Wednesday, March 6, 2013

USS Independence Combat Ship Paper Model - by Rawen & MT

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The Real Thing
This very well done paper model of the USS Independence Combat Ship in 1/300 scale, was created by the czech designers Rawen and MT, from PR Models website.
USS Independence is the lead ship of the Independence-class littoral combat ship. She is the sixth ship of the United States Navy to be named for the concept of independence. The design was produced by the General Dynamics consortium for the Navy's LCS program, and competes with the Lockheed Martin-designed Freedom variant. Independence, delivered to the Navy at the end of 2009, is a modular high speed corvette intended for operation in the littoral zone with a small crew. It is optimized for deploying and tending off-board systems, manned and unmanned; and takes on various capability profiles with the installation of a mission package, missions to include finding and destroying mines, hunting submarines in and near shallow water, and engaging in surface combat against boats, but not against warships. The ship is a trimaran design with a wide beam above the waterline, which provides the space needed for it to have a larger flight deck than is found on any of the much larger destroyers and cruisers in the US Navy, as well as a large hangar and a similarly large mission bay below. The trimaran hull configuration also exhibits low hydrodynamic drag, allowing efficient operation on two diesel powered water jets at speeds up to 18 knots (33 km/h; 21 mph), and high speed operation on two gas turbine powered water jets at speeds up to a sustainable 44 knots (81 km/h; 51 mph), with speed crests exceeding that. - Wikipedia

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USS Independence é o principal navio da classe Independence de navios de combate litorâneos. Este é o sexto navio da Marinha dos Estados Unidos a ser nomeado com o conceito de independência. O projeto foi elaborado pelo consórcio General Dynamics para o programa LCS da Marinha, e concorre com a classe Freedom, concebida pela Lockheed Martin. A sua velocidade e autonomia são os grandes diferenciais para esse tipo de embarcação, que é capaz de manter uma velocidade constante de 70 km/h por quatro horas seguidas. - Wikipedia


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