Sunday, June 21, 2015

Old Japan Legends - Kumakasane Dancer And Kaseda Uri Paper Toys
by Bushodo

These paper toys represent Kumakasane Dancer and Kaseda Uri Musician, two Japanese spirits that, according to oral tradition, bring joy and prosperity to the villages wherever they go. Models by Bushido, Japanese website.

 photo kaseda.uri.paper.toy.via.papermau.02_zpscbi5uwoo.jpg

Estes paper toys representam o Dançarino Kumakasane e o Músico Kaseda Uri, dois espíritos japoneses que, segundo a tradição oral, trazem alegria e prosperidade aos vilarejos por onde passam.

 photo kaseda.uri.paper.toy.via.papermau.03_zpss9no5oq5.jpg

Link to Kaseda Uri:

Link to Kumakasane Dancer:

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