Friday, August 26, 2011

Snow Cat Vehicles - by Ohara Co. Japan - Veículos de Neve

DF 370 Paper Model

Caliber Paper Model
A snow cat is an enclosed-cab, truck sized, fully tracked vehicle designed to move on snow. Snowcats are often referred to as 'trail groomers' (or 'piste bashers' in British English) because of their use for grooming ski trails ("pistes") or snowmobile trails. Most snowcats, such as the ones produced by Bombardier or Aktiv in the past, have two sets of tracks, fitted with a Christie suspension or a Vickers suspension. Others, like the Tucker Sno-Cat and Hägglunds vehicles, have a complex arrangement of four or more tracks.
The tracks are usually made of rubber, aluminum or steel and driven by a single sprocket on each side, and ride over rubber wheels with a solid foam interior. Their design is optimized for a snow surface, or soft grounds such as that of a peat bog. In addition to grooming snow they are used for polar expeditions, logging in marsh areas, leveling sugar beet piles, and seismic studies in the wild.
The cabs are optimized for use in sub-zero weather or cold conditions worsened by wind chill, with strong forced heating and a windshield designed to be kept clear of internal and external ice or condensation through a variety of means such as advanced coatings, external scrapers (windshield wipers of a modified type), and internal ducts blowing hot air on the surface. - Wikipedia

The Real Thing
Um snow cat é uma espécie de jipe ou caminhão feito especialmente para andar na neve, ou um veículo comum adaptado para andar na neve. suas rodas são substituídas por esteiras, geralmente feitas de borracha, aço ou alumínio e sua dirigibilidade é parecida com a de um trator comum.
São muito usados em expedições polares, áreas pantanosas e expedições onde há muitoa atividade sísmica. As cabines destes veículos são feitas de maneira que possam manter a temperatura em condições apropriadas para a vida humana, já que trabalham muito em regiões onde o clima facilmente chega a muitos graus abaixo de zero.


Link: Caliber.Snow.Cat.bu.Ohara.Co

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