Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Mazda K 360 Three-Wheeled Vehicle - by Nurarihyon


The Real Thing
The Mazdago or K360 was a three-wheeled open "truck" first produced in 1931 that resembled a motorcycle with an open wagon or truck bed. It was steered with handlebars and powered with an air-cooled 1-cylinder engine/transmission combination unit. It was sold by Mitsubishi in Japan. It was considered to be the first autorickshaw. Over the years, it would be produced in different variants and spawned other similar designs such as the Hopestar and Daihatsu Midget. It was also the first vehicle manufactured by Mazda. - Wikipedia

O Mazdago, ou K360, era uma espécie de mini caminhão de três rodas. Era comercializado no Japão pela Mitsubishi. Ao longo dos anos, seria produzida em diferentes variantes, e gerou outros projetos semelhantes, como o Daihatsu Midget. Foi o primeiro veículo fabricado pela Mazda Motors do Japão. - Wikipedia


Link: Mazda.K.360.Three.Wheeled.Vehicle.by.Nurarihyon.via.Pepakura.Gallery

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