Friday, July 29, 2011

Kawasaki 750-RS and 750-SS Motorcycles - by Kozin_Z

Here a very detailed japanese model of Kawasaki 750-RS/7750-SS by Kozin-Z. There are 12 sheets each model, in .pdo file. Open with Pepakura View or Design. 750-SS model is in .PDF files, in several colours.

Aqui um modelo super detalhado das motos japonesas Kawasaki 750-RS e 750-SS. São 12 folhas em cada modelo, no arquivo .pdo, que podem ser visualizadas com Pepakura View ou Pepakura Design.
A Kawasaki 750-SS está em arquivos .PDF e disponível em várias cores.

Kawasaki 750-RS .pdo model

Kawasaki 750-SS finished model

Link: Kawasaki.750-RS the link to download is in the end of the page, below the last pic.

Link: Kawasaki.750-SS

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