Thursday, February 16, 2012

Rock`n`Roll Circus - Nirvana Kombi - by Papermau


I was 24 years old when Kurt Cobain finished himself. I worked in a shop and that morning, reading a tabloid ( a blood newspaper called Notícias Populares), I saw the notice: Kurt Cobain puts a bullet in his head! I will not judge the man and also not going to praise his work, but I was 24 at that time, and I loved listening to Nirvana on my old vinyl player - that's right, you did not misread - in 1994 it was still common to buy music in vinyl albums , or Long-plays (LPs). I still hear my old vinyl records on a Crosley player. For me, there is no comparison between a vinyl and CD. Vynil wins! But I am an old guy...

I want to make clear that this papercraft is a model avaliable for free! Int the .rar file there are no music or any other kind of material related to Nirvana, only a paper model made ​​by a fan to be shared with those who love Nirvana. I say this because I have had problems with some of the bands homenageads with this type of paper model.




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