Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Halloween Special - Famous Serial Killers From Movies Paper Toys
by Cubeecraft

Here are four of the most famous serial killers from movies of all the times: Michael Myers from Halloween, Jason Voorhees, from Friday the 13th, Ghostface, from Scream and Jigsaw, From Saw, all in cool paper toy versions in Cubeecraft style, to decorate your home or DVD shelf in this Halloween.

Aqui estão quatro dos mais famosos assassinos seriais do cinema de todos os tempos: Michael Myers, de Halloween, Jason Voorhees, de Sexta-Feira 13, Ghostface, de Scream e Jigsaw, de Saw, todos em divertidas versões paper toy em estilo Cubeecraft, para decorar sua casa ou estante de DVDs neste Halloween.

01 - Halloween.Special.Famous.Serial.Killers.From.Movies.by.Cubeecraft.Ghostface.from.Scream

02 - Halloween.Special.Famous.Serial.Killers.From.Movies.by.Cubeecraft.Jigsaw.from.Saw

03 - Halloween.Special.Famous.Serial.Killers.From.Movies.by.Cubeecraft.Michael.Myers.from.Halloween

04 - Halloween.Special.Famous.Serial.Killers.From.Movies.by.Cubeecraft.Jason.Voorhees.from.Friday.the.13th

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