Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Rock`n`Roll Circus - Slipknot - Mick Thompson Mask Papercraft - by ZRP Papercrafter

A nice gift for all fans of Slipknot.

Um presente bem legal para todos os fãs do Slipknot.


PhotobucketMick Thompson (born November 3, 1974) is the lead guitarist for the nine-piece metal band Slipknot.
Thompson is known as "#7" in the band.
Before Slipknot, Mick was in the band Body Pit with former Slipknot members Anders Colsefini, Donnie Steele and current bassist Paul Gray.
Mick is the second tallest member of Slipknot, standing at 6' 2", only behind James Root (who happens to be 6' 6").
He is still known to give guitar lessons at the Ye Olde Guitar Shoppe in Iowa. He claims to be fond of serial killers, as well as cats. Mick is also apparently a night person.
Mick uses a custom B.C. Rich Warlock. Then later he moved on to work with Ibanez. -


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