Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Volkswagen Type 2 Paper Model - by Papermau - More One Next Project

 photo kombi111type21111_zpsb7afcffd.jpg

Here some images of a new model in progress: the Volkswagen Type 2, or as it is known in Brazil, the Kombi. More advances soon.

 photo kombi111type222222oo_zpse949c1c5.jpg

Aqui algumas imagens de um novo modelo em progreeso: a Volkswagen Type @, ou como é conhecida aqui no Brasil, a Kombi. Mais avanços em breve.

 photo kombi111type223333_zpsc15a3b85.jpg

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  1. Hi Papermau,

    i want to know when u finish the VW Type 2. I really like it.
    I already built ur Hot Rod, Route 66 Abandoned Station and the other Volkswagen Bus. I also built a Chevy Chevelle.

    Michael Golke from Germany.

    1. Hello, Michael,

      The model is finished but I do not maade the textures yet. If you want I send the model to you anyway. Write to my mail:


      and I will send the VW Type 2 to you. If you can send some pictures of the models you've built, I would be very grateful and post it on the blog.

      All the best and greetings from Brazil!

      Mauther / Papermau

  2. Hello - have you made any more progress on the textures for this?

    Thank You!

    1. Hello, pete2049,

      No progress for while, but if you want the model without textures, send an e-mail to:


      All the best and greetings from Brazil!



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