Sunday, November 20, 2011

Life Size Link`s Hat Paper Model - by Pixel-Kakashi


A tip from Pixel-Kakashi, designer of this really cool model: - If you don't want to waste tons of ink (though It's only 12 pages) you might want to print out the white version in the download and paint over it. Paint will also not scratch as easy as ink does, so when you plan on wearing it, it will be better protected.

Uma dica de Pixel-Kakashi, o designer deste belo modelo: - Se você não quiser gastar litros de tinta imprimindo à cores, imprima a versão em branco e pinte à mão, fazendo assim também há menos chances de "rachar" o papel, como às vezes acontece com a tinta de impressora.

Link: Life.Size.Link`

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