papel da Cabeça de Zumbí Decepada, criação do site Oh-Sheet paper toys. A primeira versão foi postada aqui no blog no Halloween do ano passado e você encontra o link para baixar ambas as versões logo abaixo, no final deste post.

Link to version 01:

Link to version 02:

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Pimp My Church Diorama Paper Model - by Simone Ambu

 photo pimpmachurch1111_zpse8a29028.jpg

By German designer Simone Ambu, here is the pope in all his greatness! Unusual and hilarious!

Do designer alemão simone Ambu, eis aqui o papa, em toda sua grandeza! Incomum e hilário!

Direct link to the model:

Link to Simone Ambu website: Simone.Ambu.Man.Eats.Man.Website.Main.Page

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Halloween Special - Child`s Hearse Paper Model - by Vinsart

Toyota Hilux Rally Truck 4×4 Paper Model - by Paper Cruisers

 photo papercruitoyota545111_zpsd5bf41bc.jpg

My Friend Mr.Marbles, modeler from Zealot Forum, found this model and kindly gave me a tip for the link. This is the Toyota Hilux Rally Truck 4×4, in a really beautiful paper version created by designer Paper Cruiser, comissioned by 4x4 Service Valkenburg website. Thanks again, Mr. Marbles!

 photo papercruitoyota5452222_zps6dbd139a.jpg

Meu amigo Mr. Marbles, modelista do Forum Zealot, achou este modelo e gentilmente mandou-me o link. Este é o Toyota Hilux Rally Truck 4×4, em uma bela versão em papel criada pelo designer Paper Cruiser, comissionado pelo site 4x4 Service Valkenburg.

Direct link to the model: Toyota.Hilux.Rally.Truck.4×

Link to Service Valkenburg website: 4x4.Service.Valkenburg.Main.Page

Link to Paper Cruisers website: Paper.Cruisers.Paper.Models.Main.Page

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Chinese Bus Paper Model With Interior - by Eric Terry - via Flickr

 photo businteriorxxx11111_zpsc2868ca1.jpg

Although this is not the final version, this paper model of a bus can be built, if you really want. By Chinese designer Eric Terry.

 photo businteriorxxx33333_zps6c99aadd.jpg

Embora essa não seja a versão final, a montagem deste modelo de papel de um ônibus é possível, se você realmente quiser montá-lo. do designer chinês Eric Terry.

 photo businteriorxxx22222_zpsf4abe2c7.jpg


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1965`s Volkswagen Type 2 Double Cab Paper Model - by Papercrafts.It

Japanese Traditional Kokeshi Paper Dolls - by Jacque Lin Davis

 photo kokeshidoll454554_zps8e54cf46.jpg

Two really beautiful and very easy-to-build Kokeshi paper dolls, created by designer Jacque Lin Davis.

 photo kokeshidoll45ythhhh_zps1443efeb.jpg

Duas belas bonecas tradionais do Japão, as Kokeshi, criadas pela designer Jacque Lin Davis.


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