Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Make your Own Theater And Circus - by Victoria and Albert Museum

Two vintage models by Victoria and Albert Museum.

Toy theatres (or ‘juvenile drama’) were hugely popular in the 19th Century, and were collected by adults and children. Every successful production staged in London’s West End theatres would be reproduced in miniature. Using the kit below you can assemble and decorate your own toy theatre as shown, originally published by Pollock's toy company in the 19th century. The kit includes a paper model to cut out and colour, complete with characters and scenery from the pantomime 'Cinderella', alongside instructions to help you assemble your theatre. There's also an original toy theatre script of 'Cinderella' for your characters to perform! - Victoria and Albert Museum

This toy circus from around 1930 was published by a French firm called Imagerie d'Epinalis. It is a variation on the toy theatres which were extremely popular in the mid 19th century, printed on paper sheets to be cut out and assembled at home. - Victoria and Albert Museum



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