Monday, June 22, 2015

Star Trek - Runabout Spaceship Paper Model - by The Model Citizen

Model Assembled and Photo by Loenf

From Star Trek universe, this is the Runabout Space Station paper model, created by designer and modeler Paul McCool, from The Model Citizen website. In Federation starship classification, a Runabout was the designation of a type of vessel smaller than a starship but larger than a shuttlecraft. Runabouts were equipped with limited weapons, but offered additional living space and the ability to be configured to mission-specific cargo capacities.

 photo Loenf Runabout paper model via papermau 02_zpso2xcviyu.jpg
Model Assembled and Photo by Micky Muller

Do universo de Star Trek, este é o modelo de papel da nave Runabout, criada pelo designer e modelista Paul McCool, do site The Model Citizen. Dentro da classificação de naves da Federação, uma Runabout é um tipo de nave menor que uma nave estelar e maior do que uma nave auxiliar. Runabouts são equipadas com armas limitadas, mas oferecem espaço adicional e a capacidade de serem configuradas para carregar cargas específicas para cada missão.


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