Sunday, October 18, 2015

Motte And Bailey Castle Papercraft Project For School Works
by Armada Models


This is a school project and a great model too. Very diferent and unusual, offer several possibilities to improve the model.
PhotobucketMotte and Bailey castles, popular in Britain during the 11th and 12th centuries, typically consisted of a fortified courtyard (bailey) overlooked by a wooden castle built on a mound of earth (motte).
Berkhamsted castle is one of the oldest motte and bailey castles in Britain. William of Normandy granted the manor and honour of Berkhamsted to his half brother, Robert of Mortain, who then set about building a strongly fortified castle, constructed at the bottom of a dry valley where there were springs available to fill the moats.
The motte and bailey model pictured here was drawn-up, built and photographed by Alex, a year 7 student. -

PhotobucketEste é um projeto escolar e também um grande modelo. Bem diferente e incomum. Um castelo Motte e Bailey poderia ser traduzido livremente como Fortificação de Madeira sobre Morro e era popular na Grã-Bretanha durante os séculos 11 e 12. Tipicamente consistia de um pátio fortificado (bailey) em que predominava um castelo de madeira construído sobre um monte de terra (motte).
O Castelo Berkhamsted é uma das mais antigas fortificações no estilo motte bailey da Grã-Bretanha. William da Normandia concedeu o castelo e os títulos referentes a ele ao seu meio-irmão, Robert de Mortain, que logo o fortificou. - 


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