Monday, September 26, 2016

The Brick Cabin Paper Model - by Papermau - Download Now!

Not too much to say about this model. Just an easy-to-build Brick Cabin, for Dioramas, RPG and Wargames. 

The whole model occupies two sheet of paper and I think it will be useful for Dioramas, RPG and Wargames.

Não muito a dizer sobre este modelo. Apenas uma Cabana de Tijolos bem fácil de montar, para Dioramas, RPG e Wargames. 

O modelo todo ocupa duas folha de papel e eu creio que será útil para Dioramas, RPG e Wargames.


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  1. This does not download. The link just reloads the page.

    1. Hi, Crimsonguard477,

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