Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Danger Mouse`s Car Paper Model - by Armada Models


PhotobucketAs the name implies Danger Mouse is no ordinary mouse. He is a one-eyed British secret agent whose adventures are wonderfully portrayed in the eponymous cartoon by Cosgrove Hall. Our 160gsm card model of Danger Mouse's flying Sports car was created in 2008 as a private project; not for circulation. With the demise of Cosgrove Hall in 2009 we decided to make this model kit freely available - as a download at the bottom of this page - to act as a reminder of what quality British animation once was. - Armada Models

The "Real" Thing

DangerMouse é um desenho animado britânico produzido pela Cosgrove Hall Films para a Thames Television, que apresenta um rato agente secreto chamado DangerMouse. O show é uma paródia do universo da espionagem, principalmente de James Bond. No Brasil esse desenho foi exibido pela Rede Record na década de 1980 e dublado pela Herbert Richers. - Wikipedia


Link: Danger.Mouse`s.Car.Paper.Model.by.Armada.Models

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