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1957`s Tucker Sno-Cat Alaska Expedition Vehicle - by Kblaauw - via Forums Forums

Model Assembled and Photos by Papermau

The Real Thing
The Tucker Sno-Cat is a tracked vehicle or a family of tracked vehicles for snow conditions. Different models have been used for expeditions in the Arctic and the Antarctic during the second half of the 20th century. It differs from other truck-sized snow vehicles, commonly known as Snowcats, by its use of four independently mounted sets of tracks. A great model with a lot of history.

O Tucker Sno-Cat é um veículo tracionado a esteiras e feito para travessias em condições extremas na neve. Diferentes modelos com dezenas de configurações foram usados em expedições no Ártico e na Antártida durante a segunda metade do século XX. Este modelo difere de outros veículos de neve conhecidos como Sno-Cats por ter quatro conjuntos independentes de esteiras.


PhotobucketThe late E. M. Tucker, Sr. of Tucker Sno-Cat® Corporation, was one of 13 children, born in a log cabin on Jump-Off Joe Creek in 1892 near Grants Pass, Oregon. He spent his early boyhood near Trail, Oregon in a stone house built by his father in 1901. The house overlooks a broad stretch of Rogue River and is still a landmark on the Rogue.
During his youth he walked to school through deep snow, and even at this early age he began working on different devices for transportation over snow which eventually lead to the development of the world famed Tucker Sno-Cat® vehicle. In the early twenties Mr. Tucker built several spiral driven machines, but he had very little success with the principle involved. After these experiences, Mr. Tucker realized that unless he could come up with a completely different system, he would never achieve his desire to build a vehicle to travel over deep, soft snow with a minimum amount of mechanical trouble and expense. Mr. Tucker worked in Los Angeles on models, perfecting the idea of a over-snow transportation. He then moved to Grass Valley, California, where the first production line was established. This successful venture was terminated by a move to Medford, Oregon, determined by Mr. Tucker's long expressed desire to return to the Rogue River Valley. Mr Tucker spent 50 years in building and improving his snow machines, and his firm is recognized as the oldest successful manufacturer of snow vehicles in the world.



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In This link you will find an article written by Bill Siuru and published in "This Old Truck" magazine, that contains a brief history of the Tucker Sno-Cats: Sno.Cat.History

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