Saturday, September 3, 2011

Jaguar E-Type Paper Car - by Canon


the Real Thing
"Jaguar E-type" is one of the most well-known models produced by British sports car maker Jaguar, founded in 1922. This model was highly regarded at the Geneva International Motor Show in March 1961 for its low-set, streamlined appearance and state-of-the-art mechanics. Series 1, which first went on the market in 1961, sported an inline six-cylinder, 3.8 liter DOHC engine. In 1964, this was upgraded to a 4.2 liter. Various minor changes up until 1971 resulted in the twin-six engine of the Series 3. This model, known in the US as the XK-E, enjoyed high levels of popularity. Although the E-type disappeared from the market in 1975, its curved lines continued to influence designers, and it remained well-loved by car enthusiasts around the world. This paper model is based on the E-typeS1, a car first introduced in North America in 1967, complying with American safety standards of the time. It was known as 11/2 due to its similarity to Series 2. - Canon

O Jaguar E-Type (Reino Unido) ou XK-E (EUA) é um automóvel fabricado pela Jaguar britânica entre 1961 e 1975. Sua combinação de boa aparência, alto desempenho e preços competitivos estabeleceu a marca como um ícone do automobilismo nos anos 1960. Um grande sucesso para a Jaguar, mais de setenta mil e-Types foram vendidos durante sua vida útil.
Em março de 2008, o Jaguar E-Type classificou-se em primeiro lugar na lista do Daily Telegraph como um dos 100 mais belos carros de todos os tempos. Em 2004, a revista Sports Car International colocou o E-Type no número um em sua lista de Top Carros esportivos dos anos 1960. - Wikipedia


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