Friday, July 19, 2013

Simple Jungle Hut Paper Model - by Papermau - Download Now!

This is the Simple Jungle Hut, an easy-to-build paper model that is perfect for Dioramas, RPG and Wargames. 

The whole model occupies three printed sheets and its size is ideal for 30 mm miniatures, a scale that is very popular among wargamers. 

This jungle hut was originally published here on the blog in 2013 and, due to a series of problems with file hosting and virus attacks, it ended up being unavailable for download for many years. 

I thought I lost the original templates, but ended up finding them on some old rewritable CDs. 

I revised everything and saved it in a new file in PDF format and anyone who wants to can download it easily and safely, directly from Google Drive. Enjoy!

Esta é a Cabana da Selva, um modelo de papel bem fácil de montar que é perfeito para Dioramas, RPG e Wargames. 

O modelo todo ocupa três folhas impressas e seu tamanho é ideal para miniaturas de 30 mm, uma escala bem popular entre wargamers. 

Esta cabana da selva foi originalmente publicada aqui no blog em 2013 e, devido a uma série de problemas com hospedagem de arquivos e ataques de vírus, acabou ficando indisponível para download durante mutos anos. 

Eu pensei haver perdido os templates originais, mas acabei encontrando-os em alguns velhos Cds regraváveis. 

Revisei tudo e salvei em um novo arquivo no formato PDF e quem quiser pode baixá-lo fácil e seguramente, direto do Google Drive. Boa montagem!


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  1. Hello, I bet you thought I up and died. Long time and no new models out of me. Well, I have had a quadruple bypass and buried a couple of computers since my last few posts, but I'm still kicking. My new external doesn't have the vast collection of your fine models that the one that just passed away did, hence the comment. Your Simple Jungle Hut Model Project simple recycles to itself when you try to download it. I've tried every trick in my 20th century bag of miracles, but I end up in a time loop every time I try to download it. It's like dividing by zero. No rush, the campaign I need it for won't kick off for a while. Much obliged if you'd give it some thought. When I get ahold of it, would you be interested in some retextures of it? If so, what would you like besides mud and adobe?

    1. Hello friend Crimsonguard477,

      Nice to "hear" from you!

      It will be a pleasure to send the model to your email. Please write to my ( ) and I will send you the tent and any other model you want, ok?

      Yes, it would be really cool if you want to play around with the textures.