Monday, August 22, 2011

Spice Fiero Paper Car - by Best Paper Models.Com


PhotobucketSpice Engineering was a British racing team founded by driver Gordon Spice in the early 1980s, later becoming a successful sports car constructor in 1986. They competed in the World Sportscar Championship in Europe as well as the IMSA GT Championship in North America, at times partnering with major manufacturers such as General Motors and Honda as well as race engine manufacturer Comptech. - Wikipedia

A Spice era uma equipe de corridas inglesa fundada pelo piloto Gordon Spice no começo dos anos 1980, que tornou-se depois um bem sucedido construtor de carros esportivos em 1986. Eles competiram na World Sportscar Championship, na Europa, assim como na IMSA GT Championship nos Estados Unidos, às vezes em parcerai com montadoras maiores, como a General Motors e Honda e às vezes com menores, como a Comptech. - Wikipedia

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