Monday, January 9, 2012

Paper Model History - 1956`s 24 Canons Chebec Ship - by Emmanuel Guyetand

A very old model (1956) of a 1750`s French 24 canons ship, by Emmanuel Guyetand, from Escale En L`Historie.

Um modelo bem antigo (1956) de uma nau francesa de 1750, de 24 canhões, oferecida por Emmanuel Guyetand, do site Escale En L`historie.


In 1750, Count Louis-Antoine de Rouille, decided the start the construction of four ships, chebec`s prototypes, because no one before had not embarked on an adventure building like that. Two of these chebecs, "The Shark" and "Indiscreet", had 260 tons for a 24-cannon armaments, while the other two "Coyote" and "The Serpent" moved only 150 tons and 18 canons. In 1764, given the good results of the first boats, the construction of four new chebecs was decided. "The Fox", "Monkey," "The Pretender" and "Attractive"... - read more at History.Of.Chebec.Ships - French Language

Artistic Interpretation Of A Chebec Ship, Painted In "Azulejos"/Tiles

Link: Paper.Model.History.1956`

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