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Dinosaur Papercraft - Bambiraptor - by Canon - Dinossauro De Papel

Artistic Interpretation  Of
A Bambiraptor
Bambiraptor is a Late Cretaceous, 75 million year old, bird-like dromaeosaurid theropod dinosaur. A Bambiraptor skeleton was discovered in 1993 by 14-year-old fossil hunter Wes Linster, who was looking for dinosaur bones with his parents near Glacier National Park in Montana. Linster told Time Magazine that he uncovered the skeleton on a tall hill and was amazed at his discovery. "I bolted down the hill to get my mom because I knew I shouldn't be messing with it", he said. The bones that Linster discovered on that hilltop led to the excavation of a skeleton that was approximately 95 percent complete. Because of its completeness Florida Paleontology Institute Director Martin Shugar compared it to the 'Rosetta Stone' that enabled archaeologists to translate Egyptian hieroglyphics. Yale paleontologist John Ostrom, who reintroduced the theory of bird evolution from dinosaurs after his 1964 discovery of Deinonychus in Wyoming, agreed, calling the specimen a "jewel", and telling reporters that the completeness and undistorted qualities of the bones should help scientists further understand the dinosaur-bird link. - Wikipedia

Bambiraptor`s Fossil
O bambiraptor (Bambiraptor feinbergorum) foi uma espécie de dinossauro carnívoro e bípede que viveu na segunda metade do período Cretáceo.
Media de 1 a 1,7 metro de comprimento e seu peso é estimado em 5 quilos.
O bambiraptor viveu na América do Norte e seus fósseis foram encontrados em Montana, Estados Unidos, pelo paleontólogo amador Wes Linster, de apenas 14 anos.
Os fósseis de bambiraptor já encontrados eram de uma espécime jovem, por isso muitas informações sobre os indivíduos adultos, como sua altura e comprimento, ainda tem uma grande margem de erro. - Wikipedia


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