Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Kuba Komet Entertainment System Paper Model - by Papermau
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This is the Kuba Komet Entertainment System paper model and you will need only one sheet of paper to build yours. 

Manufactured between 1957 and 1962 in West Germany, the Komet was the complete Home Entertainment Center for its time. There are few surviving Komets in the world.

Este é o modelo do Sistema de Entretenimento Kuba Komet e você só precisa de uma folha de papel para montá-lo. 

Fabricada entre 1957 e 1962 na Alemanha Ocidental, a Komet era o mais completo sistema de entretenimento de sua época. Há apenas alguns exemplares preservados no mundo.

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  1. It's a few years late, but a friend of mine posted a picture of a real one on Facebook earlier today, and I remembered you made a model of one, so I posted a link to your model on his post!

    1. Hello, Bmh,

      Thanks for your visit and for the link to my model. It is very kind of you and I really appreciate this. :)

      Greetings from Brazil!

      Mauther :)