Monday, May 28, 2012

Autonomous Mobile Guns For RPG Games - by Desktop War Games


Johan Kruger, a friend of the blog, was kind enough to send the link for these cool little Sci-fi war machines in 28/30 mm, to be used in RPG games, from Desktop War Games website. Thanks, Johan, it is a nice find!



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  1. These are pretty cool! Any suggestions for scaling up your buildings to work with this scale models for wargaming?

    1. Hello, David,

      Sorry for delay to response!

      Most of my architecture models are in 1/72 scale or approximate. I know how the scale you need, but some of my models have the Sketchup file or Pepakura files included. So you can easilly rescale it!

      I f not, you can always change scale image in one of popular programs, like Photoshop, or even MSPaint (I like this program, I use it to make my models and add textures, very simple and intuitive: I make the basic form in sketchup, then unfold with Pepeakura and add textures in mspaint).

      Please, take a look at this page, to know the most famous image editing programs:

      David, thanks for the visit and soryy for my really bad English! :)

      If you want to ask me something or just say hello, write to:

      Greetings from Brazil! :)