Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Kawasaki Lockheed T /-33A Aircraft - by Kozin_Z - Aeronave Japonesa


A variant of Lockheed's F80 Shooting Star, the T-33A has been the most widely used tandem two-seat advanced trainer in the world. It has been supplied to the air arms of some twenty-five countries, and built under licence in Japan by Kawasaki (210 machines) and in Canada by Canadair as the CL-30 Silver Star (T-33AN) (656 examples). The parent company had manufactured a total of 5691 T-33A and T-33B trainers when the last was delivered in August 1959, the latter being a version for the U.S. Navy. The prototype flew for the first time on March 22, 1948. - flyawaysimulation.com


The Real Thing

Link: Kawasaki.Lockheed.T.33A.Aircraft.by.Kozin.Z

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