Thursday, May 31, 2012

Viking Ship Paper Model In 1/72 Scale - by Kallboys


A really beautifull and detailed paper model of a Viking Ship, in 1/72 scale, by German site Kallboys. The 1/72 scale is perfect because you can easily find figures in plastic or metal to make a nice diorama. Thanks Kallboys, for more one stunning original paper model!


Um modelo realmente bonito e detalhado de um Barco Viking na escala 1/72, do site alemão Kallboys. A escala 1/72 é perfeita, porquê você encontra facilmente mini figuras e acessórios nesta escala para montar um belo diorama.


Link: Viking.Ship.Paper.Model.In.1/

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Viking Ship Paper Model - by Unga Fakta - Barco Viking


  1. wow!!! that's a really impressive ship!
    It does be very difficult to build?
    (you could add a difficulty level for each model you present? with stars, maybe? from * to *****)
    ... but I'm not an expert for the Paper-Models !!!

    1. Hello, Sam,

      This modeli s just two sheets. I think you need more patience than technique/skill to assemble it.

      About difficulty level, I think this is very relative, but is a nice idea!

      Thanks, Sam, for your words and the visit!

      Greetings from Brazil!


  2. does it actually floatI ......... at least for a little while... my son passed away and I want to put some of his ashes in it and put it in the river