Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Shogunal Steam Battleship Kaiten Maru Paper Model - by Mochizuki

 photo kaitenoldship1231119_zpsa0a2c3d7.jpg

 photo kaitendfdfki_zpsf415c60a.jpgThis very beautiful paper model in 1/144 scale is offered by Japanese website Shikisha. The Naval Vessel Kaiten was one of three warships used by Rebels in the Battle of Miyako Bay. This battle was a naval action on 6 May 1869. It was part of the overall Battle of Hakodate at the end of the Boshin War, a civil war in Japan between Imperial forces of the new government, and samurai rebels that wanted to maintain the feudal caste system. - Read more here - Battle of Miyako Bay - Wikipedia - Earlier this model was offered by Chichika website, which is offline.

Este belo modelo de papel em escala 1/144 é oferecido pelo site japonês Shikisha. O Navio de Guerra Kaiten foi um dos três barcos usados pelos Rebeldes na famosa Batalha da Baía de Miyako, uma batalha naval que ocorreu durante a Guerra Boshin no Japão, a 6 de maio de 1869. É considerada parte da Batalha de Hakodate, em finais da Guerra Boshin, quando conflitos armados entre as forças imperiais do novo governo defrontaram-se contra rebeldes rōnin que queriam manter o sistema feudal no Japão. - Leia mais aqui - Guerra Boshin - Wikipedia - Anteriormente este modelo era oferecido pelo site Chichika, que está offline.

Link: Shogunal.Steam.Battleship.Kaiten.Maru.Paper.Model.by.Mochizuki

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