Saturday, January 14, 2012

MG TC Midget Paper Car - by Canon

Model assembled and Photos by Harrow Modelling Society.Co.UK

The Real Thing
The MG TC Midget is probably one of the best known MGs to come out of Abingdon since the Second World War. As soon as the war was over the factory resumed car production after six years of producing tanks, armoured cars and aeroplane engines for the war effort. The basis of the new car was the pre-war MG TB, it was to have a similar engine and gearbox and axles, the only significant changes would be to the body which was widened by nearly 4" across the seats without changing the basic chassis, wings and running-boards or facia layout. The TC was improved in detail too, the sidescreens now had flaps to facilitate hand signalling, the electrical equipment was also updated with the twin 6 volt batteries removed from the underfloor position of the TB to a bulkhead box containing a large 12 volt battery. There were also changes to the suspension, hydraulic lever arm dampers were fitted and the road springs were mounted in shackles rather than the traditional sliding trunnions. This change allowed the use of war-proven rubber suspension bushes which gave smoother quieter feel to the car as did the fitment of rubber engine mountings. Otherwise it was exactly the same as the 1936 design of the MG TA which started the T series line. Within 5 weeks of the official end of the war in October 1945, The MG Car Company announced the TC Midget and by the end of that year had proudly produced 81 examples which was no mean feat as so many materials were in short supply, especially sheet steel. -



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