Friday, June 1, 2012

Play House Papercraft In 1/25 Scale - by Papermau


Here a small cottage in scale 1/25, which I did for my little daughter Maiú. She ask me a paper house to play with her ​​Playmobils, so I did it! Enjoy!

Aqui, uma pequena casa em escala 1/25, que eu fiz para minha filhinha Maiú. Ela pediu-me uma casa para brincar com seus Playmobils, então eis aqui o resultado. Boa montagem!

My Little Maiú and The Little House

Download: Play.House.Papercraft.In.1/

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  1. The paper sizes and resolutions for the walls doesn't match the roof and floors. Some are BMPs at 72 and 96 dpi and others are jpegs.

    I printed the walls, and they were huge:

    I've scaled the wall pages down to 11 inches and they look better, but now I'm not sure how to deal with the roofs.

    Perhaps putting them all in a PDF would solve the scale and resolution issues?

    1. Hello, OlsSchoolDM,

      I am sending to you the files in .bmp. I don`t know why you have this problem, but I am sorry by inconvenience. Please, any problem, jut tell me. If you want more photos of the model, tell me.

      Greetings from Brazil!


  2. Mauther - This was the very first model of yours I this was the one that got me hooked on you page and had led me to down load most of your building models

    there are all great even if I have to fool around resizing them to 1/48 scale

    I have three on the go at the moment and have run out of colored ink so i will have to delay my work for a bit

    I do hope you continue to be so generous by offering up your models for free this is very very kind of you I must say

    Thank you again and again

    1. Hello, Robert Quebec,

      Many thanks for your kind words! I am very glad you like my models and, of course, I will continue making free models! :)

      Please, send photos of your finished models to publish at the blog! I will be very honored with this!

      Greetings from Brazil! :)