Friday, February 10, 2012

King Henry VIII Website - Paper Models Of Tudor Era - Modelos De Papel Medievais


On this website you will learn all about medieval times, with special focus on the Tudor Era.

Neste site você vai aprender tudo sobre a época medieval, com foco especial na Era Tudor.


Here they are, 100 free eKits designed and produced by the King himself with the aid of the most accurate CAD computer programmes. Just load card into your computer (150gsm) and download the kit you want. - King Henry VIII
The models are in Powerpoint format. If you don`t have this program, you can download for free here:

Eis aqui, 100 modelos gratuítos, idealizados e feitos pelo Rei em pessoa, com a ajuda dos mais acurados programas CAD. Apenas carregue sua impressora com folhas de papel (eu aconselho papel na gramatura 150) e baixe os modelos que você quiser. - Rei Henrique VIII

Os modelos estão no formato Powerpoint. Se você não tem este programa você pode baixá-lo de graça aqui:

Link: King.Henry.VIII.Website.Paper.Models.Of.Tudor.Era

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  1. Files are in SOME WEIRD format that ARE impossible to open! So "#$%*&^%$%---" FRUSTRATING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    1. Hello, Thomas.
      The files are in Power Point format, a program that came with Microsoft plataform. If you dont have it, but I think you have, you can download the program for free in Microsoft page. Just search on Google about Powerpoint, or download here:

      Here some examples how Powerpoint can be used in Schools:

      Any doubt, just tell me, please.

      Thank you for the visit! Greetings from Brazil!


    2. First off, I want to say how much I appreciate all the fantastic links and models you have shared. Great job! However, like many people I know who work with graphics and build paper models, I use a Mac. None of the software I have will open and read PowerPoint files, and I am unable to find anything low-cost that will do the job. 8-( I am retired, so I don't have extra money to spend on software, and am wondering if it might be possible for any new files that you post to be in a format accessible to those of us who don't use a Windoze system. A PDF file using the free Adobe Acrobat is one suggestion: after saving the file, choose Print and click on the PDF button. This offers you an option to save a copy as a PDF file, which can be read by any operating system. When you post this type of file, it is readable not only by PCs, but also Macs, and Unix machines, as long as they have a copy of the free Adobe Acrobat Reader, available on the Adobe website. Thanks again, Minimadgal in Canada.

    3. Hello, Minimadgal,

      Many thanks for all your kind words! I really apreciate this!

      the majority of modelers posted here in the blog use PDF Format, but some of then , like this post above (King Henry VIII Website) prefer powerpoint format. For you, using Mac, here is a free Powerpoint reader for Mac:

      I don`t know if is the best free Powerpoint reader for Mac, but just type
      "free Powerpoint reader for Mac" on Google and you will see several sites offering it. Just take care about bad sites, with malicious links, that can be virus. Thanks again for youe words and for the visit, and please, sorry my bad, bad English. I am from Brazil and here we talk Portuguese. My English is very poor.

      Greetings from Brazil!